Message to Yellow Lily – 22 August 2023

Message from Jesus to Yellow Lily of Canada – 22 August 2023


YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, Most August Mother, there are rumours that covid lockdowns are coming again, how well you know how long this fight has been and continues! Your Peter II is still in chains…My Jesus, Most August Mummy, these rumours are very upsetting and our True Holy Father, your choice, trapped and frustrated, I believe you told me you wished to write today as Holy Mass began, I present myself to you now, on everyone’s behalf, sitting beside your Rosa Mystica and the Little Infant of Prague, I bring my heart, everyone is with it.

Jesus stands in front of me, in a white tunic, cincture is around His waist, hanging down on His left:

JESUS: My Little ones! How tired Jesus knows you are! Would you believe as my earthly mission drew to a close, as the noose around Jesus and His apostles and disciples grew smaller and tighter, there were days when He did not wish to take a step, do you believe that the Saviour’s human body ached, that His human spirit had to rally and cling to the Father as sustenance for His survival and so now, this, I call you to! You are owed so much my little missions – my crowns and glory and truth, by a world, asleep, carelessly inattentive! My little Jesus’ My little Marys’!

Do not fear, do not fear! Understand your greatest power against events, against you, against Me, is at your fingertips – press your hands together in prayer! Do not get caught up in speculation no matter how informed a “source” maybe – I Am your source, your summit, speculation serves no purpose, serves no one, except the one who serves it, I caution also, there is a degree of gossip in these conversations, consider your source! Instead, deal with things within your own power, planning in as much circumstances present themselves, with a sure step knowing that as events of your minutes unfold, they are for you as Our Father in Heaven has ordered. Rise and lay your head down only in His care.

It is so easy my flowers, to get swept away in the chaos and noise, but I will not let anything happen to you! Let the demons of Earth and Hell make all the plans they think they will succeed at, I say, do not even pity them. We pray for the conversion of souls and we pray without judgement for all those who meet their end of earthly life, we offer and we hope for all, but let our eyes, the eyes of our hearts, our conversations, be turned to the power and plans of God and His radiant Bride – our Church!

Peter II is, and we know him – even now sitting on the throne of Papal Authority. My Dears, the direction of the church as it appears to be going, as it appears to speedily descending, is not. Certainly, the Vatican is lost, it’s administration, lost, forlorn and swept, but my seat is no longer there…I lament only those who blindly follow without questioning what they hear and see coming out of that sunken head! Rejoice, with Me instead, especially on this special feast of the church as we sing always and forever the glories of Mary, her plan so well underway, there is less time ahead of us than behind, of what we have to suffer for Almighty God.

Peace to you Little Sheep, O flock shorn! Events are no where near that dire – no where near! Events are not as they appear! Everything is to turn around in the blink of an eye, and just as it is from winter to spring, one day to the next, cold to warm, dark to light, so coming events are.

I have surprises in store and people will know I Am their God and I love them with all My Heart! Regardless of faith. Those paying attention, closer and closer, to the fullness of truth will see where My Heart lies and who it lies with! We are excited are we not, Mother, O Queen of Heaven, Seat of All Wisdom and Lap of All Joy! Very soon the world will understand the fullness the completeness of the Holy Word, “Spouse”!

Jesus smiles! He smiles at all of you, smile back at Me: your Saviour, your Brother, your Lord, your King and joy! I make haste to all of you, hasten to Me with hearts wide open and ready to receive all the good I intend for all!

And to My Peter II, I address you specifically for all to read and know your closeness to Me, your rightness as My Choice, grown in the manger that is the combined Hearts – the inseparable Heart of Jesus and Mary, Mother and Son, King and Queen: you are our choice and plan, you are to be raised up and all chosen around you are to be raised up, there will be no mistaking your truth as our choice and Holy Mountain as person; there will be no mistaking the things that surround you, The laity – more specifically, the Elect, will surround and raise you to the throne you will be seen upon as having possession of it, and a crown placed upon your head, a known one! You are to be surrounded by the little souls, those who possess a poverty of spirit – it cannot be disguised or misconstrued as anything else.

To all else, and as a sign for all, President Trump still has a role to play, still works for Almighty God, remember My words here: nothing is as it appears, events as they unfold in the eyes of the world are pre-planned, well – planned, resulting once again with Trump being declared President, as having remained in power, acting on behalf of good men and women who assisted in the unrolling of political events, my Dears, you have been at war and remain in the battle! I declare, your triumph is at hand; and I declare even President Trump, who is no longer surprised at much shall be surprised at the work of Jesus and the plan of Mary. My Dears, when weakened by the onslaught, yet a moment more, remember it will pass, this pain will pass. Remember, I Am not offended by fear, only by the ones intent on causing it; I faced fear – it is only the weakness of the flesh, this too, passes; and, know only, I Am with you.

The media lies. No one truly knows how events will roll out, except for the One who addresses you now, as His Beloved,

Jesus, Son of Mary, The King obedient to the Queen of All Heaven, The King who feeds you, who was made and fed by Her.