A Call to Prayer for William Costellia – 13 October 2022

A Call to Prayer for William Costellia


On 15 November 2021, William was arrested again. He was charged with violating his social media restrictions. He is innocent of this allegation. His Legal team is working on this situation. Jesus and Mary come to him often, but he suffers because of so much evil in the Justice System.

When Saint Peter was in Prison — the whole Community in Jerusalem was in continual prayer for their Vicar of Christ. God set him free to fulfil his mission as Pope Peter I. Now is the time for remaining united in prayers with Pope Peter II who is in prison. The Mother of God reaches out to Her children, to help him. Her little son is like a beautiful rose, that has (for years) been unpetaled of all his outward humanity. To the world, William is openly despised and thought to be the greatest sinner. Even violent hands are thrown at him. Who would ever think to look for God’s prophet in a Prison. Yet, God has defended His prophet at every turn. Our Lord has placed a great part of the world’s iniquity on his shoulders. God’s appointed suffering servant — is predestined to be the Last Vicar of Christ. He is now so identified with Christ, that it is Christ living in him. William is sharing in the mystery Christ’s work of Redemption. Is it any wonder that the Mother of God, calls out to us to help him?

Extract from Message 845 – 16 July 2022

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son of predilection, William, loved by Me, your Heavenly Mother and I Bless you, My precious son, future Vicar of My Holy Son Jesus and His Holy Church upon Earth. My holy son, who is waiting for Jesus to release him from the chains that are holding him in the prison of wickedness. Be at peace, because this imprisonment of My dear son will be over very soon, because all that they have placed upon you, which is illegal and sinful, will be overthrown very soon and those of evil nature and intensions will see what it means to use the system to turn souls against good. Fear not, My son.”

Australia will receive many chastisements against the land and its people and they will realise what they have caused against My son, turning mankind to think carefully as to why they have caused so much suffering upon you. There will be more devastating floods and Sydney will be ruined, because the land will divide and bring the great monuments to ruin. The city will collapse and the Harbour Bridge will collapse with the Opera House and many people shall perish and the authorities will come to believe and understand what they have done to you.”

[See full message: https://littlepebble.org/2022/07/29/message-845-16-july-2022/]