Message 242 – 13 June 1989



Feast of Saint Anthony

Many Religious of the high ranking hierarchy do not desire to celebrate many of the beautiful Feast Days – The Laws laid down by the Eternal God have not changed and will not change and cannot be changed; you cannot compromise your faith – When I came so many years ago at Fatima I told you the world would suffer Great Wars; wars are a punishment for sin – The world is tumbling towards the Abyss – Read the Words given to Catherine Emmerich and you will understand the times Holy Mother Church is living through now – Pray for Our Holy Vicar for an attack upon his person is close at hand.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The beautiful White Cross, which we see so often in the sky, is visible; Our Holy Mother has not yet arrived. However, there is a stream of beautiful and very bright Light coming from the Cross onto the property – forming a ‘road’. Along it are little roses and Our Holy Mother now floats down slowly, towards the Holy Shrine here. I wish you could see this, because Our Lady is enveloped in a beautiful mist as She stands upon a cloud, about six metres above the Shrine. The mist now evaporates, revealing that She is dressed as the ‘Rosa Mystica’, with three roses on Her Chest; they are very fresh-looking and quite beautiful.

Our Lady looks very happy today; it is not often that I see Her quite as joyful. Behind Her I can see Saint Anthony, coming to the right of Our Holy Mother, with the Infant Jesus in his arms. The Saint is dressed as a Franciscan and Jesus is in a creamy-white robe, just as is Our Blessed Mother; the Infant seems to be about one year old. Saint Anthony also looks to be very happy, too.

Our Lady is coming closer and I notice that She is carrying some roses, which are now passed to Saint Anthony. The Infant Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross over them. There are so many – it’s a very large bouquet! Saint Anthony smiles as some Angels take the flowers from his hands and come forward to throw them out to us. He says that they are special Graces – special gifts from Jesus, Mary and Saint Anthony on this day. It seems as though the air above is full of roses; the perfume of roses is everywhere and it is just as if we were in a rose garden.

Many more Angels have appeared behind Our Blessed Mother; they too, have roses in their hands. Their clothing is very pretty, in many pastel colours and Saint Anthony explains that they come from the ‘Rose Choir’; the Choir of Our Holy Mother and the Holy Angels.

In Her right Hand Our Blessed Mother holds a beautiful Rosary, with red beads and a golden Crucifix. This is taken-up; She kisses Jesus there and then leans over and kisses the little Infant Jesus on the Head:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother tells me to instruct you to take a photograph of the Sun; you will detect some ‘signs’ in them!

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world: Today, I come to you under the Title of ‘Our Lady of Rosa Mystica’. This Title, My sweet children, is very dear to My Immaculate Heart, for through this Title and, through the Images which go throughout the world under this title, many souls have been Graced with much Love from the Eternal Father; many children have been saved and many have been cured of bodily ailments. Thus, My sweet children, I come to the world under many Titles – all Titles are a sign of My Love for you. Each soul has a different love for a different Title of My Immaculate Heart, because Our children are different in different parts of the world – have different loves and devotions.”

“This is necessary, My sweet children, in My Son’s House upon Earth. For this reason there are many Feast Days, although at the present time, not many Feasts are celebrated in My Son’s House upon Earth because many of the Religious – of the high-ranking Hierarchy – do not desire to celebrate many of the beautiful Feast-Days which are in the Church. But one day, My sweet children, many Feast-Days will be introduced into the Church to give honour to God, to His Divine Son, Jesus Christ and to the Spirit of Love and also to My Immaculate Heart and to the Saints and to the Angels. The Feasts, My sweet children, are a sign to the world of God’s great Love and Infinite Mercy which He has for His children. It is to show the world that the Eternal Father gives Honour to many of the Saints who have died in past generations, because of their sanctity whilst on this Earth, in their holy lives.”

“The Saints, My sweet children, are a symbol for you to follow. For this reason, today I have brought with Me Saint Anthony, who is the Miracle Worker – a Holy Saint of God! He is one of Our beloved children who, while on Earth, offered himself to My Divine Son for the salvation of many children; his life was one of holiness. Your lives, My sweet children, must also be holy, for each child on this Earth should be a saint! The Saints are not only meant to be in Heaven, My sweet children, but also on Earth. All those who bear the Name of My Divine Son – through your Baptism – must live the life of holiness and faithfulness to the Word of the Divine Saviour. By doing this, My sweet children – by the examples which have been given to you by Our Holy Saints – all of you should resemble the Holy Saints, but now, on this Earth; because it is through your ‘light’ – given to you by My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – the whole world should learn to love and serve My Divine Son! However, We see that the world does not listen and does not follow the example of the Saints – especially My children. There are only a few children on Earth who are a good example to their brothers and sisters. For this reason, My sweet children, the Church at this time is in great danger, because the evil one himself is seated now – even in the highest points of the Church!! I have told you this: at La-Salette; at many places where I now Appear throughout the world. The evil one is now well entrenched in My Son’s House upon Earth; it is because Our children have allowed him to enter – not only through the gate, but have even opened the door for him to enter My Divine Son’s House upon Earth and enter into the lives of many of Our children, including the Hierarchy and the Religious children of My Immaculate Heart.”

