Message 369 – 3 October 1992

3RD OCTOBER, 1992.


Those children destined to see My Divine Son return are being perfected, purified and tested to be worthy – Each time you speak evil of one another, love is taken away and replaced with hate, envy, jealousy and hypocrisy – Soon the world will be in great sorrow; the sins of the world call for justice – Time is very short; soon the trumpets will be heard, even by your physical ears.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a tremendous Light emanating from the Altar, just in front of the Tabernacle and it fans out into a very large V-shape, as it goes into the sky for many miles. There are six Angels before the Altar here – two of them have four wings. Of the others, two over here to my right are prostrate, adoring Our Lord in the Tabernacle. There is an older-looking person to the right side of Our Lord’s Crucifix on the wall – I think it is the Angel Melchisedech who has become very bright; he holds-out a scroll upon which is written:


The Light seems to be driven, as by a wind, from under the Altar; beneath it I see the fires of Purgatory and the Holy Souls. Overhead I can see coming from a vast distance in, this great Light, many thousands of Holy Angels, who accompany Our Blessed Mother in a procession of great triumph as She floats down and they sing ‘Hail Queen of Heaven’. Our Blessed Mother is dressed in a beautiful white tunic with a royal-blue velvet mantle, which has a train trailing over many metres. The Angels hold it as She comes in great triumph.

The person to the right of the Crucifix has moved even further to the right and now kneels, as Our Blessed Mother arrives to stand to the right of the Tabernacle, as She always does. I am now certain that it is Saint Melchisedech. When I look at his eyes they are like diamonds and are extremely bright. He kisses the hand of Our Blessed Mother and passes Her the scroll, which She kisses. Our Blessed Mother wears a Crown with many jewels – many types of precious stones. At the top of the Crown – which is tall and slender – is a small Cross which has a ruby in the centre of it. There are also seven stones of different colours on either side of the Crown. Our Blessed Mother looks very majestic. Many Holy Angels surround Her and the entire sky, deep into the Heavens, is filled with Angels of all sizes. Saint Michael stands behind Our Blessed Mother, holding a huge banner on which are the words:


Behind Saint Michael are the Warrior Angels, all of them dressed as soldiers and looking quite beautiful. Saint Michael’s Angels now form a guard around the Blessed Virgin, who carries a beautiful Rosary which is made of different stones of many colours. She takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My blessed child of Light, Our Little Pebble of Love; My sweet children here present and around the world: I greet you all this evening as Mother and Queen of the Holy Angels.”

“I come this evening in triumph, My sweet children. This triumph, which my little son is witnessing, is to do with the future, which is soon – the triumph of My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. Our Divine Hearts will soon triumph throughout the world and the peace promised to mankind will be given. But before this great triumph, My sweet children, will come the Chastisements that the Eternal Father has told you about for many years.”

“[However] Before the victory, must come the cleansing of the world and, more so, the cleansing of Our children’s hearts – the total separation of the sheep from the goats. This, My sweet children, is now in progress, for – before My Divine Son returns to this world in great triumph to receive His Inheritance, which is you, My sweet children – all must be purified and perfected, for nothing defiled can enter the Kingdom of Heaven and when My Divine Son Returns to this Earth Heaven will be on Earth, for where My Son is there is Heaven; there is Paradise; there is Life and perfect Love. All My children who are now destined to see My Divine Son return to the Earth are being perfected; are being purified; are being tested – to see that they are worthy to remain with the few who will witness the Coming of the Saviour of the world.”

“I have given to the world many ways in which to perfect oneself; in ways to become holy; to purify oneself and to follow the Will of the Eternal Father. As you know, My sweet children, the road to perfection is the Cross; without the Cross, My sweet children, you cannot reach Heaven, for that is the Divine Decree of the Triune God. There is only one path to Heaven, My sweet children and that is through My Divine Son. So take up your cross now and, daily, walk with Me, your Mother, on the road to Calvary to meet My Divine Son, to eventually be with Him in Paradise for all time.”

“I realize, My sweet children, that many of you are under heavy burdens, but none of your burdens are too heavy, My sweet children, that you cannot carry the cross that My Divine Son has given to you. So place your trust and confidence in My Divine Son, My sweet children, for Jesus is Meek and Humble of Heart. He understands your needs, for you are His children as you are My children. Live each day as though it were your last day on Earth, My sweet children. Take one day at a time and let not the worries and burdens of the next day be in your souls, for God knows all. He knows your needs, for He is a Father of Infinite Love and Mercy.”

“All My children of the Light must now stand forth in faith, trust and hope, for – believe Me, My sweet children – before the Resurrection the Crucifixion must come; you must die to yourselves and trust in the Divine Providence of the Eternal Father. My Divine Son taught you how to love; how to live; how to be obedient to the call of God. All of you who follow My Words of Wisdom understand well this love – but yet, some of you have difficulty in following the Decree of the essence of Divine Love, My sweet children. In other words, to practice this love as My Divine Son did, to show you the way, for His Words were not idle Words, My sweet children.”

