Message to Christina Gallagher – 22 February 2024

Message of Jesus to Christina Gallagher

Message of Jesus to Christina

February 22, 2024

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My people, I your Lord God command you to make reparation for the many sins committed by you that pierce your souls and leave you destined for hell unless you turn away from sin and make reparation. Many of you have turned away from Me, your Lord who gave you Life and run with him who is death. The power of the antiChrist has now reached such a level of seduction in the world as to gain for him an authority never before attained over the entire world. This is taking place during this lenten season and many will be unable to turn to Me for Mercy because evil is so strong. I plead with you to turn to Me, your Lord God who gave you Life and Light. Turn away from Lucifer and his agents. They are drawing multiple souls to hell. I have given you all that you need to withstand this evil process of several multitudes of evil spirits. Turn away while you have time!

Some of My shepherds lead My flock on the road to hell and to you I say ‘Shame upon you!’ I tell you, you are permitting the souls of many to go to hell and there you will be with them. All you souls who continue to allow the antiChrist and his many legions to lead you to hell, you are permitting yourselves to be parted from Me. How I love you and desire you to turn away from the sins of the flesh which draw you to the underworld for eternity! I once again plead with you – make reparation for your sins, put all things right with Me your God. The world has only death for your souls. There are many going there now. The time of this Lenten season is for you to make reparation for your sins in denying the flesh and the world. Receive My Body on your tongue only. Reject all the abnormalities of the deceiver who is involved in one-sex unions. Disown and separate yourselves from such. It has become a disease of Lucifer. Pray, pray, fast and return to Life in Me. Rejoice at this invitation. Those who hear My words and respond will flourish in soul. They will receive wisdom and the grace needed.

Reject falsity that is spreading like a great fire but very soon you will witness fire falling from the sky. Like all the other messages given by My messenger, that too was changed by the deceiver – the truth he changed to lies and he spread the falsehood. Be alert and receive Truth. Turn back to My Life, those of you who want your souls to be saved. Go to My Mother’s Houses. Pray and do penance there for your souls and the souls of your children. There are many in great merrying in the deepest depths of evil and they will lose their souls. They are on their way to hell by their own choice in responding to the call and seduction of Lucifer and his many agents. There is great need for you people of the world to respond to what I tell you.

So many of My shepherds have strayed in fear. Many others unite with the evil that is surrounding you. So many see but their spirit and their flesh are surrendered to the antiChrist.

I tell you, My people, after this Lenten season you will see the fulfilment of what I have given to you all those many years.

Parents, you have permitted your wombs to become graveyards of hell. I tell you pray, fast, do much reparation for the fruit of your wombs who have offspring that does the will of Satan. He is everywhere. The world will descend into its depths of destruction. War is pending. Those who have authority in your world have planned your destruction. The world will be stripped of Life in Me and you people see but choose not to see, hear but respond only to death. Celebration is in the hearts of all in this Lenten season rather than making reparation.

My Mother’s Houses will become the corner-stone for you. Hear Me, you people who want to be saved – destruction is upon your world. Soon your lives will be stripped from you and you will have nothing but death and suffering. It grieves My Heart to see how you, My people that I love, allowed your souls to be destined for hell. I bless you in My Father, I His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

My little one, you were unable to write all that I said to you. My Church will be withdrawn from My people in its Sacraments but deception will be in its place. The antiChrist will rule and take over the Seat of Peter while My leaders permit such, but they have to know My Mercy will not be permitted to those who follow him who is antiChrist and lead the flock — the few that are — to be denied Truth and My Sacraments. Woe unto you!

And as for you, My shepherds who refuse My flock My Body on their tongue, you only take your own destruction upon yourself, as My Church will be stripped of all that is Mine – but only for a short time, to let all people choose Life in Me or death for eternity.

I will come in the clouds in glory when this time passes.

I gave life and will receive life back unto Myself of those who choose My Life.

My shepherds have disowned Me, many of them for such a long time. They serve the flesh and the world. They make it their choice in death but I say to all people that desire Life in Me, you must renounce self and the world and come to Me: drink of My Life.

My little one, you will be found guilty by some who are in darkness and who do not want to receive Life and Light. Be at peace. I am with you. To those who desire to follow Me, I have given the sacramentals for the time that I will have withdrawn from the world — but it will be for a short time.

The day will turn to night in its darkness, for three days and nights. Have your pure wax candle blessed as no other will light. It is close at hand. When all of My Life in My Church is withdrawn, then the world will be plunged in pain, hunger and illness of all kinds, leading to the sky showering balls of fire. The three days and nights of darkness will then follow and many, many people will be drowned with the antiChrist in the everlasting fire of hell. For those who mock My words, I tell you that you will follow as the rest depart with the antiChrist and his many minions.

My child, be at peace: do not be afraid. I will be with you unto the end.

I bless you in My Father, in Me His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

On February 10, 2024

Jesus asked Christina to make it known that He desired as many of His priests as possible to unite in their offering of the Latin Mass for their courage and conviction of faith.