Message 259 – 4 March 1989



I ask the children of this Nation to be a victim for the sins of the world, for many are faithful to My Calling – Many will come from another Land to ransack this Nation and bring it to ruin – The world is going further into ruin because few children listen to My Words – The whole world is enslaved by Satan because of sins of the flesh.

LITTLE PEBBLE: A large and beautiful White Cross is very, very, high in the sky – and Jesus is upon It. Saint Michael is to the right of Our Lord, but behind Him. All around Our Lord there is a golden colour with a purple tinge to it. The Wounds of Jesus are Bleeding and Angels are there to catch the Blood in Chalices. Our Blessed Mother has been kneeling by the Cross, but now She moves around in front of the Cross, gliding upon a little cloud which is about twenty metres above the ground.

Jesus has now gone and so, too, have all the Angels except Saint Michael, Our Lady’s Protector, who now comes down to be near Our Blessed Mother. She is dressed in a purple gown, with a dark-blue mantle and head-piece. She does not seem to be very happy. Our Blessed Mother takes-up the Rosary and kisses Jesus – then says that She wants us to say the Saint Michael prayer, now. (Prayer is recited.)

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our little son of Light: We have sent you here to this Nation, Germany, My beloved children who have great faith in My Maternity as Mother of this nation. I have sent you here, My child, to encourage My children to take-up the cross and follow My Divine Son, Jesus, on the road to Calvary. I ask the children of this nation to be a victim for the sins of the world, for many of My children in Germany are faithful to My calling – especially in this city of Munich. I Bless all My children – not only here present, but also in the whole Nation, both East and West, for you are Mine and I am yours. I Bless you all from the Heart Which Loves you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved children of this Nation, Germany: I have come, so many times, to tell you that you must undergo much suffering, like it was so many years ago! This nation must suffer much for the salvation of many children throughout the whole world. Yes, My sweet children, I have told you that many will come from another land to ransack this nation and bring it to ruin. However, I am your Heavenly Mother, and I will protect those who are faithful to My Words – especially in this district of Bavaria, because it is Consecrated to My Heart.”

“To all Our children of this nation – and to all the children of the world: I call you all to much prayer and penance in these times. The world, My sweet children, is going further into ruin because few children listen to My Words. I come today as the ‘Mother of Sorrows’. My Heart is pierced because so few children listen to My Words. Is it so hard, My sweet children, to take-up the Rosary and pray? – for this is all I ask of you: Pray My Holy Rosary! This Message I have given to this nation, Germany – and to all the nations of the world. I have repeated it so many times and, it seems, to hardened hearts!!”

“Pray, My sweet children, that the war will not come! Pray that the Chastisement will be mitigated; pray, My sweet children, because many will die in this great war which will soon come to engulf this Nation and the whole world. War, My sweet children, is a punishment for sin. I told you this at Fatima; do you remember My Words? “

“I am a sorrowing Mother. My Heart Weeps when I see all My children fall away from the Truth and lead themselves over to Lucifer – My enemy and yours! What has become of Our children? The whole world is enslaved by Satan because of sins, My sweet children – sins of the flesh. Do you not understand this? You must lead holy lives; you must obey the Commandments of your God! The consequences of sin, My sweet children, are death, destruction, persecution, impurities – and, in the end, even Hell!! So many of My children fall into Hell because no-one prays for them. If you, My sweet children, saw only one soul fall into Hell you would die, out of sheer fright!”

“The world now seems close to the abyss and only prayers can hold this back. Nations against Nations; brothers against brothers; fathers against mothers; children against parents! How sad, My dear children. The Words of Holy Writ are now being fulfilled and each day the world is going further into darkness. The Cross must be your symbol of love and truth. Pray often, My sweet children; go to Jesus, often, in the Eucharist. He awaits you; He Loves you; He Died for you!!”

“Time, My sweet children, is very short when you think of eternity; so very short! Lead holy lives. Love My Sweet Jesus – do not abandon Him – especially now in this dark hour. Come to Jesus, for He awaits you with open Arms. He Loves you; and I – your Heavenly Mother – Love you, too and seek the salvation of every soul on this Earth.”

“Pray for Germany, My sweet children; pray for Germany that the German people may be a ‘light’ to all nations. Pray for My beloved Vicar – Pope John Paul II – for he too, suffers for your people. I Bless you, My sweet children, to give you courage and strength; to give you hope and Love – and the Peace of the Holy Ghost Which will be given to you if you believe!”

“ Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I give a special Blessing to all the Seers in Germany; to all My children in Austria, Switzerland and also in Norway; to all My children across the borders of the Eastern Bloc and to all the Seers of these Nations: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers. They are sorely needed in this hour for the salvation of the whole world!!”