Marie-Julie Jahenny – 6 December 1874

#17 Liberation of the Angelic Pontiff – France First

Ecstasy dated December 6, 1874.

Marie-Julie Jahenny sees a vision of Our Lady and Our Lord.  They comfort the Angelic Pontiff to come, this vision is in reference to the future Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart and the Reign of the Sacred Heart in France. The Angelic Pontiff will be set free by the Great Monarch after he delivers France from its enemies.

Our Lady: “My son, suffer with patience. (The Holy Angelic Pontiff to come). Soon I will bless your chains and get you out of great trials and thorns that invade you, because you will be wrapped in the lily (i.e. the Great Monarch, and the princes of the lily). My son, long enough have you lived in chains in the middle of slander and persecution, it is time I break these chains and I destroy the temple of the infidels that surround you. My son, here is My Heart that comes to save you from the hands of barbarians and will confound them all. I come to give you a most glorious throne where you will reign until your death.”

And the Blessed Virgin added:

“My Divine Son will deliver you, but by me. My son be consoled, the time of your deliverance is near. Know that I will triumph in France before yours, (i.e, before the Papal City).”

The Holy Father smiled. Our Lady said:

“Be consoled, my son, soon France will come out of her coffin; you too are buried in a tomb, but France will rise again and after it will be your resurrection.  Intercede for the French, only the French will deliver you and a few select groups of foreigners with them.” (i.e. the allies of the Great Monarch).

The Holy Father spoke and said to the Sacred Heart:

“I beg you, say, what prayers should be said for France?”

Our Lord replied:

“Pray, only after the triumph, the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Mary will reveal the prayers of thanksgiving you ought to say!”

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