Message to Bright Star – 31 December 2023

Message Given To Bright Star in Bethlehem Chapel, Canada

December 31, 2023 – New Year’s Eve

Bright Star: Since the third decade, Heaven has made themselves present. The crucifix in front, much light is coming through it, and it grew very big up into the sky, and as it did, the Nativity scene outside also came and has grown big, and it’s across the whole front of the chapel. It’s really beautiful, just like it was at Christmas, and the door opens up on the cross, and as the door opens, I see the nine Archangels come through. They come and take their place around the chapel. The Christmas trees are all still down both sides. We’re in the octave of Christmas so everything looks just like it was at Christmas time. I see many angels and saints that have come. And the saints, the twelve Apostles of old, have come and taken their place on the right hand side. The twelve Apostles of new are kneeling just in front of those Apostles. Peter II is present. And the saints and angels just take their place all over the chapel, in the sky, everywhere. It’s beautiful. There’s many saints and angels here.

And now I see the Holy Family coming through the door, and the Holy Family is dressed like they were at Christmas, it’s very simple but beautiful. Mother’s cloak or garment is a darker blue and St. Joseph’s is a chocolate brown. Baby Jesus is still wrapped in a beautiful blanket. Anytime I see the Baby Jesus, He’s never naked, or you can’t see His Body at all. He’s always covered with this beautiful blanket, or whatever Mother wraps Him in, it’s like soft fur, beautiful. The Baby is looking around. Mother has the Baby in Her right hand and She passes the Baby to St. Joseph, and St. Joseph lays the Baby in the manger. Then in unison, They all bless us:

BABY JESUS, OUR LADY AND ST. JOSEPH: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: Mother looks around the chapel.

OUR LADY: I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love, and I thank you for answering God’s call. For so many are called, My son, but so few choose to answer. Your Mother’s Heart is so heavy for She sees all that is about to unfold, and mankind is not ready for what is about to fall upon this world. For many years, I have gone and begged My children to turn back to their God, and offer sacrifice, prayer, penance. But O, My children, turn a deaf ear. They choose the material world over the spiritual world, and you offend your God so much. O, My children, if I could move back the veil, and show you what is about to be sent upon mankind, I assure you, you would be on your knees praying all day.

Bright Star: Mother has moved to the side and St. Joseph has come forward. He was one or two steps behind Mother as Mother was speaking. But now St. Joseph comes forward, and St. Joseph raises his staff and the Holy Family blesses us again:

BABY JESUS, OUR LADY AND ST. JOSEPH: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

ST. JOSEPH: My brother, and my brothers and sisters in Christ, I have been asked to come tonight to speak to you about the importance of this day dedicated to the Holy Family. O, my children, you do not understand how important family life is. Fathers must be an example to their children, and their example should be to bring their children closer to God every day. This is not always an easy task because the evil one is upon the earth trying to cause havoc with all of our children and to divide families, which your God does not wish to happen. O My children, why can’t you listen to the words of your Queen and your Mother. She begs daily for you to come forward and take your right place that God has called you to. My brothers and sisters, I ask you, in your charity, to pray for the Church, for I also protect the Church, a great grace given to me by my Son. I ask you to not criticize my priests and my bishops for this wounds the Heart of my Son. Many are forced to do what they are doing. Evil has entered into the Church, and it has gone into deep darkness. Prayer, my children, is what the clergy need, so that they will be enlightened to the Truth and they will follow that Truth. O, my brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray, for many of the clergy will be called to give their lives. Many will be put in prison, and many will be martyred. But in this martyrdom, their salvation will be won, for they gave their life for the one true God. I love you, my children, and I am at your sides. If you call upon me, I assure you I will come to your rescue, for the world is so filled with evil that you will not make it without the help of the Heavenly Courts. This is so important, my children, to remember. As your day goes by, call upon Heaven to assist you, in even your smallest deeds, and your God will hear your prayer, and your day will become a sacrifice to your God, because you remember your Saviour the whole day. God does not ask for big things, He only asks for little remembrances as you go through your day. I bless you and I ask you to continue to pray and offer sacrifice for the Church, for the old Church, and for the new Church that your God is now establishing. Not two different Churches, my children, but one true Church found by my Divine Son. I give you love and my blessing: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: St. Joseph has gone back a little. Mother now has come forward again. And I offer Mother a friend of mine who is suffering so much for the Honour and Glory of God, for the salvation of souls. She is suffering much. I now see St. Michael has brought her here, and she’s kneeling in front of Mother. And the four people in the chapel have moved up and they’re kneeling with her in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And as Our Lady opens Her arms, Her Heart is very exposed, and Mother draws the five of them into Her Heart. And it’s just like consumed by fire but not being consumed. Like a purification. Mother raises Her hand and She blesses us:

