Message from Our Lord – 31 May 2023


Today, about 7pm, Jesus came which He said He would. He is in white and the Holy Trinity with Our Lady is with Him. He blesses me + In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen

“Today I have a very important message for mankind, because the world is going into darkness and mankind have forgotten what is good and walk into night.

The world is going into the Third World War. Shortly Russia will go into other NATO nations claiming these nations are provoking it.

I have told you before that mankind is going quickly into warfare because mankind have forgotten to open their hearts and pray.

NATO has been warned to prepare because Russia will invade the same way they have done to Ukraine.

At first Russia will attack Europe and China will make its move to attack the free nations and North Korea will attack South Korea and Japan.

Both Russia and China will attack America with nuclear weapons, first by attacking a naval vessel in the strait between China and Taiwan.

My children, remember I have told you this for a long time, therefore I ask My children to pray very hard because the world will go into much sorrow.

The Great Warning will follow, bringing the three days of darkness where many of the elite and illuminate will be removed to the bottomless pit and many souls will be brought into the dark realm.

But remember sweet children that the Middle East will bring on the war attacking Spain and France. Remember I have told you all of this for so long.

There so an asteroid waiting to bring its sorrows to the world. It will be soon, very soon, as many countries will suffer and many great cities will perish.

Pray for Britain because they spend so much time with the Royal House, but the real matter that should be looked at is how is the country dealing with the poor and the real things that run the lives of Gods children.

France, France, you have become so prideful. Think of how the people of France were in the past. It is time that you take up the Beads of My Holy Mother and pray for the Holy Monarch to come to bring you back to the faith it once was.

Pray sweet children because very sad days are coming

An event will come very shortly that will shock the world. Please pray My dear children.”

Our Lord blessed me + and The Holy Trinity and The Holy Mother of God and St Michael blessed me +