Message to Bright Star of Canada – 16 June 2024

Message to Bright Star of Canada – 16 June 2024

Bright Star: Since we started praying the third decade, light has been coming from the crucifix in front. As it does, the crucifix grows larger and larger. The ceiling and walls and everything have disappeared and the crucifix is high in the sky. And there’s so much light coming from the crucifix now that it becomes the white cross. The centre of the cross opens up, it’s like a door.

And through the door, the Archangels now begin to come through, the nine archangels that’s usually protecting us, have come through and they come down towards the chapel. They take their place on the outside of the chapel, surrounding the chapel. They all have their battle uniforms on and they all have their swords and they’re all lifted high. Behind those angels are tremendous, many, many more angels coming. They take their place all over the grounds, all different size angels, all kinds of angels of different, from all the different choirs, they’re really beautiful. They also all have their battle gear on, like they’re all waiting, or not only waiting but doing battle right now with all the evil spirits on earth because as they come down, they drive certain spirits back away from this property and this chapel. It’s really beautiful, they come to our protection.

And behind them are the Saints that are coming. First the Twelve Apostles of Old come and they take their place on the left-hand side and then from those are the Twelve Apostles of New, and then I see the Twelve Ladies come down on the right and twenty-four ladies behind them.

Then I see our Blessed Mother is coming. Mother looks very beautiful tonight. She’s dressed as Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart and Her Heart is exposed on Her chest and She’s just coming down slowly, looking at all of those here present. Mother has a really beautiful smile as She enters into the chapel, greeting all of Her children here present.

Mother now, above Mother, the cross, the very top of the cross has opened up and the Eternal Father is now present. He’s just the bosom, His Hands, His Head and His Chest. Upon His Chest is a Heart that is a burning flame. His Heart is just like fire. So I offer to Him all of our prayers and all of our gifts for His honour and glory today on Father’s Day. We thank Him for all that He gives us and we ask Him to save His children from all that is about to happen.

From the Eternal Father’s Heart, there are flames coming and Our Lady and all of those present here turn and face the cross and they’re all bowing down to the ground, to the Eternal Father. Many of them have, all of them I guess, all of them have gifts in their hands. Even those here present have gifts that they’re offering to the Eternal Father. These flames from His Heart are coming to each and absorbing these gifts that we’re offering to the Eternal Father. That’s really beautiful and our Eternal Father is so radiant, like happy and just so pleased that we’re offering all these things to Him. He raises His Hand and He blesses us:

ETERNAL FATHER: I bless you and all of those in the world to protect you from about what is about to fall upon mankind. + In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: The Eternal Father blesses us and then there’s like a mist comes and our Eternal Father is gone. All of those present now turn and face the front again. Our Blessed Mother, She stands up and She faces us and She raises Her hand also.

OUR LADY: + In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I come to you today, My little children, with great urgency for your world is about to go into deep suffering. I thank you, Bright Star of God’s Love, for coming to deliver My words to the world. For the world is now on the brink of doom. Oh, My children, through many years I have come. I have begged you for prayer, for fasting, for sacrifice, and many have turned a deaf ear. Oh, My children, if you knew what was coming, you would truly pray day and night. For I assure you, if you do not pray, you will not have the strength to go forward.

The evil one, My children, are now attacking all those chose by our Father to go forward in these days, to save our children from the evil one. Mankind does not understand the power of the evil one, that he can pull you from the path that God has set you on. By slowly breaking you down, oh, My children, you allow him to turn you to the world for worldly pleasures because you say God has been too long in coming. Oh, My children, this is a trick of the evil one.

For if you have great faith in your heart, you will understand very well all that God has said must come to pass. My children, remember, these things are not maybe. These things are true. These things will be fulfilled to the letter. Oh, My children, so much suffering, so much suffering is coming your way.

Bright Star: Now Mother turns to the sky. She looks up to the sky and I see there’s a Comet or Asteroid flying through the air. Mother turns Her gaze back to me and She says:

OUR LADY: Oh, My son, the suffering that this will cause, your world will go into deep suffering. For this asteroid will cause much damage and with it, it will bring new diseases that will spread throughout your earth because mankind has not turned back to their God.

My elect are now being lifted up to fulfill their calling. Many have been given many graces at their conception and now these graces will be brought forward for the honour and glory of God. If you continue, My children, to give your fiat, your true “yes”, forget about the things of the world for there is not enough time to worry about these things. Now is the time to worry about your brothers and sisters and that what you can do to save them from eternal damnation. So many souls are on the wrong path. Oh, My children, you think it is not important, but it is so important to offer every prayer, every sacrifice possible. For I assure you, one prayer can save many. One sacrifice can stop a destruction of many souls.

Trust in the words of your Mother, My little ones, for I tell you the truth and I assure you that it won’t be long until you begin to see in a big way the fulfillment of God’s Word. I love you so much, My children, for I know that you offer many things to your God. Trust, My children, that your reward will be great. Do not count the cost, My children, for many things are about to unfold and you will see the wonders of God before your very eyes.

I assure you, My children, that the Angel of Peace is about to come forward and bring the love of God to you. This love and strength that he will bring will renew in you a great victory so that you can overcome the evil one, so that you can go forward and testify to the truth. Trust your God, My little ones, for His Word is Truth and His Love is forever. He will reward you greatly, My children. Pray much for your families. Pray much for those who do not see.

I ask you now to be prepared. Do you have all things ready? For much will unfold in the world and you will need the things that you have been asked to gather in the very near future. Go forward with peace in your heart because you know of your Mother’s great love, who promises to protect you and your family as long as you continue to give your fiat.

I love you so much, My children. I love all of My children. And it breaks your Mother’s heart that many will not turn back. Please, My children, help your Mother. I love you and I bless you + in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Bright Star: Mother now goes to Bright Star. She bends over and kisses him on the forehead. As She does, there’s rose petals falling from Her Heart and entering into him. She now goes to the Superior and She does the same thing. Mother goes to those who are present here. They all receive a kiss from Mother and rose petals from Her Heart. Mother now goes back to the front. She raises Her hand again:

OUR LADY: + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I ask you, My children, to pray for the United States. For they are in great danger of having much suffering set upon them because of the choices of their government. Pray, My children, that Donald Trump will get in. For if he does, much of the suffering for the United States will be mitigated. Pray this with your whole heart, My children. Remember your brothers and sisters who will suffer so much if they do not turn back to their God.

Pray for all countries, for I tell you, many earthquakes, many storms, much destruction is headed your way. I ask all of those that are living close to the waters to move back away from them. For I assure you, one day very soon, the water will come in and cover all of your lands. Be at peace. Hear the words of your Mother. And if you respond, you will be saved. I love you, My children.

And I send my blessing to my Vicar who suffers so much at the hands of the evil one. Oh, My children, trust me when I tell you, he will be raised up and many will cry bitter tears for what they have done. I bless him + in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Be strong, my son, for help is on the way and you will be released shortly. Trust in the words of your Mother, for the plan of God is perfect, My son.

I love you all, My children. And I thank you for these prayers to console the Heart of the Eternal Father and to console your Mother’s Heart. So many now do not pray, for they are too busy. I love you, My children, and ask you to continue. I will remain here until the end of prayers.

+ In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

[End of Message]