Three Periods of the Book of Truth





[12 November 2017: Dear readers a good soul who supports MDM noticed an error in my writings of the Three Periods of the Book of Truth. We thank her for this. It was an oversight and a typical error as the last message from MDM was May 6th 2015. Her website crashed due to the attacks from those who were the enemy of God’s work. The good work of MDM messages continue to be spread around the World. Once again I apologise for this mistake. William Costellia]

Dear Friends of Jesus and Mary since late 2010.

The Prophet from Ireland, known as Maria Divine Mercy, received Messages from Heaven – the last being March 31st 2014 [actually May 6th 2015 — see above note].

The five books of the Book of Truth are revelations which encompass the Divine Word of God in the book of the Prophet Daniel and the Book of Apocalypse of St John the Evangelist. The most prominent feature of these revelations is the revelation of the Seal of the Living God and more descriptions of the meanings of the revelations given to the two Great Prophets – St Daniel and St John. Since these Revelations ended in 2015, the Prophet MDM withdrew from the public distribution of God’s Word.

10 April 2012, MDMOur Lady: “Your obedience to Me and My Beloved Son will be tested as never before. This may lead you to pull away, but should this happen, it will not last long.”

Very few people know where she is and why she did this, yet, thousands of good willed souls who believe strongly in the Divine Messages still promote them and listen to God’s Call to pray the Crusader prayers and have Prayer Groups dedicated to this Holy Work. However, there are still weak and confused souls who attack seers and their followers, claiming that MDM is the only true Seer and other Seers are using MDM Messages to align them with themselves, to receive credibility.

Let me tell you straight: These so called devotees of MDM who, in themselves are self righteous, but in reality do not follow the Truth of the Divine Messages of MDM, should take a good look at themselves – for the very things Heaven has said through MDM have been purposely ignored:

5 April 2013, MDM –Our Lord: “Not one of you would ever be given the authority to judge another in My Name, for this is not possible. My dearly beloved daughter, under your vow of obedience to Me, you must never defend My Messages, nor do you have the authority to denounce or criticise any other Visionary, or self proclaimed Prophet – true or false – in My Name.”

The Book of Truth in most cases reveals very little that is new. Most of these revelations have already been revealed to countless Seers and Saints in the last 100 years. So to claim the revelations of MDM are far superior to those of other Prophets and Seers is a gross act against charity and is unfair on the part of these souls who claim to know more, simply because they support MDM.

The reason the Mystical Body of Christ is so divided is because men, who promote one Seer or another – in particular, those who follow MDM – cast dispersions upon good souls and true Seers, bringing divisions, rather than unity. In other words, the Antichrist’s spirit has successfully sown his seed of hatred, contempt and division amongst good souls, leaving them scattered in the world, instead of upholding their brothers and sisters.

Let us take, for example, the Seers and Visionaries of the past 100 years who have received the same words that have been given to MDM:

La Salette, France, died – now Saints.

Fatima, Portugal, – died – now Saints.

Akita, Japan died – now a Saint.

Medjugorje, Croatia.

Garabandal, Spain.

Father Stefano Gobbi, Italy – died.

Maria Esperanza, Venezuela, died – new Saint.

Pedro Regis, Brazil.

Christina Gallagher, Ireland.

Veronica Lueken, USA – died.

Padre Pió, Italy, died – Saint.

Julia Kim, South Korea – died.

Catalina Rivas

Patricia Talbot, Ecuador.

Dina Basher, Iraq.

Luz Amparo, Spain.

Kibeho, Rwanda.

Luz de Maria, Venezuela

Irving Houle, USA.

Edson Glauber Brazil.

Blessed Elena Aiello, Italy – died.

Patricia Pachinko Talbot.

Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus, Italy.

Thornbush, Canada

Maria Valtorta, Italy, died – Saint.

As you can see, there are many Seers and this list is only a few of them. God raised hundreds of Prophets since the nineteenth century and spoke the same Divine Words, as given to MDM.

I am calling all followers of MDM and even those of other Prophets, to stop judging other Seers or Prophets you do not support. Rather, take up your beads of love – the Holy Rosary – and pray for these ‘Instruments’. The Remnant Church must be united as one in the Mystical Body of Christ. We are in the final years of the Great Tribulation before Jesus returns, before the Antichrist makes his appearance; before the Pope flees and the Church goes into the last Great Schism, which will divide it. The Chair of Peter will be empty, as the Antichrist will ascend the Throne of Peter.

