Message 796 – 27 October 2019

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My son and all of God’s faithful children! You are now into a Great Spiritual Battle for the Truth, as Satan and his dominions have sullied My Words and placed confusion upon them, causing My children to go into great confusion and misgiving. Therefore, I have placed the Angels of Peace and Understanding upon the world to prevent this, so that My children will understand what is happening in the world, as many of Our children have gone astray and are being confused as to what is happening in the world. These Angels are Warrior Angels I have prepared and sent millions upon the Earth now, so that My children do not go astray. Pray to the Angels, My children, because they are powerful and they will help you now, so that My children will not be deceived by the power of the Evil One. Pray, My sweet children, the Saint Michael Prayer daily, so that you will be enlightened of the times you are living in.”

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