Third and Last Prophecy of Fatima – 29 December 2022


(Sister Lucia)

“When the world asks for peace and security and repents of all the evil it has done, the sudden destruction of the new Armageddon has arrived and all will suffer.”

These were the prophecies of the Virgin of Fatima when she appeared to the three children in 1917 and said that on this date 2025 would come to an end.

Lucia was only 10 years old when the apparitions took place, which began on May 13, 1917. Lucia and her two cousins saw the Virgin Mary in a holm oak tree for a period of six months.

Carmelite nun Lúcia do Imaculado Coração, the last survivor of the three children who made sure they saw the Virgin Mary in the Portuguese town of Fátima, died at the age of 97 on February 14, 2005. She died in the Carmel convent in Coimbra where she has lived since 1948 .

This message was read by Pope John Paul II who decided not to reveal this secret because he thought doing so would bring panic and despair to the world. Now another part of this message is being revealed.


Lucia first delivered the message to Pope John Paul II, who after reading it, trembled a lot and decided not to make it public for fear of the reaction.

The virgin said to Lucia:

“Do not be afraid, dear. I am the Mother of Heaven, speaking to you and asking you to make this message public to the whole world. You will then meet strong resistance.”

“Listen and heed what I say: The sins of men need to be atoned for. With humble supplication, they must ask forgiveness for the sins they have committed and those they could have committed. You want me to give you a sign so that everyone accepts my words that I say to humanity through you. They saw the wonder of the miracle of the Sun, all believers, non-believers, farmers, citizens, scholars, journalists, seculars, priests, all saw it.”

“A great punishment will befall all humanity, not today, not tomorrow, but in the second half of the 21st century. I had already revealed to the children Melania and Massimino, “La Salette”, and today I repeat to you why humanity has sinned and trampled on the gift that God gives. Nowhere in the world will there be order and Satan reigns in the highest degrees that determine the ground of things, because men are led by the devil, sowing hatred and revenge everywhere.”

“Men make deadly weapons that can destroy the world in minutes.”

“Half of humanity could be terribly destroyed.”

“There will be conflicts between religious orders.”

“God will allow all natural phenomena like smoke, hail, cold, water, fire, floods, earthquakes, viruses, inclement weather, terrible catastrophes and extremely cold winters like these times to wipe out the earth little by little.”

“There will be diseases without a cure, people will mock the saints and the church.”

“There will be uncontrolled killings, people will kill each other, many people will suffer.”

“Some natural phenomena will occur before 2025 and then continue with greater intensity and greater destruction, the climate will suddenly change to extreme weather conditions.”

“They will not survive, they lack charity towards their neighbor and they do not love one another as my Son Jesus loved them.”

“Many will wish to be among the dead, because millions of people will lose their lives in a few seconds and others will suffer too much, new life forms will come and contribute to the destruction, to give them more power and consequently procreate their number, it is a race.”

“The punishments that await us on Earth are unimaginable, but they will surely come.”

“God helps the world, but whoever does not testify faithfulness to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will be destroyed, because many turn their backs on Him and He can do nothing about it.”

Father Agostino, who resides in Fátima, received authorization from Pope Paul VI to visit Sister Lucia. Father Agostino expresses that she received him very weakly, with tears in her eyes, and told him:

“Father, the Virgin Mary is very sad because nobody is interested in her 1917 prophecy, people don’t want to know about this prophecy.”

“So while the good ones must tread a narrow path; the wicked are treading a broad path that leads them straight to destruction and believe, Father, that the chastisement will come very soon since 2020 and it will come with firm power.”

“Many souls may be lost and many nations and states will disappear from Earth; the world may be lost forever.”

“The time has come for everyone to pass on the Virgin Mary’s message to their family, their friends and to the whole world.”

“We are near the last minute, the last day, and disaster is coming.”


There is talk of peace and security everywhere, but the punishment will come without anything to stop it.


This war can destroy everything, anything, it will be a disaster.

The darkness will then fall on us for 72 hours (3 days) and the third party who will survive these 72 hours of darkness and official; will begin to live in a NEW ERA.

On a very cold night ten minutes before midnight (Portuguese time) a GREAT EARTHQUAKE will shake the earth for eight hours.

The good ones, those who propagate the prophecy of the Virgin of Fatima, SHOULD NOT FEAR, but others will suffer the consequences of ignoring this warning, the earthquake will cause the destruction of a large part of the earth, some parts will separate and cause great disasters!


Sister Lucia says what the Virgin said:

“Don’t leave your house and don’t let strangers in, there will be new and unknown people who will look pretty talkative and say to join them, their new race and lifestyle, we don’t accept it!

These new “people” will benefit from the disaster that will happen in the world (earth) …

Sister Lucia continues with what was revealed to her:

“So that you can prepare yourselves and stay alive, as my children who are also taking this warning seriously, I will give the following signs:”

“It’s going to be a very cold night. It will be during a strong wind …”

“There will be anguish and soon the earthquake will begin that will make the earth shake strongly …”

“Close the doors and windows at home and don’t talk to those who are not inside the house …”

“Don’t look outside, don’t be curious, for this will be the wrath of the Lord …”

Light blessed candles, for three days no other light can shine …”

“The movement will be so violent that it will move the earth 23⁰ degrees and then return to its normal position …”

“Then there will be total darkness that will cover the whole Earth. All evil spirits will be dissolved and released doing great harm to souls who did not want to hear this message and those who do not want to repent …”

“Everything will be dark and a great mystical cross will appear in Heaven to remind us of the price that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, paid for our redemption.”

Sister Lucia continues to refer to what the Virgin entrusted to her:

We pray as follows:

“O God, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and take to Heaven all souls, especially those most in need of your mercy.”

“Those who believe in the message that God sends and bring the message to others should fear nothing on the Great Day of the Lord …”

“Those who remain silent now will be responsible for this great number of souls lost to ignorance …”

“When the earth no longer shakes, those who still do not believe in our Lord will die horribly …”

“The wind will bring gas, viruses and water everywhere …”

“Then the sun will rise again …”

“Many can live after these disasters … once they have started they cannot look outside the house for any reason because God does not want any of his children to see when he punishes these sinners how they suffer and he does not want them to see the pain he will cause these wicked people.”

We need to understand that God allows all this to pass and we need to understand that God will punish all those who did not listen to what this text says, that’s why so much panic was caused, because God will unleash his uncontrollable wrath and find all those who offended and destroyed the world …

Remember that the word of God is not a threat, but good news.

Perhaps God allows it to be so, because He wants to save everyone for Him.

If you read it, say something.

They say that every beat of our heart is God saying he loves us.

Have you ever stopped to think how many times he told you this today?

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Remember, God said: “If you deny me among men, I will deny you before the Father.”