Message 239 – 3 June 1989



The Great White Cross behind Me s the Cross of the Victory of My Divine Son over death and sin – The world will receive a Sign from the Eternal Father; a Sign will also be given to Holy Mother Church. These two Signs will indicate the major chastisements – Rome: Great changes will come that will be for a good cause, but also for bad – The world is close to war, pestilence, hatred and debauchery – St Joseph is the Protector of My Son’s Church upon Earth.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the beginning of the Holy Rosary many souls appeared and are still there. Our Holy Mother stands next to the Tabernacle, but a little higher than It; the Infant Jesus was just before the door of the Tabernacle, waiting for the Blessed Mother to arrive. He turned around while we were singing, and looked-up towards Heaven with His little Arms outstretched, just as a baby would do. He is about two years old and is dressed in a beautiful deep-blue robe. It looks really very pretty. Our Lady comes down a little lower now and bends to pick-up the Infant; this is beautiful to see.

Whilst we were praying there were many scenes in the sky. The large White Cross is again in the sky, but further away than is usual; underneath It is the wooden Cross of Calvary, on the mountain. Along a path which ascends the hill there are beautifully-shaped rocks; upon each of them there is an implement which was used to Crucify Our Lord, some we know quite well. For example: a whip, used in the scourging; the rope which tied Him; the bed of nails; the vinegar; the spear and, right at the top, the nails and the hammer from the final scene of the Execution of Our Lord! Others are not so well-known: there was some molten mercury, something which is usually heard about only when the Book of Revelations is read.

Also during the prayers – at the beginning of the Glorious Mysteries – many Saints arrived: Saint Melchisedech, of the Old Testament is to the left of the Tabernacle, with Saint Benedict; to the right is Saint Joseph and behind him is Saint Lazarus – the one who was resurrected. He spoke to me for a short time, saying that he is the Protector of the Bodies in the world which are ‘Incorruptible’ – he shields them from harm.

Saint Melchisedech holds a Chalice; on top of it is a small piece of bread. In his other hand is what looks like a chicken feather – perhaps it is a quill, for writing. I don’t know what this means. Saint Benedict holds a Staff and a large book – maybe it is the Bible. Saint Joseph has been praying with us and I have seen something quite unusual about him – his heart is visible outside his chest! Within the heart there are three small lilies; imprinted on his heart is a blue-coloured letter ‘M’; over this, in red, is a cross. It looks so pretty. I believe that it has something to do with his devotion to Our Lady. He too, holds a wooden Staff – a shepherd’s Staff, which I have seen many times – and growing from this are more lilies; I don’t know how this is possible. He just smiles.

Our Lady is dressed as ‘Our Lady of Fatima’. A beautiful white mantilla reaches right down to Her Feet; the Infant Jesus sits comfortably upon Her left Arm and She carries Her beautiful pearl Rosary – although the ‘Our Father’ beads are golden. The Infant Jesus runs the beads through His Fingers, then shows them to me, smiling. He is a cute-looking little Boy – though I know He is God!! He has curly hair and deep-blue eyes; is very pretty. I wish I could take Him home with me!!! I am sorry if I am going-on a little, but if you could see what I can you would want to do the same. Our Lady smiles at this. She kisses Jesus the Infant on the Head and now takes-up the Crucifix and kisses It, too.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I come today as the ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary’ – under this sweet Title. My dear child, you have described well. It is for [good] reason that you must describe the scenes that you see, because We give you these scenes for the children of the world; because all scenes have a purpose: it is to edify Our children to the road of sanctity. The great White Cross which you see behind Me, My child and dear children, is the Cross of Victory; the Victory of My Divine Son over Death and over Sin and over the flesh and the devil – that is, Lucifer. Christ, My Divine Son, was Victorious over Satan and cast him back into Hell at the time of the Crucifixion!”

