Two Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 19 22 September 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 19 September 2022

A Little Message of Hope

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This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came smiling. He appeared cheerful.

He said, “Today, I come to embrace you and tell you how much I love you. I embrace all My children. I want you to tell them that I love you all, My children.”

“ Be at peace and patient a little longer. Soon I will open the gates and lead you all out of prison. I will give you freedom, joy and happiness, and you will all enjoy My Eternal Love. For this, I promise will come.”

Our Lord gives us hope to carry our daily struggles in this suffering world. Thank you, Lord Jesus. We love You too, and stay close to us and protect us.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 22 September 2022

We Are Living In Dangerous Times

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It was about quarter to three in the afternoon. As I still had fifteen minutes before I would pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I quickly stepped outside into my backyard to discard some apple peels and, as I did so, stopped to pull out a small patch of weeds in my garden.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mary Most Holy came and said, “Valentina, our daughter, leave everything you are doing and go and pray. What you are doing is not necessary. We need your prayers. What you are doing is quickly passing by, and it’s all worthless.”

“We come to tell you that the danger of war is so close. The Russian President wants to start a dangerous nuclear war. He is determined to start the war and show the world how powerful he is. He is a very unreliable and evil person,” she said.

“All the nations from every country gather to try to resolve this and come to an agreement, but they achieve very little. We urge you, my children, to pray, and to tell all of our children to pray very much now for this intention.”

“Maybe God the Father will intercede and stop this, but it depends on you, my children, how you respond through your prayers. Now is not the time to ignore what is coming to you all.”

“You live in a very difficult and dangerous time. Warn our children as soon as you can, and please PRAY, my children, PRAY.”

“Prayer is the only solution, and which can stop this.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus. Please help us and protect us.