“You who bear My Name – and the Sign of the Cross of God – in your souls must bear witness to this love for mankind. For, as My Divine Son told you, love one another, My sweet children, as He has Loved you. Take these Words and burn them into your heart, [so] that you may all be living fires of the Holy Ghost upon the world; to inflame the Church once more with this Divine Love [so] that all may know that My Divine Son – Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God – died for mankind. It is through your example, My sweet children, that the whole world can be converted to believe in the Son of God.”

“Practice, My sweet children, the divine essence of love. It is no use speaking of love unless you practice it, My sweet children. The world is thirsty for the Divine Word of God. The world is thirsty for love – but even good souls do not practice this love as they ought to, especially amongst their own. Each time our children speak evil of one another love is taken away and replaced with hate, envy, jealousy and hypocrisy. And today, My sweet children, the whole Church – except for the few – is like that. The world can be conquered and converted by the power of love, My sweet children.”

“Think well on My Words for soon, My sweet children, the world will be in great sorrow and many shall cry bitter tears – tears of remorse, great sorrow and of forgiveness. But then, My sweet children, what can I do for you as your Heavenly Mother? It will be too late, for the world cannot be restored then – as it can now – because the Divine Justice of God will have come to cleanse this iniquitous world, which crucifies My Divine Son continuously.”

“Repent, My sweet children. Turn away from your wickedness and sinful lives. Come to My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – the Saviour – while you still have time. I am begging all the children of the Light to take up the ‘beads of Love’ and ransom the sinners of the world through your prayers, sacrifices and many reparations which are needed to save Our children. Yes, many fall into Hell daily, My sweet children, because so few of Our children pray for them.”

“The Hand of God is already striking the world, in Justice! I can no longer hold [back] the arm of My Divine Son for the sins of the world call for justice. [For] Too long now, My sweet children, the children of the Light have had to carry the burdens of so many other souls to save this wretched world. This too, can no longer be tolerated by the Triune God. It is for this reason that now, in the last hours of humanity, I – and many Angels and Saints – go throughout the whole world to call mankind to repentance, for the deluge of sin has reached the Vault of Heaven and the Anger of God will be seen throughout the universe.”

“I have come this evening with the Angels – the Holy Living Spirits – that are there to protect you, My sweet children, against the onslaught of Hell, because Lucifer and all the fallen angels and [the] demons are upon the world now, to gather and take away all souls from My Divine Son. It is for this reason that the Holy Angels have been sent to protect you. You must pray to them, My sweet children, each day. Pray to your Guardian Angels; pray to Saint Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. It is through the Angels that, many times, you have been protected from the snares of the evil one.”

“Consider well, My sweet children, the value and price of a soul; that God offered His Divine Son for a soul, My sweet children. Think well of what that means – the ‘price of a soul’. And yet each day, by the thousands, souls fall into Hell! Think of the price, My sweet children; think of the great conflict at this time between good and evil and as to why Lucifer is now upon Earth wishing to destroy each soul. Each soul, My sweet children, is a reflection of the Triune God and was created for the Glory of the Triune God.”

“This is why, My sweet children, the battle of the spirits is serious, especially at this time of the ‘latter days’. So take-up your weapons as soldiers of Christ; receive My Divine Son often, to strengthen your soul; protect yourself with the armour of the sacraments and pray, for prayer is the ammunition, My sweet children, of your weapons and it is through prayer that you will be victorious, right to the very end when My Divine Son will return in great triumph over all.”

“This is the Message that I impart to you this evening, My sweet children: l live the Words of My Divine Son in earnestness; with patience; in tranquility, love, and forbearance and have great hope, because you are the heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. There is nothing to fear, My sweet children, in this great battle that you are now in, but go forward in the Light of My Divine Son and take courage, for I, your Heavenly Mother – with the Holy Angels – are always with you to fight the good fight to the very end.”

“Prepare yourselves well now, My sweet children, for time is very short. Soon, the trumpets will be heard, even by your physical ears. The time has now come for the world to be cleansed. All that My Divine Son and I have spoken of over these many, many, years will now unfold before your very eyes, so be watchful and prayerful. Be not like the foolish virgins who were not prepared for the bridegroom, My sweet children, but light your lantern beside My Divine Son and be vigilant in your hearts, with prayerfulness for, soon, the whole world will be in total darkness and in great fear, because the Anger of the Eternal Father will be felt by mankind.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I place My mantle over all of you and give you My choicest Graces and Blessings from My Divine Son, because I am your Mother and I Love you. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – ‘light’ for Holy Mother Church in this dark time: The scroll that I have here, My dear child, will be given to you at a later time. It is the Mass that will be said when you are the Vicar of Christ. This Mass, My sweet child and sweet children, will be the last Mass that will be changed for all time and, when this Mass is said, it will be said until the time of Judgement for the world. Praised be Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, and peace to all My children of good will!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Melchisedech now kneels before the Blessed Mother and She places Her two Arms over his shoulders, as if in Benediction and Blesses him. He comes over now to Father Broussard and places his two hands on his head, Blessing Father with a very special Grace from God – a special Anointing with the Holy Oils which are dripping from Saint Melchisedech’s hands.

SAINT MELCHISEDECH: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Melchisedech now goes back to Our Lady and he is instructed to go to Canada, to L’Avenir and do the same to [Name Withheld] Our Blessed Mother tells us to continue with our prayers. (Prayers now continued.)