Message to Father Michel Rodrigue – 12 February 2023

Fr. Michel: Nuclear Missiles Will Be Stopped By God’s Hand As The US Prays The Divine Mercy Chaplet

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Transcript of audio extract of Message to Father Michel Rodrigue – 12 February 2023

FR. MICHEL RODRÍGUE: My dear people of God we are currently undergoing a test beginning this month the big purifying activities will take place. Be prepared to defeat Satan and defend our people by praying the rosary.

Make sure you have made your general Confession to the Catholic priest to confirm that you are in the state of grace. The spiritual conflict will start. Keep in mind these great words, great things will occur at the end of February when the month of the Holy Family comes to an end. There will be death. Jesus presented this to me just recently, I was in my room and when I sat down preparing to go to bed, I saw a black Cavalier coming. This means death. I heard people will have to suffer a great blast which will kill a lot of people, which means that it could be a blast caused by either volcanic eruption or human impact.

Then there will be a great uprising you will see revolution in your streets. People will fight each other openly. The government will have no other choice than to institute martial law. At the same time that martial law begins so will the conflict and then a global war. The devil will unleash a global nuclear conflict the Third World War as part of his campaign against all of humanity.

Just as 1/3 of the angels were expelled from heaven and sent to hell. The devil will kill 1/3 of humanity in this conflict as well as through diseases and disasters. Because of its abominations, the United States will be open to attack by seven nuclear missiles — because America recites the Divine Mercy Chaplet — many nuclear weapons will be diverted by God’s hand. This is what the Eternal Father told me and I am aware that two Countries in South Asia and East Asia will be the starting points for the conflict to confront the United States of America. They will unite. The times are urgent the Tribulation is coming and it’s coming soon. We are experiencing a crisis.

When I received the [word unclear] from the Father. He instructed me to get it built fast because it will serve as a haven for several visiting priests. You will see a lot of things that the devil has planned. People will be engaged in conflict with one another for political reasons. Laws that are unjust will lead to the persecution of Christians which has already started with individual insults and reproaches. Persecution will then come under civil power since you will be unable to abide by these rules in good conscience.

The Warning will then sound. I noticed it, the Moon, the Sun and stars won’t be visible. It will all be dark. A sign of Jesus will arise suddenly in the heavens, illuminating both the sky and the entire planet. He will be crucified but not in agony, but in glory. We will see the face of the Father the true God who will emerge behind Him in a dim light. I can tell you that it won’t be something. Bright beams of love and mercy will reign upon the entire earth from the wounds in Jesus’s Hands, Feet and Side and all will cease. It will cease if you are in an aeroplane. Do not fear if you are a passenger in a vehicle it will stop. You could question how is that possible? I’ll declare God is God. He is the Father Almighty, the architect of the universe. Do you believe God can hold matters if he placed Father Michel out in the universe as a piece of dust? Do you think he will be bothered by your modest aeroplane? No. God has revealed this to me but he has also revealed it to others such as Saint Padre at Garabandal.

Everything will be resolved in due course and every person’s conscience will be illuminated by the Flame of the Holy Spirit. Every heart will be pierced by the heart’s piercing rays emanating from Jesus’s Wounds. And we will perceive ourselves as though in a mirror before us. Our souls will be disclosed to us. Along with how priceless they are to the Father and how terrible each individual — is going to be made clear to us. Since Jesus Christ’s Resurrection it will be one of the most significant signs ever given to the world.

Humanity will be given an exceptional gift after the enlightning of conscience, a period of penitence lasting roughly six and a half weeks, during which the devil won’t be able to do anything. This implies that everyone will have full autonomy to choose to follow or reject the Lord.

At the end of February a widespread illusion occurred. Our experts investigated this and discovered that it took place at the same moment as the Sun unleashed a solar flare into the cosmos. It was so potent that it influenced everyone on Earth and created a global delusion in everyone’s brains.

The Summer period will open a window of time where we will be able to prepare well for the coming test that of being with Jesus on the Cross. We cannot see the glorious Cross without encountering the Cross with Jesus. If you have not already done so, you must now dedicate your home or flat to the Eternal Father via the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, before Fall. You must have made your general Confession. you will find peace, strength and safety in the prayers of the Holy Rosary, Saint Michael the Archangel and your Guardian Angels. Amen.