“This is the reason I and My Divine Son and all the Angels and Saints, are now coming to the world – to tell Our children to walk on the path of Truth. Cast aside the evil one and your evil ways. You must repent of your sins, My sweet children and be faithful to the Teachings which My Divine Son has given to you and, also, the Eternal Father – through Moses, the great Prophet of Old. These Laws laid down by the Eternal God have not changed and will not change and cannot be changed!! You cannot compromise, My sweet children, with your faith. Prayer is essential, My sweet children; obedience to Truth is essential!! We have given you, My sweet children, a very Holy Vicar in John Paul II. Watch him; pray for him; listen to him and follow his footsteps, for he truly is a living symbol of Faith for My Son’s House upon Earth. He is like Christ on Earth for you, My sweet children; he is the ‘living symbol’ of sanctity and holiness – for this reason we have chosen him to lead the sheep!!”

“You, My sweet children – especially the Hierarchy – must be obedient to the Vicar of Christ or you shall cast yourselves away from My Divine Son – not only in this life but also forever! My beloved children: you must be the ‘light’, as My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, is the Light for the entire world. You must be holy children; faithful to the Words of God; obedient to His Truth. You must fight for the Truth, My sweet children, as the Saints in past generations have done and many even had to give their lives for the Truth!! Do not water-down the Teachings of My Divine Son and compromise the Teachings of the Church, for there is only one Truth and that is My Divine Son. He Teaches the same Truth through all the Vicars and through those Bishops and Priests united with Our Holy Vicar in Rome, in heart!”

“O, beloved children of the whole world: time is short! For this reason I come so often to the world now. I spend more time on this Earth than I do in Heaven right now, because I am Mother of the Church; the Mother of all the children in the world – whether they are Christian or non-Christian. I am your Mother and I Love you!! I seek your salvation and protection, My sweet children. Why have you not listened to My Words as I go throughout the world Counselling My children? Have you forgotten that I am your Mother? Do you not think that I care for you?”

“O, children! O, children! What has become of you? Do you not read the signs of the times? Can you not see with your eyes, or are you so blinded? Are your hearts so hard that you cannot see the Truth? Do you want your countries destroyed before you believe in My Words? When I came so many years ago at Fatima, My sweet children, I told you then that the world would suffer great wars and wars are a punishment for sins, My sweet children! Do you think that you can escape now? Do you think that you, My sweet children, are holier than in the time at Fatima? And what happened, My sweet children? – another great war came! And what will happen now to this unrepentant generation? Do you want your children murdered, My sweet children? Do you want to see blood in the streets? Do you want to starve and see your children starve? – not only for days, My sweet children, but for weeks and months, until they die!!”

“Yes, My sweet children, I come to you as a Mother very concerned for Her children, because the world is toppling further and tumbling towards the abyss and no-one raises their hands to save the world, except for a few souls. The world, My sweet children, is in great danger; I have said this to you so many times, but will you listen to My Words? No! – you won’t!!”

“Even many of Our children of the Hierarchy close their ears. It would be wise for Our children not only to pray, but to learn of the Words which My Divine Son and I have revealed, through countless Mystics and Seers throughout the whole world. Read, My sweet children, the Words which My Divine Son has given to you through the Gospels. Read the Words which My Divine Son has given to Our beloved daughter, Catherine Emmerich and you will understand the time that Holy Mother Church is living through now! The Crucifixion, My sweet children – the Mystical Body of Christ – is now going through the Passion and the Crucifixion just as the Master did – My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. Don’t you understand this yet?”

“Our Holy Vicar John Paul II, crucified by his very own, is telling you the same and yet you close your ears. Look about you, My sweet children and know that you are living in the ‘last moments’ of your time; of your era! I do not come with Words that [are intended] to frighten you, My sweet children, but to give you hope and encouragement; to know that this time must be – but you need not share in the sins, My sweet children; rather, become holy and sanctified, because you must make account of everything that you do, everything that you say and also, the sins of omission, which many of Our children have forgotten!”

“To this nation, Australia, the country that I Love so very much – this country which is consecrated to Me – I place My mantle over many of Our children here, but many of Our children have become deaf! They do not read the signs they are permitted to see. You have seen the great rains, My sweet children and yet many will not believe! However, I tell you this, My sweet children – as time goes on, prepare yourselves well, for great, great, cold will come upon this land, because something will happen at the South Pole, which brings great freezing conditions upon this nation and many of Our children will be frightened; many of Our children will die and will you then learn? Will you then listen? Will you then pray, My sweet children?”

“You must pray much for the Church and the world, at this stage of time and this country, too, is in much danger! Pray for your enemies, My sweet children – those who seek your destruction. You are free for now, but you are already suffocating through your sins. The freedom which you have in this nation is only a physical freedom, My sweet children, yet your souls are starving – starving! – for the Word of God. The evil one casts his nets around you to suffocate you with materialism; modernism!”

