Message to Shelly Ana – 24 August 2022

America’s Liberty Will Be Silenced!

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As the feathers of wings overshadow me, I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

BELOVED ONES OF CHRIST It is most urgent that you return under the mantle of Our Blessed Mother, wielding your spiritual weapons. Do not abandon Our Blessed Mother’s Rosary of Light, that blinds your enemies.

WORLD WAR WILL IGNITE and spread abroad, reaching every nation, as the devices of men that wage war, collide with the forces of nature. Nuclear fallout will cause whole cities to crumble, and oceans to swell.

PRAY FOR AMERICA who’s liberty will be silenced.

The abomination of desolation will soon stand in the holy place proclaiming himself as Christ Jesus, allowing the seat of Peter to be overthrown by the false prophet.

THE MARK OF THE BEAST will soon be accepted, as a cashless society emerges. In the midst of chaos and persecution, your Guardian Angels will lead you to safety, as the Holy Spirit hides you within the realm of protection, that only the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and Savior provides.

BELOVED PEOPLE OF GOD Pray without ceasing for one another, as you place your confidence in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who’s judgement in miniature, draws nigh upon all of humanity. I stand ready with multitudes of angels, to defend you from the wickedness and snares, of the devil who’s days are few in number. Thus saith, Your Watchful Defender.

“In my distress, I called on the LORD. Yes, I called to my God. He heard my voice out of his temple. My cry came into his ears.” 2 SAMUEL 22:7

“Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective.” James 5:16