“My beloved child and dear children: the world has not changed much over the many months, in which I have come with My Divine Son to visit Our children in many places which I come to: the Holy Places, the Shrines. My Words have fallen again and again upon deaf ears. It is very sad for Us because We Love Our children and We seek no-one to be lost. Over and over We come to the world to deliver Our Words of Love and Forgiveness, of Hope and Salvation; but, instead, the children cast Our Words aside and continue to follow the road that leads to perdition! If Our children proceed on this road – which is very dangerous, for Satan is on it – it will lead to Hell!!”

“My sweet children: the world will receive a sign from the Eternal Father and a sign will also be given to Holy Mother Church. These two signs will indicate to you that the Chastisements – the major Chastisements – are then very near; and the Words which I spoke at Fatima so long ago will come to pass; for, as Our children continue to go by the wayside and not listen to Our Words, the Eternal Father has decreed that He must Chastise His children, whom He Loves, for this is the only method and way that Our children will return to the fold and to the Light. It is a sad fact, dear child and dear children, that this must be the way, for it need not be. For this reason I have been permitted by My Divine Son to come so often to the world, to tell Our children: go down on your knees to repent of your sins, to atone for all the sins which are committed against My Divine Son – especially in the Blessed Eucharist and committed against My Immaculate Heart – that you need to do penance, to say more prayers especially My Most Holy Rosary.”

“My sweet children: as I have said before – time is very short. It is time for the world to turn around and change its path, for it is tumbling slowly towards the abyss and many souls will be lost to Us. However, you still have but a short time to retrieve many souls for the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. But hurry, My sweet children! Go and gather all your brothers and sisters who are far from My Divine Son and bring them to Him, so that He will Forgive them and they shall reap a great Reward of eternal salvation.”

“Watch, My sweet children – watch the Church! Watch Holy Mother Church in Rome for, soon, great changes will come upon Her; changes that will be for a good cause – but also for bad! Pray now for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II, for he must bear a heavy cross shortly. It is your prayers, My sweet children, that will keep him alive until he has fulfilled all that We have asked of him, through all the Voice-boxes throughout the world. You, My dear child, are to write once again to Our Holy Vicar, telling him that the ‘Queen of Heaven’ – his most Beloved Mother – wishes him to call a Holy Council – a Holy Synod – for the purpose of re-establishing love, reverence and devotion to My Eucharistic Son! I have requested this before, but I ask of him whom I Love very much, to restore the love towards My Divine Son in His House upon Earth, for many of Our Priest-sons have fallen asleep and have placed a heavy burden upon Our Holy Vicar.”

“For this reason We ask that Our Holy Vicar bring forth this Synod, to bring unity within My Son’s House upon Earth, for unless Our children pay heed to Our Words the Church will go into great darkness – to the point of being submerged in sin – because many of Our children have left the ‘path of Truth’ and have joined all kinds of different sects throughout the world and have fallen away from teaching the Truth and teaching Justice – the right Doctrines of Holy Mother Church! My sweet children, pray for Our Holy Vicar, that he may bring forth this special Grace in the coming year, so that it will be an ‘entrance’ to holiness; to prepare all Our children for the Second Coming of My Divine Son in the decade to come. I Love Our Holy Vicar very much, My sweet child and dear children – as all of you do. You must pray much for him for he will suffer very much, very soon.”

“And you, My dear child: you are to send the Message which My Divine Son gave to you last night and this Message, which I have given to you this evening, to the whole world, and especially to all the Pastors of My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth, so that they may repent and bring forth the peace that all Our children seek at this time, for the world is close to becoming ‘turned over’ in war, pestilence, hatred and debauchery. Pray much, My sweet children, for now is the time for prayer. And before I go, My sweet child, I wish to tell you one last thing, concerning the Heart of Saint Joseph: today I have asked Saint Joseph to come with Me, to show the world his Most Pure Heart. This Heart also Loves Our children and is the Protector of My Son’s Church upon Earth.”