I have decided to show you some of the Messages given to me since 1983 to November 2010, when MDM started her Mission – and also other Prophets – to show you how we all received part of the Revelations of Saint Daniel and Saint John.

It is to be understood that the Divine Words given to MDM as the 7th Angel and Last Prophet, are very important for this time – but do not disqualify the other Prophets whom God raised.

Since MDM withdrew from her Mission in 2015, we must now be united and ask Jesus to bring her back to fulfil her Mission, as we are entering a most crucial time for the world, but more so, for the Church.

After the excerpts of the Messages given to me and other Prophets, I will place excerpts of MDM messages, to show that the Messages of old and new, including those of MDM, make up the full Revelation of God.


13 July 1984 – Our Lady: The two great Prophets of old, Enoch and Elias, will come after the Great Warning.”

15 August 1984 – Our Lady:“What of the sin of homosexuality which romps through The cities of this nation? What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah will happen to this nation.”

29 September 1985 – Our Lady:“Tell Our Vicar that an Anti-pope shall sit on the Throne in the Vatican. The one who will be elected shall be elected falsely by the enemy, to destroy the Catholic Church.”

13 April 1986 – Our Lady:“Prepare yourselves with food and water, …because of the chastise-ment from your Heavenly Father.”

13 June 1986 – Little Pebble:“Hurtling through the sky – actually filling it – is a huge ball; a vast ball of fire.”

20 June 1986 – Our Lady:“To those who believe and love Me, the New Jerusalem is promised.”

2 August 1986 – Our Lady:“Jesus is re-crucified through profanation, abomination, abortions, homosexuality – and all the sins of the world …pray that Our Holy Vicar will soon Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart in the coming Synod in Rome.”

6 September 1986 – Our Lady:“When Jesus returns in His Second Coming, the New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven.”

7 February 1987 – Our Lady: “My dear children of Japan, turn to God now while you still have time, for it has been prophesied, regarding this nation, that many of the islands will sink into the sea.”

7 March 1987 – Our Lady:“Will you listen to Us when the Third World War breaks out? Will you listen when countries disappear, because of the atomic bomb? Will you listen when the Comet comes upon the Earth and smites you?”

13 March 1987 – Our Lady:“ Soon upon this world, will come the ‘Deceiver of mankind’ – the one who will call himself ‘The Christ’ ….do not believe him, for he is the Antichrist, prophesied by My Divine Son Jesus; prophesied through many of the Mystics, Saints and Seers over the centuries.”

12 April 1987 – Our Lady: “Abortion is an abomination before God! It is murder! What right do you have, sweet children of the Earth to take life? God is the Giver of Life and God taketh away the life in His Will only….I Bless all those children throughout the world who fight abortions – those who fight to sustain life. Your reward shall be great in the Kingdom of Heaven, because you defend the helpless.”

20 November 1987 – Our Lord:“The world leaders, My dear child and dear children – especially those from the world of communism – are preparing a great onslaught upon the free nations of the world.”

26 January 1988 – Our Lady:“The time will soon come when the Vatican in Rome will be destroyed, as was foretold centuries ago, through the Saints and through the Fathers of the Church.”

13 October 1988 – Little Pebble: Very high in the sky I can see the glow. I also see the Earth, which is spinning very quickly. The ball begins to whizz around the Earth and its brilliant white tail starts to fall towards the surface of the Globe. Now I see a vast explosion!

Our Lady:“That is correct My child. You are seeing an event in the future. If mankind does not listen to My Voice, My Divine Son will send this ‘ball’ – which is a Comet My child – upon the world.”

3 December 1988 – Saint Michael:“…there is no leadership given by our Shepherds and very little prayer is said by the clergy! This is why the Church is as it is today!…My dear child: You see the Sword which I placed over Saint Peter’s? This is a warning to the Church and to the world…the man of iniquity will soon come into the world and cause his devastation to the whole world….the sword you see will soon fall and a great division shall come within Holy Mother Church!…there will be two paths: One which goes to Heaven and the one which goes deep into the Abyss!”

Our Lady“This generation lives in a time worse than Noah’s, and of Sodom and Gomorrah – far worse! How My Sorrowful Heart bleeds to see children dragged into drug abuse, homosexuality, lesbianism and all the atrocities that exist, because the parents do not care.”

