Message from Our Lord for the USA – 11 November 2020

OUR LORD: “Fear not, My people, because I, your Lord and God have not forgotten you. My children, pick up your ‘Beads of Love’ – the Holy Rosary – and trust in the Mother of God, because the enemy has caused a great Division and Scandal through the Elections, because the enemy has falsified and cast out vote papers in favour of Trump, so that the tally would favour Biden and falsify the Election, because, My son, President Trump was in front by a long way and should have won the Election. It will be through your humble prayers that the Truth will be known and Biden will resign, so that Truth will prevail. Pray, dear children, so that a victory for Donald Trump will come forward to protect the people of the U.S.A. and pray that those souls who caused this shameful Election, be exposed ...”

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