Message 438 – 4 June 1994

OUR LADY: “The Teachings of My Divine Son never change, My sweet children. Love is the corner-stone of all Foundations of God. And what is love, My sweet children? How do you practice this love? Do I need to tell you? How many Tears must I shed throughout the world, constantly, because the children of the Light do not love one another as they should? Bear with one another, My sweet children, with your burdens. Work together as one, for united you will remain strong, divided you will all fall! Satan is in the midst of My children, to bring forth division upon division, to the point that the 'Mystic' Church will be destroyed, or at least weakened to the point where there is no more strength. Likewise, Satan is within the House of God. He has already divided the Church in many parts from Cardinals to Bishops and Priests, Religious and laity - for very few listen to the Vicar of Christ, who is infallible, My sweet children. Likewise, in the 'Mystic' Church, we have placed a leader for you, Our 'Little Pebble' of Love - though he is not infallible at this time. However, We have given him 'Signal' Graces to guide this 'Mystic' Church; to discern all that is necessary for the sake of unity and strength. Likewise, this is also for My communities throughout the world. You are to work together as one team - united as one! My Seers and Voice-boxes must unite as one so you, My sweet children, can lead the world to a Glorious Victory in My Immaculate Heart.”

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