1 January 1989 – Our Lord:“Russia will be the ‘whip’ used by the Eternal Father to chastise the Christian nations! Watch and pray, sweet children, and know that the ‘time of times’ is here.”

Our Lord:“Lucifer now roams throughout the world – and more so – within My House upon Earth and soon he will seat himself upon the Throne of Peter, as My Mother told you at La Salette, but My children will not believe until it has come to pass!!”

7 January 1989 – Our Lady: “Shortly My children, the Middle East will once again be very much at war, unless our children pray.”

Our Lady:“There are millions of Our children throughout the world – especially behind the Communist Bloc – who are being persecuted, tortured, murdered and are suffering greatly and grievously in body and soul, for the sake of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.”

Our Lady: “The Words which I gave to My little children in 1917, are now being fulfilled and soon, My sweet children, all the systems in the world will collapse! Even the monetary systems will collapse, My sweet children – all to prepare the world for the coming of the Antichrist and the ‘One World Government’ and the ‘One World Church!’….the United States will be drawn into many conflicts in many parts of the world, to weaken its strength (and ability) to defend itself and then it shall be invaded!”

Our Lady:“Wake up, My children of the West, for you are being fooled! Do not trust the Communists, who are your enemy. Pray for them, for their souls will be ransomed by the sacrifices of many, My sweet children….My beloved Poland; you too, who have been given much from the Divine Mercy of My Son, will undergo more trials, because you too, are wishing to cast away the Cross.”

4 February 1989 – Our Lady:“The Church too, will undergo frightful sufferings and the Words which I gave at La Salette and at Fatima, will be seen openly! The Seat of Peter will fall into the hands of the enemy and one who is like unto Satan, will speak the words of Peter and he shall proclaim many changes within the House of My Divine Son.”

13 August 1989 – Our Lady: (after showing William a vision of St Peter’s) “The symbol of St Peter’s breaking in two, is the Schism that will soon come upon My Sons House upon Earth.”

4 November 1989 – Our Lady:“The Angels of Justice will shortly open up the Sixth Seal and great sorrows will strike the world!”

Our Lady:“I have spoken to you many times, sweet children, asking you to prepare yourselves. Prepare your food now and your water and your candles and your blankets! Prepare your clothing for the time of times are near!”

18 May 1990 – Our lady:“Shortly, My children, the Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt. Know this, that the time then is at the end…the Seat of Peter would have been transferred to Jerusalem, however, the real Power and Authority of the Vicar of Christ will not be there…”

7 July 1990 – Our Lord:“There is now a hideous plan to captivate My Church upon Earth and all of the inhabitants of the world; to force mankind into a One World Government.”

Our Lord:“The Eternal Clock has been set. My Return to the world – with Great Power, Justice and Glory – will come soon and this time will never change, for the Eternal Father has set the time…”

4 August 1990 – Our Lord:“The war in the Middle East will only slow down for a short while and then will escalate into a major confrontation. The United States must not intervene…there is a ploy by the Secret Societies to destroy the great power of the United States of America.”

August 1992 – Our Lord: “There will be many signs in the Stars and in the Planets and in your Sun and in your Moon and on the Earth and in the Sea…”

18 May 1994 – Our Lady: “The Warning is near “

3 September 1994 – Our Lord:“Many in Rome and throughout the world seek to remove Our Vicar and place someone else upon the Throne of Peter, but when this comes, the one to reign will be the Anti-Pope.”

4 February 1994 – Our Lady:“…a New Era of life will be given to mankind, where there will be peace – one Shepherd – one Church – and one flock.”

30 June 1995 – Our Lady:“ Soon, sweet children, the Sign of the Beast will be visible in the air, in the home and in the world.”

“The barque of Peter is assailed and tossed by the stormy sea, because My Priest sons and children have abandoned her Captain. Great trail will soon overwhelm My Divine Sons House upon earth and the flock will be scattered and devastated.”

13 April 1996Our Lady:“The Great sign will come when the alignment of the planets is visible.”

1 June 1996 – South Korea invaded by North Korea.

13 August 1996 – Electronic devices to control your minds.

19 September 2009 – Moses:“A piecing light will penetrate the consciences – the solar system will become magnetically unbalanced, causing great explosions in your atmosphere. Soon the Vicar will be removed from the Seat of Peter and the one of ‘dark secrets’ will take his place.”

5 October 1996 “Many of your leaders are in great darkness and are preparing for the One World Government and One World Church.”

