Food List in Times of Tribulation

A Food List for the Times of Tribulation


January 1991

A food list is available upon your request for the survival of God’s people during the time of tribulation. This list has a special seal and blessing given by Our Lord in January 1991

Basic Foods to Store:

1. Porridge, flour, noodles, rice, dried soup, dried vegetables, dried fruit (freeze for a week)

2. Dried mashed potatoes

3. Tinned meat, baked beans, tinned spaghetti etc, tinned fish (check tins for rust when keeping for a while. To prevent rust altogether, wipe the tin with vegetable oil)

4. Tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, milk (condensed) / powdered.

5. Custard powder, junket tablets, jellies etc.

6. Margarine, tinned butter

7. Sauces and spices, tomato purée, stock, honey, jam, baking powder, salt, pepper, vanilla essence

8. Vitamins


• Picture of Our Blessed Mother

• Medical kit

• Candles and matches

• Plastic bags

• Toilet paper

• Foil

• Paper

• Seeds

• Wood

• Coal

• Gas

• Holy water

• Crucifixes, rosaries and other religious items

See Link to “Medicinal Plants” on the website of Luz de Maria

BISHOP BROUSSARD: Concerning the purchasing of food it is suggested that you put aside the sort of food you normally eat and enough for two families to live for a period of three to six months. You should rotate the perishable items as you need them and replenish the items.

The lists are not permitted to be reproduced, sold, or handed out to any person unless requested. It is the direct will of Jesus that these list be given freely only to those who ask.

Our Lord has promised to multiply the food in the difficult times we now face so there will always be something left on the shelves to eat. If you do not put food aside, then what you have will not be multiplied.

It is also necessary to store water, this can also be replaced from time to time.

Place this list on your fridge or in your pantry and have faith.

We would appreciate a donation to cover postage – let us know your address and the number of food lists you require to be handed out to those who ask — through our email:

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May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

+Bishop Malcolm L. Broussard, Jr.