Message to Bright Star – 17 March 2024

Message Given To Bright Star in Bethlehem Chapel, Canada

March 17, 2024

During Reparation Prayer Session

Bright Star:  Since the beginning of the third decade, there’s like a mist that was coming out of the tabernacle. And it’s like a white mist that covers up the whole front. And as it did, the crucifix grew very large. It turned pure white and it’s extended high into the sky. And in the centre, the door opens up. And as the door opens, a profound sorrow overcomes the chapel. It’s really very hard to explain. It’s like a sadness in your heart. And through the door, the nine archangels come and they take their place around the chapel. They have all kinds of angels have come through. They’re all dressed in their warrior, their swords and shields, and they all have on the purple, on their chest that says, Who is like unto God? There’s thousands of angels that take their place all over the chapel and all over the grounds here and in the skies. There’s thousands everywhere. As far as you can see, there’s angels everywhere.

And I see the first saints coming through and today I see St. Patrick comes first. He’s dressed as a bishop and he has a staff in his hand. The staff is a lot like the one St. Joseph carries, but it’s made of a darker wood. And as he enters, he bows a small nod towards me. Behind him is Padre Pio and St. Joseph. There’s many, many saints coming through and they’re all taking their places in the chapel and throughout the grounds, all over this area here. And they’re all very solemn and they’re all in mauve and purple. They all have a banner that says, Who is like unto God?

And now Mother is coming down. She comes through the gate and down both sides there are beautiful roses that make like an archway all the way to the chapel for Mother to pass. It’s really beautiful. And Mother is dressed like the statue here in front. She has on purple. She has the same mesh (the statues are covered in purple for Passiontide) for over Her head and Her face and down Her shoulders. And even though Mother’s face is partly hidden, you can see the tears that continuously is rolling down Mother’s cheeks. Mother is so sad. She now gets to the front of the chapel and She raises Her hand.

OUR LADY: + In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love. And I come to you with such a heavy heart. O, My children, the world is in such chaos. The evil one has influenced every part of your lives. He is using his minions to attack those who defend the truth. My sons within My Son’s Church that hold up the truth are being cast aside and ridiculed for holding on to the truth. O, My children, My Son is so scourged at this time.

I thank you, My little ones, for offering these prayers. For your human mind cannot conceive the consolation you bring to Me and to My Divine Son and to your God in heaven. For you have given your true yes, and you do not count… (tears) Mother is weeping. O, My son, you do not count the sorrows that you carry for the love of your God. You go forward with such love for your God and love for your neighbour.

I assure you, My children, when you stand before your God, you will have to give an account on how much you love Him and how much you loved your neighbour for the love of Him. These things, My children, are so important, for at judgment you will understand.

O, My children, I thank you for your love, for it consoles your Mother’s heart so much. You know, My children, that all that is unfolding with my elect, the evil one is attacking without mercy. O, My children, I ask you to remember in the gospel today with the death and the resurrection of Lazarus (5th Sunday of Lent – John 11:1-45 – reading of Year A). My Son could intercede at any time, but He chose to let things play out so that He could use the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus for a great honor for the Glory of God. O, My children, you will see this also in your time, because God will come forward and He will free those who are unjustly imprisoned. O, My children, you should not be shaken in your faith, for all these things have been prophesied through the years, that all would seem lost before the tables will turn. O, My children, we are now at this point, for all now is ready, waiting for the command of the Father to release Justice upon this earth that refuses to listen to their Mother and to their God.

O, My children, such suffering will fall upon mankind. O, you will get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, because the sufferings will be more than you can bear on your own. I love My children so much, and I tried through many years that you would avoid many of these things, but my words have fallen on deaf ears, and My children have turned their back on their God. O, My children, why don’t you listen? Why do you have to wait for chastisement before you will turn back to your God?

I love you so much, My children, and it breaks My heart, for I see all that will happen in the very near future. You, My children, must prepare now, for much will unfold after Easter. I ask you, please, to finish out this Lenten season with great love, with penance, with prayer, with adoration of your God, begging Him to be Merciful as His Justice falls upon this earth.

O, My Canada, land of the maple leaf, you have turned a deaf ear to your Mother, and it sorrows My heart, for you will receive a great punishment.