OUR LADY: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: And the Holy Family bless in unison:

BABY JESUS, OUR LADY AND ST. JOSEPH: + We bless you, Our children.

OUR LADY: And I offer you, children, a grace today for your faithfulness. You are the perfume that consoles the wounded Heart of your Mother. I love you so much for you offer so much to Me, and you console Me in this hour, this final hour when many souls will be lost. I thank you and I assure you your reward will be so great when you cross over the veil you will not regret one thing that you did for your Mother and for your God.

Bright Star:Mother now is looking around the chapel, and She’s looking in the distance. So now I offer Our Mother Peter II, with … all that is in his heart, that the Holy Family will come to his assistance. And I see he turns towards Mother, and Mother turns like a half-turn towards him, and the Infant Jesus has His Hand up, and St. Joseph has his staff risen, and They bless Peter II:

BABY JESUS, OUR LADY AND ST. JOSEPH: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

OUR LADY: Be at peace, My son, for all is about to unfold, for your mission will go forward for the Honour and Glory of God, and all that has been promised will be fulfilled. I love you, My son, and I kiss you with a Mother’s Heart of love for all that you suffer, for Me and for your God.

Bright Star: Mother has gone over, and She has placed each of Her hands on each side of Peter II’s head, and She kisses him on the forehead. And as She does kiss him, Her kiss is like light that goes right inside of him. Mother now comes back, turns towards the front, and the Holy Family now blesses us again:

BABY JESUS, OUR LADY AND ST. JOSEPH: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: Baby Jesus is now like two years old, but He smiles at those here present, and His Gaze just like penetrates each soul here.

LITTLE JESUS: My children, I ask you to remember the feast tomorrow of My Mother, Mother of God. This feast carries so much grace that I ask you to call upon My Mother all day tomorrow, asking for these graces that are available for your asking. If you remember My Mother, My Mother will remember you. I love you, My children: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: Mother now, She had Her head bent as Our Lord was speaking. She just bows like forward, and now She’s looking at us, and once again, She blesses us, and All bless in unison:

LITTLE JESUS, OUR LADY AND ST. JOSEPH: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

OUR LADY: I ask you, My children, to be strong, for much is going to unfold in the new year (2024). The disasters will be many, and life will be lost by many. I ask you to remember all of those who will die in the coming year that they will have the grace to be saved. My children, in the days of old, when God called His people out of Egypt, they had to go through the desert for forty years because they would not give fully to the will of God. Now, My children, My elect have been going through the same desert for they, too, refuse to give in fully to the Will of God. O, My children, I tell you for your reflection, that all are called to holiness and virtue, and these can only be built on humility. I love you, My children, and I thank you so much for your love. I give you My final blessing, My Children, so that you will be strong in the days ahead, for much suffering is going to come to the world. And, My little ones, I am so sorry but I cannot protect you from all the suffering that will come. You are called to carry your cross with My Divine Son. I love you: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: The Holy Family blessed + in unison, and Mother says:

OUR LADY: I will remain until the end of prayers.

[End of Message]