Message to Yellow Lily – 16 October 2023


16 OCTOBER 2023


YELLOW LILY: For some days, the little voice in my heart and my heart’s excited thumps have been telling me Jesus was going to write, after prayers, the Holy Rosary and sitting with Him, I approach:

My Dearest Jesus, Most Holy Mother, have you called me to write –

I see Jesus, our Most Blessed Lord standing beside me as I write here. Jesus invites me to bless myself with Holy Water (I do) Jesus says to me, “Do you see me?”, He bows His beautiful Head a little lower as He says this, looking at me intently, sweetly, the whole time. I say, “Yes.”

I am invited to look at Jesus carefully, to describe His Appearance in particular: standing here, Jesus, Our Most Blessed Lord, is wearing a white tunic with wide sleeves. Around His Waist, is a wide red belt, like the pink ones the cardinals wear tied the same as they do, with the ends folded the particular way at the front, hanging down the same as a cardinal’s belt. Jesus takes His left Hand and gently raises the end of His red belt, so I can see it clearly and describe correctly. There are 5 tassels hanging down: on each of these 5 tassels are 5 small golden beads, they make a little rattle noise as Jesus moves His Hand to lift them. On the front of this belt across the part around Our Most Blessed Lord’s Waist, there are five tiny golden nuggets or tiny dots, placed in such a way they remind me of a backward arrow with a line (but because these are five tiny golden dots, you have to look at it like one may see a constellation).

I look up from typing and Jesus is smiling, with a nod of love and encouragement in my direction, happy with my descriptions. Our Most Blessed Jesus stands with His Hands together at the front, His long Fingers laced together, peacefully, He looks out the large patio window, I am sitting in front of; He faces into the garden.

OUR LORD: “I greet you my little children of peace! I greet you as Saviour and Shepherd and Guide, as Brother and Lord and Father and your greatest love: peace! I greet you as Sovereign Lord of all Earth and Heaven; I greet you as the Only Begotten Son of Mary and of the Father, The God of Love and Hope and Truth! I greet you as a Descendant of David, of the House of Israel! I greet you as the Maker of Abraham, the Father of All Nations; listen to me: the Father of All Nations and I AM HIS Maker. Peace!”

“Do not be afraid, and know that what I AM telling you is the truth for all to know and all who know it, know Me, the Truth. Peace. Remain neutral in what is occurring. Do not be drawn up in this fabricated drama, for I tell you this occurring is an operation of evil, to continue to throw the people of the world into tumult and instability. This, that is occurring, is the operation of snakes – poisonous snakes – distracting the world from the truth which is: the Victory of Mary is at hand. The devils have lost, the world is on the edge of the greatest peace it has ever known, since Adam.

“My friends listen to Me: what is being done is to detract from the real abomination taking place by the one who calls himself “Francis” and all the reptiles who align themselves around this destruction!”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus hold Himself very tightly and speaking quietly; Jesus in His stillness is very animated:

OUR LORD: (Softly, tersely): “Vipers! You have chosen this course and this course you choose will be, – is, your own destruction, you know – yes, you know I Am more than an idea, a state, a consciousness, you will know when I point my finger and release you to the fate you have chosen for yourself in full knowledge, and you are assured, — thinking prepared, for the great gnashing of teeth. I tell you, you are not.”

“To my little ones, all: the land of Israel will never, ever, ever be destroyed or routed from the living God, He wants it and will have it, being His. Listen to Me: those that appear to love her and lead her, do not, their pockets are too filled with pus and corruption, friends only of those who want – with the “apparent” enemy, to fight a war and take life. Children, the story of Abraham is true and won’t you be surprised to learn, that, regardless of the color of your eyes and skin, regardless of your nation and Religion, We come from the same source, like sand, that belongs to Earth: all is of God.”

“My stars, I know all your names, I conceived you and knitted you within your mother’s womb. Do not hate; there is no defense for hatred of another because of an “idea”, because of any belief! Listen to Me: I Am about to return all to you that is rightfully owned, not because you have earned it, but because – and solely because – you are deeply loved with a mission of service to bring to your Father who is in Heaven, where you come from! This is not a fairy tale, it is the truth, from Him, who is The Truth. Amen.”

