Message 231 – 17 May 1987



Over many years now I have come to you as the Sorrowful Mother; the Weeping Madonna of Love – This Nation of Canada shall be punished by the Eternal Father through many chastisements, because many refused to be moved to prayer – How sorrowful My Heart is when I hear of the division amongst My children, who are the Elite of God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: As we began the Holy Rosary the Angels began preparing the way for the Blessed Mother. Saint Michael, who is very high in the sky, is also with us and, as usual, is quite huge – taking-up a great percentage of the sky.

During the second Mystery Saint Joan of Arc, holding a white banner which had upon it an image of Saint Michael, rode a white horse across the sky, in front of him. It looked really beautiful. To the left of Saint Michael two Angels held a shroud, upon which was the Holy Face of Our Lord.

Coming from very far away are Saint Charbel and Saint Joseph, gliding upon a Light and they are quite close now, near the ceiling of the Church. Saint Michael has moved over to my left; Saint Joan of Arc and the Angels holding the shroud have disappeared.

In the distance it looks as though Heaven is opening-up, and there are Angels in two rows, all dressed differently, forming a ‘road’ which leads from Heaven, deep in the sky. Extremely brilliant Light is behind them, in which I can see the Figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angels begin to sing ‘Hail, Queen of Heaven’. All the Angels sing it as Our Blessed Mother comes gliding down from on high – coming close to us here.

The Angels who formed the ‘road’ now surround Her in a semi-circle; there seem to be thousands of them present, all singing the beautiful hymn. Our Mother stands in between Saint Charbel and Saint Joseph, who is very tall and young-looking – about thirty-three (33) I would say. He has a very short beard and holds a lily in his right hand, while Saint Charbel holds black Rosary beads in his right hand and is dressed in similar garb to mine: it represents the Order of Saint Charbel. He’s a little shorter than Saint Joseph, but much broader.

Both look at the Blessed Virgin Mary, Who is dressed in brilliant white clothing and a very long mantle; on Her Head is a Crown of roses; on Her Chest the Flame of Love is visible upon Her Immaculate Heart – but the Thorns are not around It. Our Mother says that that is because She is very happy at this moment. An Angel approaches Her to lift the Crown from Her Head; he turns It so I can count the roses which are entwined there and there are thirteen. The Angel replaces the Crown upon Her Head. Our Lady stands upon a lovely little cloud; She lifts the Crucifix to Her Lips:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My dear son, ‘Trumpeter’ of My Immaculate heart and My sweet children of Canada and the United States of America: I give greetings to you from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, My Divine Son, Who Loves you, immensely. It gives Me great joy, sweet children, to see so many of you here today. Many Graces for cures and conversions shall be given to you as a Sign of Love from the Heart of Jesus, My Divine Son. I Bless each and every one of you, to give you courage and strength to be able to carry your cross and persevere in the coming days of trial and tribulation, for this continent of America – for this country of Canada. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My sweet children of Canada: over many years now I have come to you as the ‘Sorrowful Mother’ – the ‘Weeping Madonna of Love’ – calling all of you to do penance, to offer your hearts to My Divine Son, Jesus, to make sacrifices for the many souls in this country who have fallen into sin and are on the road to perdition. My children: through the many Tears which I have Shed in this nation, I beg of you, as your Heavenly Mother, to take-up My Holy Rosary and pray! Go to My Divine Son in the Eucharist in the many Tabernacles in My Son’s House upon Earth throughout your nation. Go there and offer the Holy Rosary as consolation to Him, to save the children of this nation.”

“This nation of Canada shall be punished by the Eternal Father through many Chastisements and the reason for this, My children, is because many of you refuse to be moved to prayer – even by My Sorrowful Tears which I have Shed so many times to bear witness to this very fact!”

“Prayer, My sweet children, will lead you to Heaven; will protect you from danger; from the spiritual world of Lucifer, the angel of darkness. Prayer is your armour and food for your soul! How many of you pray and listen to the Words of My Divine Son, Jesus – and My Immaculate Heart – which We have given to many of Our Prophets of these days? Some of them are also in this nation, Canada. Do not place Our Words aside, for these Words of Truth and Justice are for your benefit: to save all the children of this nation!”

“How Sorrowful My Heart is when I hear of the division which is amongst My children who are the ‘elite’ of God! Pray often to the Spirit of Love and Life: the Eternal Father and Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost and you shall have the Light to follow the Truth. How many times have I told you to pray to the Prince of Heaven – the great Saint Michael – warrior and defender of Holy Mother Church? You do not listen to Us, dear children! This is why the world is as it is today!! “

“Today I have sent two more Prophets of My Immaculate Heart, so you, My children, will be made aware of the times that you live in. Listen to the Words which have been given to you and believe!!”

“I Love you, sweet children, for I am your Heavenly Mother Who Sorrows much. I have come to place My mantle over each and every one of you if you will come to Me in faith. Be strong, My children, wear the Sacramentals which I and My Divine Son have given to you. Pray often! I Bless you, My sweet children, with the Love of a Mother for Her children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Go in the Peace of Jesus Christ, My Divine Son, and be the ‘light for the children to see that you love My Son.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Blessed Mother looks at Saint Joseph, who stands to, my left and he moves forward a little.

SAINT JOSEPH: “My dear children of Canada: as I am the Patron of this nation I ask all of you, my sweet children, to have greater devotion to Jesus Christ – the King and Ruler of all hearts. Go often to speak to Him in the Eucharist as He is very lonely. If you truly are devoted to me, then you must have love for the Queen of Heaven. Listen to Her Words. Be assured of my protection for this country, if you pray and believe. Have confidence, my dear children; call on me and I will come to you and I will bring you to my Beloved Spouse, Mary the Immaculate, and to Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God. I send a special blessing to those who are devoted to me. I love and I bless you: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady moves back into the sky. Saint Charbel holds-up his Rosary beads, indicating that we must continue with the Rosary.