13 November 1996“Schism will occur within Holy Mother Church.”

13 July 1997“Antichrist is persecuting you, using the Media.”

13 May 1998“Many countries will go into revolution.”

13 April 2000“Chastisements will come from outer space.”

12 September 2001 – An event in New York and the Dome in Palestine will cause the Great War – culminating with the visit of a comet – President not to trust Russia or China.

18 October 2001–The Great War will be felt by every man woman and child. Millions will die by the hour. Attack upon the USA and the free world

13 September 2002 – An attack upon Iraq would engulf the Middle East into a huge conflict.

1 January 2003 – When two great men have been assassinated the world will be at war.

31 December 2008 – Nations will be destroyed. The atom bomb will fall. Benedict to be removed. The Chair of Peter emptied and the evil one to place himself there.

31 December 2009 – St Michael:“The smoke of Satan has entered the Church. The plagues of Egypt will multiply – watch Russia; America be warned, your downfall comes – Benedict XVI will make an announcement which will end his reign.”


La Salette in France – September 19 1846:“Priests, My Sons Ministers, Priests by their evil life, by their irreverence and their impiety in celebrating the Holy Mysteries; love of money, love of honour and pleasures; Priests have become sewers of impurity. Yes, Priests call forth vengeance. God will strike in an unparalleled manner the ancient devil will drag with his tail to destruction.”

“Italy will be punished for its ambition in wanting to shake the yoke of the Lord. The Church will undergo a frightful crisis. Civil and Ecclesiastical Authority will be abolished. All order and justice will be trampled underfoot. Only murders, jealousy, hatred, lying and discord will be seen.”

“Paris will be burned and Marseilles swallowed up. Large cities will be swallowed by earthquakes. There will be wars up to the last war, which will then be waged by the ten kings of the Antichrist. Enoch and Elias will come.”

“The fire of Heaven will fall and consume three cities; the whole universe will be struck with terror.”

1917 – Fatima, Portugal – Our Lady:“There will be a wicked Council planned. Many will lose their faith. A Schism will tear apart the Church. Wars and revolutions. The elements of nature will be unchained. A great chastisement.”

13 October 1973, Akita, Japan – Our Lady: “If men do not repent, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment – greater than the deluge. Fire will fall from Heaven and will wipe out a great part of humanity. The work of the devil will infiltrate the Church. One will see Cardinal opposing Cardinal, Bishop against Bishop.”

1961, Garabandal, Spain -: Spoke of a Great Warning, Miracle and Chastisement.

Italy, 1973 – Father Stefano Gobbi: Our Lady said the time of the Great Apostasy was unfolding. Our Lady spoke of the Antichrist, the Red Dragon, the grave situation in the Church, the world and the End Times, also the Second Coming of Jesus was near.

1981 – Venezuela – Maria Esperanza: Said that Jesus would come in the Warning before His Second Coming. She received messages about the USA being punished by natural disasters. She has Messages about the Third World War, the Antichrist and the Chastisements of fire from Heaven.

1987 – Pedro Regis, Seer of Brazil – Our Lady: “Great battles in your path. The Church will confront a great storm and will be tossed”

18 September 2009:“The Earth will be shaken and many places will cease to exist.”

27 September 2009:“Continents will disappear. The face of nature will provoke phenomena never seen. The Andes chain of mountains will descend.”

A Great Miracle of God will transform hardened hearts. Each will see his errors (Warning).

“The Prophets who have gone will return to announce the day of the Great Warning.”

“The Middle East will shake with great Atomic Holocaust. California will face a heavy cross. The ground will rise and the meteors will descend.”

He speaks about the Third World War, the Schism and the Antichrist.

1988: Christine Gallagher, Ireland: One World Currency, One World Bank, One World Government, One World Church. The Antichrist.

1995 – Jesus:“The Weather will be so changeable, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, even in unexpected countries.”

2005 “The sea will gradually rise and come over the land. There will be tsunamis. Short is your time before the world is drawn into conflict of war…and the Wormwood (star).

1992 – A Comet on its way

2011 – Jesus warns of the Third World War.

1968 – 1994: Veronica Lueken, New York, USA – “A killer Comet will kill billions.” She had received more Messages than any Seer. She revealed about the Third World War, the Schism in the Church, the Antichrist, One World Currency, One World Church and One World Government. The Great Warning, the Miracle and the Chastisement. The Second Coming and the Return of Jesus.

