The Great Spiritual War (re-posted) – 16 March 2023

The Great Spiritual War

Originally posted: 13 January 2017 by Manuel Silveira

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Christ’s message to a mature mystic on January 8, 2017 (Edited for Brevity)

God created you at His image to understand good and evil, right and wrong, and choose between Him and Satan — Heaven and Hell.

Christ wonders, “Will there be faith when I return to the world?” His Mother is directing the Final Battle against the Fallen Angels, who prowl the world to enslave and drag souls into Hell.”

The warfare will peak when The Antichrist is revealed. The battlefields are ready for the great clash between Heaven and Hell. My enemy will ransack My Church, because the Smoke of Satan has entered the Vatican to mislead and disperse My sheep. Pray for the Pope, who is misleading My Church, to escape from Satan.

The New World Order has opposed Trump’s presidency and will draw America into the looming World War III for The Antichrist’s debut.

My Mother has a Plan including twelve men from twelve nations to lead an Army to challenge The Antichrist, as he emerges to rule humanity.

Written by Manuel Silveira (see link to website above)