Message to the Roman Order (France) – 20 December 2022

Message from the Eternal Father given to the Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother (France)

(I saw the Eternal Father high above the earth. He held in his right hand a cup filled with a red liquid that looks like blood and, in his left hand, a parchment sealed with a seal. He spilled the cup on the terrestrial globe which started to spin. I saw earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons and tidal waves. Then I saw two space probes and a celestial body similar to an asteroid throwing itself at full speed on Earth. The body of water rose, engulfed many islands. Many countries were destroyed by the impact. I heard screams and people were mourning the death of their loved ones and the desolation of their homes. It was chaos and panic).

In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + Amen

My Chosen One, My Sweet Prophet of the Last Times, you have been given to see what will happen because men persist obstinately without taking into account My repetitive Calls, without reconsidering their choices. I have given humanity time to improve and improve. I sent them My Most Holy Mother and many Instruments. Tenaciously, they refused to listen to them. They flouted and trampled on their words. I called My Children to the contrition and atonement of their sins. They closed their eyes and ears. They are proud.

My Instrument, when I point it out to you, you must draw up the whole chronology of the signs which will lead men to the Day of the Great Warning. (The Eternal Father approaches me and asks me to open the parchment, to read it. I trembled when I started to discover the content. I cried a lot. I have to keep it a secret for the moment. I will have to reveal this secret in due time by Our Heavenly Father).

My Instrument, My Son the Order that I asked you to found, Redemptive will be crowned. Continue the work you do for the Salvation of souls. I am grateful to you for all that you have already accomplished and, I bless you for all that you still have to undertake. Your Mission is just getting started. This Blessed Order will be a beacon in the night of this world.

My Founding Father of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother, it is time to drill the ground to bring out the miraculous source that I promised you. As you have been told, this water will be the basis of the “julep” that will be used for the Great Punishment. You will condition this drink and you will share it with all the Romanists. I will mark with the sign of the Cross the forehead of all who consume it. They will be spared and protected.

My True Prophet, find the place where I showed you to erect the Great Basilica for This Order. Many souls will come and ask to be ordained deacons and priests. I will raise a seminary which will take care of the formation of those who will be called to the service of the Altar by the Priesthood. (The Eternal Father introduces me to the olive and asks me to make it resonate)

Now is the time to punish by punishing the Earth with exemplary punishment. Already the signs undoubtedly announce the imminent arrival of this Justice. To do this, I use water, fire, famine, epidemics, war and air to punish you. You will not be able to fight against these elements You will not be able to resist and you will not be able to escape this day of anger wherever you are. You find reasoning to explain the climatic phenomena and calm you down. But, no one, none of you can put an end to what just started. I told you, when I ask My prophet to ring the olifant, you will understand that you must be ready. The end is underway.

Men’s bad deeds are reprehensible. They call for a firm condemnation and a sure response. The most terrible calamities are about to melt on the continents. Of all generations, no one has ever experienced such a test. Many cataclysms will result from great upheavals of the surface of the terrestrial globe. Men will perish by natural elements.

The cities of the Near and Middle East, burned and bombed, will be razed to the surface of the Earth. The destruction of the Syrian people will happen through a large-scale chemical attack. There will no longer be enough room to put the dead in the ground. In the middle of the night, screams will be heard. At the beginning of the day, the ground will be covered with bodies. From North Korea, a bus fire will ignite the powder and unleash hostilities that will escalate and lead to a terrible crisis.

The epidemic is not over. She will come back with rage and get stronger. Localized populations will again be restricted to numerous deprivations, including that of traveling. If the Consecration to the United and Undivided Hearts is not done, then the worst will come. I urge the Bishops and priests to listen before a river of blood defiles the Earth. You can’t do anything without Heaven’s assistance.

This epidemic is a preparatory test to check if My chosen Communities were really operational when the Punishment comes. The containment served to consolidate the faults. I told you, always check your food supplies because you won’t be able to go out. You may wonder about the similarity of the consequences of this epidemic with everything that can and cannot be done during the Divine Punishment of the Great Punishment. Everything will happen suddenly, and you won’t have time to prepare for it. My Children, do not follow the charlatans and the impostors who exploit the credulity of the weakest, the most vulnerable. Trust in God and the valid Sacraments. A great drama will occur with a fatal event in France. The successive ruin will leave the world with the spectacle of appalling misfortune. It is because France contravenes Divine Laws that it will suffer carnage. France, France, France, what did you do with the promises of your baptism? Your assemblies decide immoral and irreligious laws. You will come back to Me, through the mediation of the True Legitimate King, Henri V de La Croix. You will find all your purity once the image of the Sacred Heart is affixed to the flag. You will obtain protection and peace after the Great Consecration which will be made by the Grand Monarch.

(I saw the True Roc d’Amour, Pierre II, dressed in a white cassock sitting on the Pontifical pulpit. There was a long procession of people who came to kiss his fisherman’s ring and his mule. Each time, Peter II gave everyone a purse embroidered with his Coat of Arms which contains a rosary. I recognized certain souls).

My Peter II, My Chosen One, I give you the papal tiara and ask you to lead the Little Rest. You will be highly rewarded for the suffering you have borne with Love. You will wear the Triune and by this sign you will breathe new life into the Church. You will be able to straighten the Barque de Saint Pierre and lead it to the right port.

(The Eternal Father gave His Blessing, tracing the Sign of the Cross with His hand)

In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + Amen