“The Seven Capital Sins are committed daily in this nation by many of Our children and what does this mean, My sweet children? – that you have cast yourself away from God, My Divine Son, Who is your Saviour! Mortal sin is never spoken about any longer, but it exists, My sweet children and many of Our children are in this state, not only in this country of Australia but throughout the world. And what does sin do, My sweet children, but take you away from the ‘Living God’ and if you die in this state where do you think you will go but to Hell, unless you repent!!”

“My sweet children, I come to the world to warn you and to prepare you spiritually and even physically. You must listen to Me now, while you have the time, for soon you shall see signs and wonders in the Heavens and on the Earth. The Earth shall move and many souls will be swallowed-up! It saddens My Immaculate Heart to tell you these things, but if I did not tell you these things I would not be a Loving Mother, for what mother would deny her children the truth if, she knew the truth would save them? Like many mothers, I Love My children. Do not cast Me aside, My sweet children.”

“Pray, now, especially for Our Holy Vicar in Rome, for an attack upon his person is close at hand and this will bring great shivers of fright throughout the whole world, for there are many enemies in Rome, My sweet children, who do not follow the Teachings of My Divine Son, but rather, follow the road of Masonic Satanism – for the Masons, My sweet children, are very much entrenched within Holy Mother Church! You will know My Priests, My sweet children, by their love for Me; by their love for My Divine Son in the Blessed Eucharist; by their love for Our Holy Vicar. These are the signs that will show you who belong to Me!!”

“We give you the signs so you may understand, My sweet children. Pray for those children who are in darkness; pray for the Hierarchy who have ‘fallen asleep’ – those who are working for the destruction of Holy Mother Church, like Judas did! Do you think, My sweet children, that it would be different now from what it was in the time when My Son Walked the Earth? If Judas betrayed My Son two thousand years ago, don’t you believe that many of Our children in coming generations would do the same? Yes, My sweet children, there are many Judases in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth and many of them are very close to the Vicar of Christ. Do not judge them! Pray, for them! Pray, My sweet children, for all Our wayward children who have lost the path of Truth and Light and have gone onto the road of perdition. It is for your prayers that I seek to save all the children, whether they are enemies of Christ or those children who love Christ. You must pray for all – for We seek the salvation of those who are against My Divine Son as well as those who are for My Divine Son. But I have now given you the ‘sign’; you must now know those who are with Me and those who are against Me. It is not hard, My sweet children, to understand what is Truth and what is falsehood. Discern the Spirits, carefully, for the Spirits now roam throughout the whole world! All Hell is now on Earth – or can you not see that?!”

“Abominations upon abominations in My House – My Son’s House – upon Earth! The Altars are desecrated; sacrilege upon sacrilege! Don’t you believe any more in the Presence of My Divine Son in the Eucharist, My sweet children? He is still there, you know; He is still there! Jesus has not left His Church! My Divine Son said, so many years ago, that He will remain with the Church even to the consumption of the world!!”

“Pray for all the leaders of the world, that they will work for peace for, at this time, they are preparing for war. The ‘spark’ in Asia, My sweet children, is only the beginning. Watch and pray for the Middle East, My sweet children.”

“I Love you, My sweet children – and for those children of the Light: I give to you My consolation and Blessings. Persevere, My sweet children of the Light; go to seek-out your brothers and sisters who are in darkness and bring them back into the Light, with your prayers and example – through your fasting and sacrifices and penance – and you will be surprised how many children can be brought back into the fold before it is too late.”

“Do not judge one another, My sweet children, but pray for one another; offer-up sacrifices. If you truly love your brothers and sisters you will pray for them, for this is the greatest act of charity that any man or woman can give. Give of your time to save one another; spend time in prayer, My sweet children, for prayer is essential at this hour. The time-clock of the world is now on twelve; the hour-glass is empty! The last grain has passed and the time of the Wrath of God is near! So lift-up your hearts to the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost and be shining examples: Christ-like children. Take courage, My sweet children, for My Divine Son and I are always with you. We will guide your steps.”

I Bless you all now, My sweet children – especially all those here present – to give you a special Grace of perseverance. Be not afraid; trust in Me and trust in My Divine Son, Who Died for you. I Bless you all now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“For those, My sweet children, who are suffering so very much for the love of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart: take courage, My sweet children, for when you carry the cross We are with you; We stand there to help you carry this cross and, through this cross which has been handed to you, not only will you be saved but also sanctified and purified; and through this cross which My Divine Son has given you to share with Him, you will save many souls. I Bless you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray much, My sweet children, now; pray for all the Priests, the Bishops and the Cardinals; pray for all the leaders. Pray that peace will come to the world; that the Reign of Jesus and Mary will come into the hearts of all of Our children, soon. And don’t forget your sweet brothers and sisters in Purgatory, for they too, have been forgotten by most of Our children in the world. They seek your help, My sweet children and I, as your Heavenly Mother, beg of you to pray for them and forget them not. I Bless them all as I Bless you now: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child: tell them now to continue with their Rosary and offer the Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, as I wish to speak to you privately, My sweet child and will answer everything that you ask of Me.”

(The Rosary is recited.)