Message of Saint Joseph – 19 March 2023


I see the White Cross. It is very bright. I see my three Seraphic Angels coming with St Michael in front and St Joseph. There are millions of white crosses around them. St Joseph is dressed in green and has a yellow sash over him

St Joseph is within my room and St Michael is to his left.

St. Joseph speaks: I, St. Joseph have been sent urgently, because mankind is about to receive a chastisement to Australia and part of Asia because of dark secrets which will be unveiled very shortly. The countries of Australia and Indonesia with Taiwan and the neighbouring countries will feel a devastation coming from the earths interior bringing great destruction upon the land – and a hideous diabolical creature will be found.

I ask the children of these nations to pray unceasingly. Today on My feast day I come dear child to warn mankind that the world will be punished by God in various countries. Over the Great Mountain Ranges will be hit as a sign that God is very angry because the war is getting further and further into the Great War that will engulf the earth very soon, where Russia and China will expand it’s conflict – where Europe will be invaded.

My beloved children, I, St. Joseph who is the Protector of the Human Race, am asking all children to reflect seriously because the chastisements are falling upon the human race without mankind thinking clearly of what they are doing.

My children, turn to My Divine Son Jesus and His Holy Mother Mary now while you have the time. Pray to Me too because I have been given Holy Mother the Church to protect and guide. Times are very serious My sweet children. Offer and pray to Me too because I can help you because times are very serious.

My children of France and Spain, I who have watched over you for so long, beg of you to pray because revolution is coming to your lands. I ask you to pray and seek out the Holy Monarch of France because he is chosen to lead our children as very dark days are coming to your lands.

Pray for England and Germany because great division is coming to your lands, and pray sweet children for the Countries that border Russia because war will break out very soon as Russias intention is to invade Europe very soon.

My beloved children, the Moslem nations are preparing to invade Europe. That is why many people of the Middle East will cause divisions within the European Nations so that the Middle Eastern Nations will be able to invade and cause many obstacles.

I beg of all children to turn to Jesus and Mary because the world will suffer very much through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes with a world being led into War.

Dear children of the USA, pray sweet children because very shortly New York and the coast of San Francisco and all the coastline of America will receive a Warning because the land will make a move towards the sea. I warn all people who can to move inland because millions of souls will be affected. My children, I do not come with good news but have come to warn all people to turn to God now because His Wrath is about to fall on mankind.

Pray my children of the Caribbean Islands because an Asteroid will hit the sea very soon and many lands will disappear. Pray to Me for protection.

Rome your time is coming very soon, people of Italy. Turn to God now while you have the time. I love you and send you My Angels of My Choir to assist you.

St. Joseph said there will be found things of the demons in the Country of Indonesia when the volcanoes erupt. On St Joseph on His belt are the Passion Tools. These are for the world. St Joseph is very handsome and very beautiful and he is holding a Cross in His Right Hand and He blesses us. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.

St Joseph said He will be going to Jesus and Mary in Heaven. He said they will be coming very soon. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen

The Crosses that I saw in the beginning are Crosses of those that will die very soon because of the Chastisements. In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen