Prophetic Dream – 13 December 2023

Prophetic Dream (from Canada)

13 December 2023

[Name Withheld from Canada]: “Dream on December 13, 2023 just words: “the mouthpiece is dead”. I woke up and it was repeating in my head — perhaps referring to Bergoglio?”

Answer through Yellow Lily of Canada

YELLOW LILY: Jesus replies, the “Pope” is dead. Him that portrays him is a fraud too. There are schemes the likes of which are untold; Peace. Let the charade continue a moment more, all will be revealed and lend itself more and more to the truth of the Papal-Lamb, Peter II.

Let all who have ears hear, those with eyes, look, this fraud will be found out, the Vatican is ruled by more than one- a consortium of dogs. The public must see right now a play, this play has a tragic end, all the worms coming out from the woodwork.

Peace, from the King of all peace. This finishes when through my power, I reveal to ready, faithful, observant hearts, the chosen one, the predicted one. The caluminated one shall be victorious, as the scales fall off, as the chains break, he is unstoppable, rising.

The Vatican of Rome cannot stop me as I make the new authority: My mouthpiece. Be at peace my voice boxes shall resound, Peter II is.