PROPHESIES FROM HEAVEN 2024 – 22 January 2024

PROPHESIES FROM HEAVEN 2024 – 22 January 2024

NOTE: I,Bishop Malcolm Broussard am the Webmaster, Admin and Director of this website. The following post is from myself and in no way has involved the direction or suggestion from William Costellia.

The visionary Marie Julie Jahenny in the late 19th Century in France received many prophetic revelations about these times we are living in now. There is a correlation with Saint Bernadette (Our Lady of Lourdes); the Apparitions of Our Lady of La Salette in France; and the messages of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. Please view the following video — it is a short (22 minute) collection of extracts from the podcast (US Grace Force) that make the important correlation of historical facts clear:

The full unedited youtube podcast (about 1 hour) is here:

Prophecies and Preparations for 2024 – Part 2 – We’re told these events are coming! (US GRACE FORCE Youtube Channel):

A Summary of Prophetic signposts for 2024:

2024 will be a year of great trial and many souls will be woken up.

• Eternal Father’s Feast day is to be officially celebrated in the whole Universal Church. Many miracles will start when it is proclaimed widely.

• The Great Warning is very near. Before this comes about, the Third World War will unleash itself and a third of the world’s population will die. There will be many chastisements before this happens.

• New viruses will cause suffering through lung and liver infections which have never been seen. Read the messages of Luz de Maria and use Heavens remedies.

• Russia will attack Europe. Russia is using the Ukrainian war as a camouflage.

• China will attack Taiwan and Hong Kong and spread its plan to take over the Middle East, Pacific Nations and Australia, but its main aim will be the USA and Canada. When Russia has invaded Europe, China will move towards Europe and then will move to attack Russia, all of Asia and Europe as it desires world domination.

• The Sun and the earth will move closer as the planetary movements will be shifted. Volcanoes will unleash debris and the earth’s atmosphere will be adjusted. There will be rain in places rarely seen, huge waves and earthquakes.

• A Comet will come very close to the earth causing problems for the earth.

• Paris will collapse with great fires and Marseilles will feel the great waters engulf it’s city. Pray for England because it will be underwater in many parts. England is heading for a recession and a great disaster will fall upon England.The countries that do not believe in the United Kingdom will rebel. The King will make an announcement which will shock all. Pray for England as it wastes its time and money on the Royal House instead of building its defence force. It will find itself confronted with the Muslim countries.

• Our Lady has not abandoned the land of Saint Patrick — Ireland because the Catholic Faith will be revived, but the Island of Ireland will sink because it was prophesied. Read the messages given to the Irish seers, Luz de Maria and Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) as they are of great importance.

• Rome will be devastated because the Antichrist wishes to place himself on the Throne of Peter and bring the destruction to God’s Church upon earth. Francis is not the true Pontiff. Shortly Francis will die allowing the Antichrist to come and destroy the Chair of Peter in Rome. God will build a new vatican with God’s Peter ll, who will raise God’s Church and bring it great Victory. He is God’s True Pontiff. He will reign from the New Vatican in the Philippines.

• Pray for the people of the Pacific Ocean because the waves will rise bringing great calamities.

• A strong creature will arise from the ocean causing great fear to mankind.

• Pray for America. Donald Trump is innocent because he has tried to free the nation but the people marked in black are trying to destroy him. Should the infamous rulers bring Donald Trump down, God will unleash a big chastisement on those who are orchestrating this and bring grave disasters upon the land of the USA. The great volcano of America will erupt very soon and will destroy many homes and people. Pray for California because the land will disconnect and fall into the ocean. The USA must be prepared because a vessel will be attacked within the Taiwan Strait.

• Pray for the Islands of the border of Mexico and South America because great danger will fill their lands.

• The world is in danger because there is a rock floating close to the Sun which will be released very soon upon a world that does not care how it is living. When this Asteroid is released, it will cause many catastrophes upon the world. The authorities know of it but keep silent because the dark forces wish to control the earth.

• The European Union must prepare for war as the Middle Eastern Muslim countries will cause an uprising bringing these lands under threat of civil unrest because they opened their doors in time of crisis not realising the people they let in will cause trouble for their nations. Leading all countries into the Great War supported by the Russian people. Countries of Europe are to unite under one flag and defend their countries which will be invaded very soon

• Pray for the Caribbean Islands because the waters will rise causing many nations to sink. Pray for Indonesia, Japan and New Guinea.

• Pray for Australia as Queensland will be attacked first through Darwin. A strong event will occur in the centre of Australia which will cause grave concern. Australia will soon receive great rains which will flood many parts of the Land of The Holy Spirit. The earth will move and the Australian continent will be shifted. Perth will shake.

• Pray for the nations of South America because many nations will become unsettled, especially Argentina.

• Pray for the nations of Africa . Many will die as it is going into Communist rule.

• Pray for Spain as it will be attacked by the Moors

• Pray for France and Germany as they allowed too many foreigners into their lands. This was the plan of the underworld. There will be a revolution in France which will spread to Germany and the Muslim world will invade Spain and cause much unrest in Europe. All people who follow the Great Monarch will be spared. The Monarch will go away to be with his Holy Pontiff for some time and will return with a huge army to remove all those who are opposed to God. Germany will have a great disaster.

• Very soon a great leader will be assassinated and the armies of the world will then engage bringing the world into conflict.

• The war in Gaza is the true beginning of World War Three. The war is mainly in Israel but is in actual fact upon the Christian world which will be drawn into conflict with Russia. Russia is preparing to attack Europe. Spain and Portugal must be prepared as they are the Pacific countries. The rest of Europe will be drawn into the battle. China will claim sovereignty over Hong Kong and Taiwan. Then China will move over to Malaysia and the open sea seeking to take on Australia and many other nations including Mexico, the nations of the Middle east and Africa. China will attack the USA through California and many other states of the USA. The USA will be invaded very soon while they debate their upcoming election. Be not afraid as the USA will have a strong leader who will lead the people to victory.

• The Great War will come from the Middle East. Israel must be prepared as Iran and other nations will turn on them with Nuclear War

• The Church will undergo a great Schism within its ranks. The faithful will be under pressure of excommunication but this decision is not from Jesus and is null and void.

• Very shortly all the Apparition places will receive an outward sign to show the world that it is close to be chastised in a very big way.

• You have seven years — and even less before Jesus will return to the earth to claim His own

• Pray constantly because soon all freedom will be lost, because mankind is on the brink of world devastation. Form prayer groups and recite the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet so your countries will be protected. Pray the Holy Rosary, because it is in this prayer God has placed the victory of His House upon earth.