Message to A Hidden Soul for The Worlds Youth


To My Darling Youth

This is Mary – Gods Mother and yours who wishes to write to you today. I am wishing to tell you Truth and give you hope. You are to know that God exists. The One True God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

He always was and always will be. Even though you may feel abandoned by Him, and forgotten, this is not so. He has never forgotten you. He sent His Only Begotten Son Jesus onto the earth over 2000 years ago – and Jesus lived with mankind and showed us how to live.

Before Jesus died for you and me, He left us a Gift of Himself in the Last Supper, which was the first Mass. Yes, My children, Jesus started the Catholic Church. The Gift He left us was Himself – The Blessed Eucharist, which is His Real Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. God always wished, not only to be among you, but to live within you. And when Jesus died, the Spirit of Love , from Himself and His Father was given to you.

He left you great gifts of grace called Sacraments: Baptism, which washes away the first sin committed by your parents Adam and Eve and makes you a child of God:

The Sacrament of Confirmation, which makes you a soldier of God and fills you with His Holy Spirit:

He gave you Himself in the Sacrament of Confession, to forgive and wash away your past failings – failings against His Commandments. Commandments which are carved deep in every soul. Failings are sins My children.

Jesus, in the Sacrament of Confession is really there, and no man on earth can do what God does in Confession – He forgives you. He washes you clean. He welcomes you home to Himself – and your past is forgotten and forgiven – it no longer exists.

Then you are ready to receive God Himself in the Sacrament of Holy Communion, where He is only content when you both are One. Come to Him daily. Confess….weekly. Visit Him as often as you can in the Prison of Love – The Tabernacle. In every Catholic Church he waits for you, alone – to be Alone with Him – where nothing else will matter for you….only Him. The Creator and the created.

I am your True Mother in Heaven. The Mother of The God Man – Jesus. He gave Me to you, and I love you as God loves you.

Learn to pray My Rosary every day. It will bring you Gods Peace, lift you up, and draw you into Gods Heart through Me. Through My Rosary, you will be what God created you to be – a great saint -that has overcome the world, the devil and yourself. You won’t ever want to do your will again.

Give yourself totally to Me. Do not be afraid – and I will prepare you for a life of happiness with My God and yours.

Start by putting on My Battle Armour – My little Brown Scapular – for this is a real battle and satan exists – hell is real and he wants to take you there forever. My Brown Scapular is a powerful sacramental which will protect you during your life – and if you die wearing it, you will not suffer the flames of hell.

My children, My children of My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart – how many of you will not spend Eternity in Heaven because of your sinful choices? Pray My Rosary and Live!

And now I wish to speak to you about your future – yes, you have a wonderful future ahead of you. The world as you know it, is fading away. The glitter that allures you on the internet is not real – it is a temptation that takes you away from God and a distraction that wastes precious time – where every moment of your lives will be held in account.

You are to know that God created each of you for a purpose on earth that will be your path to a life of Eternal Happiness with Him forever.

He created you male and female. For His Glory.

He asks you to open your hearts to Him and give yourself to Him, and He will take your life and make something beautiful from it that He has planned for you from Eternity. He has a wonderful future waiting for you. Read about it in the Book of Revelation which He dictated to His Disciple of Love – John.

It is real. There will be a new Heaven and Earth because the old Heaven and earth will have passed away – a New Era of love and peace and joy – where God will walk with you, and I your Mother will dwell with you.

Take courage My Youth, and pray to your angels for they are real. Pick up my Beads of Love and pray them with open hearts, for you are called to be great saints – you are called to raise your minds and hearts to God where your true home is and where happiness and Eternal Love await you.

Just a short time, and in your lifetime I promise you, My Divine Son will descend from Heaven. Help Me crush satan and prepare your souls to welcome Him. One day in your future, you will look back and understand that all you are suffering now was worth it. God is with you always. Call on Him with open hearts and He will show you your path to Him.

I love you and remain always by your side. I invite you to withdraw into My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart which yearns for you – and there you will live your Heaven on Earth.

Your Loving Mother Mary + xxx


This message from Our Lady to Her Youth must be published, that you may invite all children of the world. Because of so many new games and these apps, their minds focus is now different. They must learn how to pray without ceasing and pray the rosary, to always be near God. Post it wherever you can post so that the children will learn to pray. Remember the song “We are the world, we are the children?” – “We are the people of God”

The Youth of the world must Learn to Pray the Holy Rosary.

From the age of 1 year old comes Wisdom from God. They must hear the Holy Rosary so that they may acquire the wisdom when it is prayed. Then the young children on-wards, to learn the Rosary. To come before Jesus through the Holy Rosary.

Share to this to every online media platform that is available to you. As the youth of the world is so caught up with social media, specifically and in majority of Facebook.

The Youth are to know about the Holy Rosary; and in General, to know the Life of Prayer, to know about the Holy Mother of God who leads them to Jesus. this is from Mama Mary

Jesus is inviting the Youth of the World to know about this Loving Mother.