All of the Prophets mentioned that I have listed, have received the same Messages as myself and have received most of what is contained in the Book of Truth. Here now are excerpts from the Messages given to MDM:


29 November 2010:“You will notice that My chosen Visionaries, Seers and Prophets are the ones who will be rejected, outright, over and above the false prophets. Those who suffer in Me, with Me and because of Me are the genuine Prophets. They are the souls who will be tormented, treated with contempt and condemned outright on My behalf.”

“Devout followers, who follow My Teachings closely, will also be tempted to reject them, until, in time, the Truth will slowly dawn on them.”

“Since the beginning of time, when I chose to send Prophets into the world out of My Divine Mercy, to remind you of all My Teachings, very few were believed at first. I urge My followers to listen to your heart. Look at the messages imparted by My precious Visionaries and Seers. These messages are being given to you out of pure love, to help guide you and save souls. That is the objective. If you decide that they are not of Divine Origin, pray for guidance.”

“Now, let Me warn you of the signs to watch out for when My genuine Visionaries are persecuted in My Name. Followers of the deceiver, seeing their light, will target them, not lightly, but with a viciousness that will take your breath away. Not only will they torment them, through ridicule, but they will go to tremendous lengths to discredit them, and all in My Name. You will feel it in your hearts when you hear the Truth.”

“Please pray for My Visionaries and especially My Visionaries whose Messages cannot be denied for the love they show and the Warnings they contain, for they are My True Visionaries. You will recognise them by the insults, slander, torment and abuse they receive at the hands of My children. If you look at the abuse they receive and then look at the lies that are spread about them, in such a demeaning way, you will then have to ask yourself – if this person has been tormented so far and not believed, why does the abuse continue so harshly? Then you will have your answer.”

15 November 2000: “The time has come for My second Coming. The Antichrist is ready to spring. Watch the changes that will become apparent with My Church as one of the first signs. This is when the Deceiver will lead My disciples astray. Second sign – many of you will no longer be in control of your own country. Their leaders will lose all control. Do not accept the Mark – the Mark of the Beast will be your downfall.”

16 November 2010: “Be careful who you communicate with – My followers or those you think are My followers.”

20 November 2010: “Find shelters; begin to grow your own food. Save what food you can and put away that to survive. You must be prepared. Listen to the Prophets.”

21 November 2010: “Many Prophets interpreted the Teachings of God in the way that the Message was received by them. Some of My Prophets’ Words have been tampered with. All of My Prophets were given the Truth.”

22 November 2010: “This Great Warning comes out of Mercy and Love.”

23 November 2010: The world, including your own country, is about to experience more pain, as a result of global control. The war which I speak about is being orchestrated by the Red Dragon, the New World enemy is scheming now and will destroy cities in the west. Pray for those souls who thought this nuclear war will die three years before the plot unfolds.”

20 November 2010: “Global Plan to deplete world population and overthrow world leaders. Plans to overthrow Pope Benedict.”

16 December 2010: “Stop murder; Abortion.”

20 December 2010: “The time is drawing close for the advent of the Great Tribulation. This event will commence from the end of 2012. Global disasters; dramatic changes in the weather pattern.”

17 February 2011:“Prophesies of La Salette, Fatima and Garabandal now unfold. Just watch with clear eyes the false prophet who will attempt to lead My Church for he does not come from the House of the Eternal Father.”

3 March 2011:“Democracy to disappear.”

17 April 2011: “New World Order plan to control your money and food.”

1 May 2011:“Russia and China to cause disruption.”

13 May 2011: “I am communicating through the Prophet and others, so that My Word is heard in every corner of the world.”

20 May 2011: “This New Paradise I have promised will come about when Heaven and Earth merge to become one. My daughter, I will rule the Earth for the 1000 years. This new Paradise will be beyond your comprehension.”

23 May 2011:“The skies will open up during the Warning.”

31 May 2011:“The chastisement will wipe out much of the world.”

5 June 2011: “Two comets will collide. My Cross will appear in a red sky.”

8 July 2011:“New World Currency will be presented to an incredulous world.”

13 July 2011: “My beloved daughter, when you turn your back on Me, afterwards you will find it difficult to find Me again.”

