Letter to President Putin of Russia – 15 December 2022

Letter to President Putin – 15 December 2022

15th December 2022

My beloved President, Mr. Putin,

I wrote to you some time ago and I watch how you have led your country over the years. Your Leadership has changed very much during this time to the point of using the attacks upon the Ukraine Nation — which is very wrong.

God has given you many Blessings over the years and I can see how you have alienated yourself from the faith of the Russian people.

Listen to the Word of God, because you are doing wrong. Leave the country of Ukraine, because if you do not, you and your country will be chastised. I know, Dear Mr. Putin, that you have plans to invade the countries of your neighbours, even though your country will triumph at the moment, but Mr. Putin, as this is not the Will of The Most High, you will win at first, but ultimately you will lose.

God has revealed much — and do not think we are people who do not know — even though you have dangerous weapons, which the world does not know about, remember, Mr. Putin, God knows all. Please listen to Jesus, whom you pray to and remove yourself from Ukraine before it is too late.

I know you believe China will help you — as they will — but you as well as China, will be defeated, because God is in control. Please listen to my little voice and turn to God and ask His forgiveness.

I wish you and your family a Holy Christmas and may 2023 be a Year of Hope. I Bless you.

God Bless,

+ Bishop Malcolm L. Broussard

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