UPDATE #18: Scientists are Tampering with God’s Creation

UPDATE #18: Scientists are tampering with God’s Creation

Jesus and Mary have warned us about this through the Messages of William Costellia and Luz de Maria

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 27 October 2016 at 5:39:30 am AEDT

To: William Costellia

Subject: Youtube of deflected Asteroid >>>>> Update #18 – New Asteroid tracking Coordinates – Poorly employed science harms humanity without contemplation <<<<<

Dear William,

Here is the latest update + other important physics subject matter.

For Astronomers and Scientists: Update on Large Object coordinates:

A new sighting has identified that the Large Object, safely moving from Earth, has given updated Earth Ecliptic reference coordinates:

As of Oct 23, 2016

EE Latitude: 16.75° South

EE Longitude: 19.1°

Included is a new youtube showing the clear deflection path of the Large Asteroid (Aug 25 to Oct 19)


Message reference from Seer Luz de Maria from our Lord:

“Poorly employed science harms humanity without contemplation” (Spanish to English translation, from Oct 23, 2016 )

With partial regard to this subject matter, from just a few examples:

*independent & new startling revelation comments from this scientist*

Mankind is causing a sickness to Earth:

For the sake of advanced energy technology and devices, mankind is inducing a worldwide level of resonance in the ionospheric cavity of the Earth. God’s created natural order of a dominant resonance at/near the surface of the earth (7.62-7.8hz) has now become polluted by mankind in forcing a new dominant 11.3 hz state in the Earth’s ionospheric cavity. This affects all biological life on Earth as the normal dominant & “healthy to life” 7.62 hz is weakened and mixed with a polluted form of a low level induction of unhealthy NMR resonance subharmonics in every living cell on Earth. Mankind is inducing the ionospheric excitation from beam directed sine-wave bursts. This elevation of 11.3 hz resonance in the ionosphere creates a myriad of strong subharmonics that further split into additional subharmonics. The natural order of the healthy state of 7.62hz-7.8hz is now suppressed and forced to mix with an un-Godly outcome. To maintain this ionospheric state requires mankind to operate special equipment that beams/directs “frequency steering” ionospheric sine-wave bursts through technology similar to phased array antenna's. An additional danger to Earth is created from un-balancing the natural safety net of the role of the ionosphere's health as a “shock absorber” to solar energy events between three established stabilizing natural Earth frequencies.

Degrading the Magnetosphere:

The true mysteries of magnets and their fields are further revealed in that there is a natural 7.62 hz rotating resonance of the north pole in magnets and a counter rotating resonance of 5.22 hz in the south pole.

This is known from studies at the National Space Administration's research of magnetic measurements in stacking two cylinder magnets that were submerged in a polarized Hydrogen Bubble Solution.

For a simpler single rotation example in a plasma demonstration — See:


By forcing a polluted 11.37hz ionospheric cavity resonance, including a myriad of pulse based subharmonics, into a dominant state in the ionosphere, the Magnetosphere and the inner earth magnetic core are affected.

Instead of reinforcing the natural state, mankind is degrading the Earth into an unnatural state.

The Magnetosphere protects life on Earth:

Any degradation of the Magnetosphere will correspond with a loss of protection from the Sun's harmful emissions. Skin cancer, sunburns, and even harmful ray exposure is known in the Medical field of science attributed to over exposure to the sun. Scientists are aware that the Earth's magnetic poles are showing a sign of an accelerated reversal in polarity that is leading to an eventual magnetic pole flip. However, without the deflecting protection of a healthy Magnetosphere, the Earth may experience greater penetration of harmful charged particles and rays at the Earth's surface. In extreme cases, the dynamic breakdown of the Magnetosphere may lead to charged particles penetrating deeper than ever, and thus phenomenon that mankind may witness as never before. Mankind is playing a hand in weakening the natural order just for the sake of advanced energy technology and devices. Yet, their lack of understanding of the consequences is proportionate to the lack of their concern to this natural order.

Playing God:

There is more that mankind is interfering with that is tantamount to playing God. The Earth is changing in reaction to these actions and mankind will be startled at the outcome. Yet much damage and suffering has resulted from many actions.

For the sake of the safety of the sources involved, it is best that our Lord and our Blessed Mother reveal in these matters.

CERN particle accelerator – a tragedy in waiting:

Physicists acknowledge that high energy particle collisions at CERN may induce a micro black hole. However, scientists base their theories with great lacking of the fullness of God's creation.

A great tragedy awaits from the higher energy particle collisions at CERN. CERN physicists assure that there is no risk – yet their Standard Model theory is unable to answer 96% of the rest of energy, forces, and mass within the Universe.

This lack of fullness of knowledge of God's creation, coupled with the desire to seek high energy sub-atomic and space-time secrets, will lead to a before unknown sustaining and growth of a tragic phenomenon of what their simpler theory denies could occur.

God Bless


Note: The debris from the detonation of the large Asteroid is still falling upon the earth. However, our knowledge of this is not linked to this Update #18.

Mysterious Meteor-like Object falls from the Sky in Kerala India:


Meteorite Crashes near Lake Baikal, Russia


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