15 July 2011:“Be aware that euthanasia is frowned upon by My Father. This applies to execution – the sin of abortion.”

20 July 2011: “You are now in the middle of the Tribulation.”

13 August 2011: “God Created the world. No other planet can be inhabited.

18 January 2012:“There is a wicked plan within the Vatican to destroy the Catholic Church.”

25 January 2012:“Nuclear War, including Iran, being plotted.”

4 February 2012: “War involving Iran, Israel, Egypt and Syria, interlocked.”

11 February 2012:“My poor Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, will be ousted from the Holy See of Rome.”

14 February 2012:“Europe will be the first target of the Red Dragon, then followed by the USA. Communism to be introduced.”

19 February 2012:“The Beast with the ten horns is the European Union – Babylon. Babylon will fall and will be dominated by the big Red Dragon, China and its ally, the Bear Russia.”

23 February 2012:“Pray that nuclear war can be averted in Iran.”

12 April 2012:“The next Pope maybe elected, but he will be the False Prophet (Francis).”

29 April 2012:“First secret in the Book of Truth reveals the plot against the Church – Masonic groups.”

1 June 2012:“666 will be embedded in a number hidden into a chip.”

8 July 2012:“Be warned, the New World Religion.”

13 July 2012:“After the World War will come the famine, then the plagues.”

12 October 2012:“There will be different levels in the New Paradise of 12 Nations.”

27 December 2012:“Soon a new light – a new sign – will be seen, a sign for My Power. It will be a miracle – the wonder of My creation.”

14 February 2013:“My Vicar has fallen! My Church will fall, but soon it will rise again.”

17 February 2013:“The False Prophet will now take over the Seat of Rome. They will bring the rule of the Little Horn ,who will sit on the Seat of Peter.”

20 February 2013:“The Great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome.”

25 July 2013:“When the False Prophet will be seen to be at deaths door – as if a miracle – the False Prophet will seem to rise from the dead.”… The Antichrist will appear and rise to fame; will start in Jerusalem.”

23 April 2013: “On the last day when the dawn breaks, a loud sound of the Trumpet will be heard all over the world.”

21 September 2013: “Four powerful empires will emerge as the main source from which wars will be surmounted. Egypt and Syria will be embroiled in a power struggle which will have repercussions for Israel.”

28 September 2013:“My True Church will be thrown out of Rome and will have to endure a number of years of desolation.”

29 October 2013:“My Son’s Church will become the Seat of the Antichrist.”

1 May 2014:“My Promise to come again will be fulfilled in the lifetime of this generation.”

10 May 2014:“I will raise up within My Church a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth.”

13 May 2014:“The sky will be darkened for three days immediately before I return.”

23 May 2014:You do not have to understand the Ways of God. You must simply accept them.”

25 June 2014:“Do not cut off ties with those who hate you because of Me. I ask that you treat others with the respect that you show Me. Do not argue or lose your temper with others over Me. Just pray for them. Do not bother to argue, for nothing you say will make a difference.”

23th August 2014:“I will arm My Angels and Chosen Ones to do battle with those who denounce Me.”

24 October 2014:“The Sun is one of the greatest signs when Divine Intervention is about to be unveiled. When you see changes in the sun – when it seems larger and shines longer and out of season – know that the time is getting closer to My Second Coming.”

3 January 2015:“The day when the Holy Sacrifice ends and the hour that the imposters desecrate My Altar, at the appointed time, thunder and lightning will descend upon the Temple of the Lord and it will come crashing down.”

20 January 2015:“People choose their own destiny. You must cling to the Truth always. God revealed the Truth through His Prophets. Never neglect your own souls.”

8 November 2014:“The Book of Truth is contained in Public Revelation.”

So now you see dear people, that the revelations given to the Prophet Daniel and the Prophet St John the Evangelist, are contained in the Book of Truth. But as Jesus said to MDM on 8 November 2014, The revelations given to all the modern day Prophets and Seers reveal also, what is contained in the three main Books of Revelation: Namely Prophet Daniel, the Old Testament, The Apocalypse of Saint John of the New Testament and the final Book of the Last Testament, are the countless revelations given to all the Prophets and Seers of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first centuries – with the completion of the Book of Truth to the Final Prophet, the Seventh Angel Maria Divine Mercy.

So my dear people, do not judge the Seers and Prophets, but rather pray for them and pray for discernment. We must work as one army of Heaven on Earth – the Remnant Church – led by St Michael as the General and Mary Our Mother as the Commander in Chief. Our Royal Queen.

I hope this writing will enlighten all of God’s children.