O France, My France, what have you done (France installed abortion in their Constitution)? You have turned your back on your God, and you are slaughtering My innocents, the innocents who call them to justice, to their God, and your God, My children, has heard their pleas. O France, France, come back, you will suffer so much in the days ahead.

I ask the land of the Eagle (USA) to get down on your knees and pray to your God that all the disasters that are about to happen will be mitigated, for your country does not honour their God anymore. They have turned a deaf ear over years of pleading and begging, and now the Justice of God is about to fall upon you.

O, My children, there are so many places in the world that is about to receive a great chastisement, for many have turned their back on their God. I love all My children, and I desire to save them, but there is only but a few that offer prayer and penance and sacrifice, and they do not count the cost to themselves, for they go forward with such great love of God and great love of neighbour that they also desire all to come to Heaven with them. O, My children, I wish this was the case, but so many children refuse to listen, so many children betray my elect.

Woe, woe, woe to those who betray those who I have sent, for I assure you, your punishment will be great, and it will come swift. All of those who go forward with love, who embrace My Divine Son, who spend time with Him in the Blessed Sacrament, who offers His sacrifice over and over each day, you, My children have nothing to worry, for you know that you are protected in My heart. My mantle wraps around all of those who love My Son and who love Me.

I know, My son, the human mind cannot conceive how the plan of God is unfolding, but I assure you, My son, that all will unfold for the Honour and Glory of God, for all that is on earth that is rotten will fall, all that is in My Son’s Church that is rotten will be cleaned out, and those who defend the truth will be brought forward with great power from God to go forward and cleanse this earth of all the evils that you now practice.

Trust in the words of your Mother, My children, take heed and repent, for the hour is at hand that God is about to bring down His Justice. It saddens My heart that I must tell you these things, My children, but you have refused to listen. All of those who have ears, please listen, prepare now all the things that you’ve been asked to prepare, for the time is at hand.

My son, I wish to remind you of a great grace that was given to you from My Divine Son. The Novena of the Divine Mercy is coming up on the day that My Son poured out His Blood and gave His Life for your salvation [Good Friday]. This should tell you, My children, how important this novena is, especially now, for your sins will be wiped away and the punishment that you were to receive will be wiped away. And at this time, just before the Warning, this is a great help to you who hear, who believe, and who offer this novena to their God for His mercy. Do not take these words lightly, My children, for I am calling all to please, please hear the words of your Mother.

Bright Star: Mother now has stepped back a little bit and I see Saint Patrick coming forward. Saint Patrick is right in front and he looks around at each person here and he raises his staff and he blesses us:

St. Patrick: + In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I have been allowed to come forward today as you celebrate my feast. I was once sent to drive the serpents out of Ireland and now, my son, the time is at hand that you will be sent to drive the serpents out of your country and out of the world. I have come to give you a blessing, to strengthen you, and I give you this staff that I carried so that you will be strengthened in the days ahead to go forward for the Honour and Glory of God, knowing well that nothing can hurt you for God is defending you.

Bright Star: Saint Patrick now takes the staff he was carrying and he places it in front of Bright Star and he raises his hand over his head and he blesses him.

St. Patrick: I bless you for your strength as you go forward, my son, + in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: Saint Patrick just moves back and Our Lady has come forward. Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: My children, I ask you now to raise your rosaries to me.

Bright Star: Saint Michael has come forward and with his sword he touches each of the rosaries here we have and it’s like sparks that go right through our rosaries. Mother says:

OUR LADY: My little ones, a gift from your God as you go forward. These rosaries will protect you. I ask you to keep them around your neck or in your pocket or in your purse, but keep them with you always for they have great power through the angels to drive the evil one from you. So be at peace, My children, for God will watch over you and He will direct his angels to protect you. I love you, My children, and I bless you: + in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

My son, I love you so much. You do not understand how much love comes from your Mother’s heart to those who hear Her voice and answer. O, My children, I love you so much. Be at peace, for know that much is about to unfold. But your God is watching over you and your Mother is forever at your side.

Trust in Us, trust in the Word of God, trust in all the promises that have been made to you throughout the years. O, My children, you do not have to worry, because God has promised you so much and God will keep His promises. I love you, My children, and I bless you: + in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Heaven will remain until the end of the rosary, My son.

[End of Message]