Message to Bright Star – 26 October 2022


26 October 2022

BRIGHT STAR: We have been offering Mass and Adoration every day for William’s release. I asked our Lord if He could send some answers to William, that he has requested. Our Lord came as The Divine Mercy.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I have come today, My son, to bring you consolation, for evil is so strong in the world. Many are fighting to keep you in chains, My son. God‘s Plan to set you free is about to unfold. Many are now praying, My son, for your release, for it is not by chance that Maria of Divine Mercy has asked the world to pray for the victory of the Remnant Church. Much is hidden in this request, My son, for you are the Head of My Remnant Church.”

“With the coming of the Red Moon that is the forerunner, many disasters will fall upon My children – disasters that will be more destructive – like the last one that just fell upon your Earth. The disasters, My son, will become more frequent and more devastating for Our children have refused to turn back to their God.”

“My children will have much to suffer, as all these things are fulfilled that you have prophesied. Many will turn to you for your advice, for with the many devastations also, I will send many Signs and Wonders to bring Our children back to their God.”

“Be strong, My son, for in this season many things will change. Be at peace, for I, your God, hold you in My Hand and my Mother watches over you, daily. Be at peace, My son, for all that has been promised you, is now unfolding.”

“I love you, My son and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and other Holy Ghost. Amen.”