Message 836 – 1 November 2021

OUR LORD: “Today We celebrate the Victory of the Heavenly Hosts and you, My son, are the Custodian of the Victory to come. My beloved children of the world, mankind has gone through great trial at this time with the Pandemic, which was formed by the evil of mankind, to reduce the membership of the world, so that the elite of the world will be able to take over the control of weak mankind. I have allowed the weakness of the elite to have their way with mankind, because mankind have given themselves over to them. But know, dearest children, this will not last long, because My Hand will strike them and paralyse them, to realise that they have no power over God Who Created them - but not their evil intentions. Man has become truly blind and arrogant to think they can take control of humanity, without us in Heaven not realising what they are doing …”

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