“The three Hearts, My sweet child and dear children – the Heart of Saint Joseph, My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son – are special Hearts for these days. We ask Our children to honour the Heart of Saint Joseph – the Pure Heart of Saint Joseph. Remember, My sweet children, Saint Joseph never sinned during his life and when he was conceived – even though ‘original sin’ was passed on to him from Adam and Eve – he was Sanctified in conception! This is a great Mystery for the Church and the world, but in time Mother Church will proclaim the Pure Heart of Saint Joseph.”

“Remember, too, that his Heart was not immaculate, My sweet children – like Mine – because I was without sin; however, Saint Joseph had no sin after he was conceived. Do you understand this, My sweet children? I say not, because there are many ‘Mysteries’ yet to be revealed to Holy Mother Church! But in time My children will understand, so pray much to Saint Joseph’s Heart, for We seek that his Heart be honoured, like Ours – My Divine Son’s, and Mine. Love the Heart of Saint Joseph, for his Heart is Pure! And – this time for the Church – honour Saint Joseph, for he is your Protector in this time of danger!! Pray often to Saint Joseph, My sweet children. We Love you all and we give you Our Hearts and Our Blessings.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I couldn’t see It before because the Infant Jesus was hiding It from me as He sat on His Mother’s Arm. Around Our Lady’s Heart is a ring of beautiful little flowers – pretty little rosettes. The little Heart of the Infant Jesus can also be seen as He turns towards me and Saint Joseph’s Heart has begun to glow – it’s very pretty to see.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet child and dear children. Continue now with your prayers, for they are needed for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II. I give a special Blessing to him and to you, My son and to all Our children throughout the whole world. May [the Names of] Jesus, Mary and Joseph be always on your lips. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The little Infant Jesus lifts-up His Hand

INFANT JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you, My children.”
(Rosary is continued.)

(Professor Albert Drexel was an Austrian scientist, and held three Doctorate Degrees in Philology and Ethnology. He was born in Hohenems, in the Province of Voralberg; was the third of five brothers who were also Priests. He was ordained in 1914. In 1932 he had an audience with Pope Pius XI. He taught as in the Vatican University for Missions – and was later used as an expert in racial questions at the Vatican.)


OUR SAVIOUR: “I Bless you, My son, with the Blessing of My Love and My Grace.”

“Pray especially to My Virgin Mother, Mary. To My great Joy I see that many people have taken-up saying the Rosary. A great Power Dwells in this Prayer, but others and among them Priests – have set aside the Rosary and have become tepid and cold, interiorly. The results are destruction; the spirit of the world turning away from the Cross; wicked pride and the sacrileges against the Mystery and Miracle of My Eucharistic Presence. For all honour given to Mary – Virgin and Mother – leads to Me, Her Son and all Graces flow through the Heart and Hands of My Mother to man. Therefore She is called the ‘Great Mediatrix’, although it is I Who have become the Divine and only Mediator before the Eternal Father, through the Bloody Sacrifice of Golgotha.”

“But is it not a terrible falsification when more and more Priests talk about a ‘meal’, but not a Sacrifice? – because without the ‘Mystical Sacrifice’ of the Altar there would be no Holy Meal! Whoever acts and does not connect the Sacrifice of the Altar with My Sacrifice at Golgotha and who no longer believe in the Miracle of Consecration of Bread and Wine – make themselves guilty of sin like My unfortunate Apostle, Judas! They lie to themselves and become deceivers of the souls of faithful people.”

“Yet, there have always been holy Priests in My One and True Church. One of these was My son, Julius Schuh, who was the founder of the work: “Jesus, the Divine Worker”. He possessed the Grace of exhortation from My Virgin Mother, Mary. You asked him for his intercession in your bitter distress and worries of your heart. He is one of those not-yet-canonized Saints about whom the great teacher, Augustine, has written. It is My Will that his life be made known.”

“But in this time of apostasy and confusion of the faith, there are lay people of great piety and silent virtues who are close to My Heart, because they are zealous and pure in honouring and glorifying My Most Holy Mother.”