Three Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 21 25 27 October 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 21 October 2022

Golden Light from Heaven will descend through Medjugorje to the whole world

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Today during the Cenacle Rosary Prayers, Blessed Mother Mary said, “Do you know that it is so bad in the world now? There is so much evil and darkness. The devil tries to destroy everywhere, such as prayer groups, but in this church, I am guarding you and protecting you. You are like in my garden, so the devil cannot destroy it. Evil will not touch you.”

It is through Blessed Mother’s protection, that this prayer group has been going on for many years, which is beautiful.

Blessed Mother said that we should pray for Medjugorje. During the Cenacle Prayers, I had the urge to cough. Not wanting to disturb the people praying, I pleaded, “Lord, pleeease don’t let me cough.”

Blessed Mother said, “Accept with love. It is from my Son and me because we want you to pray for Medjugorje. The Holy Spirit will descend soon, through Medjugorje to the world.”

Blessed Mother said, “Pray, pray, pray. This prayer group is very valuable to us, to me and my Son.”

I saw the golden Light coming down from Heaven, which will descend through Medjugorje and then to the whole world.

It is always the Blessed Mother who leads us. This is her prayer group.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your love and protection.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 25 October 2022

I, the Creator of all, can no longer watch this evil humanity!

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This morning during my prayers, Blessed Mary, Mother of God and Mother of our Lord Jesus, came with little Baby Jesus in her arms. She said, “I come to you with my Son. I know how much you love Him, and He wants to be in your arms and for you to nurse Him.”

Blessed Mother placed Baby Jesus gently in my arms, and as I nursed Him and gazed upon His Holy Face, I was telling Him, “Oh, how beautiful and Holy You are, my Lord.”

In front of me, there was a big round wooden table. All of a sudden, Baby Jesus slid out of my arms and slid under the table. He started to cry in a very loud voice, saying, “Nobody wants Me! They push Me under the table and into the corner of the room. I, the Creator of all, can no longer watch this evil humanity!”

Bending down, I went under the table towards Baby Jesus on my knees, pulling Him carefully to myself, picking Him up, and gently patting Him on His little bottom to console Him and calm Him down. He was crying and crying. I tried to console Him by lovingly telling Him, “I love You so much, and I know a lot of faithful people love You very much, don’t cry.”

He said, “I know for those that love Me, but that is a drop in the ocean compared to the whole world.”

Later that same day, at the Holy Mass, the Blessed Mother reminded me, “My daughter Valentina, try to console my Son, for He is unbearably rejected, pushed out by society, by humanity because they no longer want God in their lives. But how long can I hold my Son’s Hand back?” Blessed Mother motioned with her hand as she said this.

“He is ready to let go. Let humanity know that He exists and that He can judge, too, no matter how much humanity rejects Him. Think how much He suffered for everyone, and now He is so much rejected. They are planning all kinds of evil in the world, but remind them that Jesus is right there, standing next to them and watching and witnessing everything evil they plan to do. Tell people to change to return to the True God and to repent.”

Have mercy on us, Lord.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 27 October 2022

The Good Times are Over and Gone

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I had a lot of suffering, and then the angel of the Lord came and took me to Purgatory to meet many souls.

They were all begging me to help them. They were all asking me for fifteen or more dollars. I said, “I don’t have any money to give you, but I will pray for you.”

The angel explained, “They have debts to pay, so that is why they ask you for money.”

I understood that I need to help them through prayers and good deeds, and I have to offer them to our Lord, and then He accepts them.”

People, please pray for the Holy Souls, and you have to offer them to our Lord so that He will show His Mercy to them.

The angel and I remained in Purgatory, but we stood a little further away from the group of Holy Souls.

Then the angel said, “Valentina, you know that our Lord Jesus in Heaven is very offended by the world. People sin terribly in His Presence. We all feel deep shame for the Lord, and He will chastise humanity soon. A great sign will soon appear for all to witness. The good times are over and gone, now it is bad, and the worse has yet to come. Valentina, tell people to repent of their sins and change. Don’t be afraid. Our Lord and His Holy Mother are always with you, and so are we, the angels, here to protect you.”

“See how many souls you meet, and they beg you for help, but when they are living on earth, they think very little of their soul and afterlife.” The angel told me all kinds of suffering the soul has to go through before they are purified to enter into the presence of God.

Better think before we do wrong. May our Lord have mercy on all of us.