“Know as this appears to escalate, drawing into further and further acts of war, nothing is as it appears, I say, I warn – stand down. Nothing is as it appears. The true terrorists are in open shadows, lurking around the corners with their detonators; bombs will continue around the word; buildings will soon begin to blow up in Europe and in city squares, with great destruction. This will escalate quickly. Whenever you head from your home, do not fear only cover yourself in the protection of the Living God; continue to live, this is important!”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus raises His right Finger:

OUR LORD: “Do not live in fear, it is crucial to not be in fear. Remember nothing is as it appears. Media and stories are designed to escalate panic and unrest.”

“My friends, I do not leave you without hope – for you who listen should be always full of hope. Jesus, who is Living Hope, tells you: nothing that this Synod attempts to do will stand. It will turn to run-off as quickly as snow in spring, as quickly as a drying, warm wind in spring. This Synod, is not worth of the paper it is using – and all of it will be taken up into unquenchable fire. Shortly, the living God will intervene with His proof, making clear to all who pay attention, where these efforts are headed and their use: to feed fire.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus pauses. He looks at me, knowingly. He is not angry or sad anymore, but as usual, bright and full of radiant love.

OUR LORD:“My Mass does not change – there is nothing this Francis can do to change My Truth, My Sacrifice; there is nothing he can do to hurt Me or My people; there is nothing that can come against My Church that will prevail against Her. Do you not think I have planned for this time? Do you not think, as a passionate Mother, Mary has not – from within her heart, and from it, the same way your little Jesus entered into the world being one with you — brought about a Plan that WILL not be conquered? Listen, for those who listen — for those who pay attention to the truth impassable and invincible: follow the True Holy Mass, the real Sacrifice, that has been formed and supported down through all centuries, upholding tenderness, reverence, silence, contemplation and gift of self. Be at peace! My Holy Mass is peace. My children, you see what our enemy does? No peace. No quiet.”

“My Angel of Peace is coming. Pay attention! And to him who has been warned and warned and warned; to him who works hard to keep up the charade, to keep his hat on straight – you have heard it here first. Francis is to take a big fall from a top step, rolling and rolling, there is nothing brave about this — there is nothing sacrificial in this offering, I tell you truly, pray for this man, there is no fool like him, unique among all of Christ’s detractors – even of Judas Iscariot – none like him.”

YELLOW LILY: As Jesus has been speaking, He has bent His Holy, Beautiful Head lower, in a humble way, smiling, He says:

OUR LORD: “Hope tells you; you will know My Divine Angel of Peace. He is My man and My friend and My Pope; his coming being announced, his truth in Me unmistakable, in the works I place around him. He is greatly disguised. You all, who love Me and My Church — for the moment must pay close attention, watch and see. His image will be in the sky. You will know him, surrounded by My Mother, the Queen of Peace. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus’ smile is very bright and Our Most Blessed Lord’s Eyes are shining, and rimmed in Tears, sitting right on the top ready to spill! It’s so sweet to see and now I am rimmed too.

OUR LORD: “I will say more; I will make sure you have all the direction you need. Remember to love; love does not fear.”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Jesus smooth, with His big Hands and long, gentle, steady fingers, the wide, red belt He is wearing.

OUR LORD: “And to President Donald Trump, to all the good men with him, for this to be written in more than one place and known, from the Living God, through one of the little ones He uses: thank you for your service to the people of God, you too shall be rewarded more than you understand now, but will come to know AND come to know more, later, My Peace. You too, will know My Divine Angel, these men of peace, united. Peace and Shalom”

YELLOW LILY: I look up from typing this and I watch tall Jesus, bow low at the waist, holding the bow for a few minutes, I watch a single Tear fall to the floor. Jesus rises slowly, I am to watch and pay attention, Our Most Blessed Lord, looks at me nicely, solemnly blows a kiss with His Right Hand and I do not see anymore.