Message 301A – 26 July 1990




Dear Fellow Believers,

On the 8th of September, 1990, Message No. 301 was issued with details of Message from Our lady which was given to a Priest in Germany, through the Seer known as Hedgerose. This Message has caused much confusion amongst the people due to its many sacramental requirements and the extraordinary needs.

We have, in the meantime, realized – after carefully studying the Message – that its contents were incorrectly interpreted and translated. The fault rests entirely in the Australian office, which did not recognize the problems which this Message posed. It is herewith presented in the corrected form so that all may properly understand its importance.)

OUR LADY: “My Dear …………: through the apostasy which is found everywhere, some individuals – really faithful people – may gain more Graces. God now seeks and gathers, His faithful souls before the great punishment comes and He sees where the faith is genuine and where it is pretence. At this moment in time, many more indulgences are being granted. In the moment of gaining an indulgence the most important point is that the person must be fully freed from self, in total surrender to the Divine Will. All other external conditions may be easily fulfilled by everyone, but this one must be added.”

“Today, troops are moving the dangerous yellow gas [from Clausen, Palatinate, West Germany]. They are chemical bombs and bacteriological bombs [which are] now to be destroyed; [to be] made harmless. They were the ‘iron reserves’ of the Americans, to use – in case of emergency – by the Germans in fighting the Russians. These weapons will – as soon as they have reached their destination – be destroyed; made `harmless’. This will cause great bacteriological harm to the environment, even though such is being denied. As a result, two new sicknesses and a pestilence will break-out, which will rapidly spread-out from the Pacific; this is the area where the bombs are being brought for destruction.”

“Meanwhile, all the inhabitants of the German Democratic Republic have become rebellious, despairing and aggressive, because unemployment is rapidly spreading. Many are hungry and have too little savings to span the period of time until unemployment benefits are granted. Starvation, which is already rife in Poland, is now also reaching-out to East Germany and will then come to the West, since now – with the borders open – all will flee to the ‘nations of plenty’.”

“The troubles – now still ‘on the boil’ – will soon seethe, because of the shortage of food. The hatred, which the enemy has sown in their hearts – that the ‘golden’ West is responsible for their unemployment – will soon turn into guerilla warfare and then into a world war. Meanwhile, everyone still talks only of ‘peace’. Thus man prepares his own temporal chastisement, without God willing it! Since the destructive will of man is ever in the Mind of God, He is already preparing the ‘globe of redemption’. This ‘globe’ is by no means a pleasant relief, but will serve to immediately cleanse hearts amidst the raging war; it will strike the Earth and bring with it three days of darkness. After slowly changing its path, it shall strike and split the Earth. No man will survive this ‘splitting-up’!”

“However, the children of God who have taken all the instructions seriously and have totally committed themselves to God, while all is still well – in faith and total loving surrender to the Will of God – these will be then protected by Me and escape this terrible scourge of God because His Love, which Chastises and Heals, is that of a Loving Father, so God’s Love Heals and helps all those who love Him. But where there is blaspheming and hesitating, distrusting and doubting, there the Father cannot intervene with help, because these are no longer His children!”

“Thus, take the opportunities to gain indulgences as long as possible. This is more important than making provisions for the body, though you should do that as well. Soon there won’t be any provisions available to be purchased. Firstly, they will become more expensive – so expensive that only a few will be able to afford them. This will cause the outbreak of violence, but then the goods will also disappear from the shops.”

“You who once lived through a war may well imagine the situation. Those who were too small in those days to worry about provisions for the body and have never experienced such a time, have grown-up in luxury which has now taken-on alarming dimensions. As long as all is available it may well be enjoyed, as long as one remains content once it is taken away. He who has enough faith and trust has received a Food List – as a Sacramental – which I have revealed only to the ‘Little Pebble’. All those who do not doubt him and his Mission; who are content with all that God sends and accepts it with faith, will always have something to eat from the contents of the food list being stored on their shelves. It need not be much as it is never going to run-out and therefore, everyone can create that place.”

“From today onwards, please do not take your medals off your body! (During hard work – or when taking a bath or shower – scapulars can be removed and placed near you, but leave medals on; especially the Saint Benedict medal. After the 1st of July, place an ‘Ave Crux’ medal under your plate or dip it in your drinks. Other medals are also suitable. Remember to say Grace Before Meals, as this blesses the food.”

“How you wear a medal – be it big or small, beautiful and precious, or simple and plain – if properly blessed there is no difference, because these medals may save your life, for eternity and, if it pleases God, may also keep the temporal life of the body. I therefore, here and now, list them once again and request that this letter be passed-on to all orthodox souls.”

Which should be worn around the neck

St. Benedict St. Michael
Crucifix, or Ave Crux Medal Brown Scapular
Rosary, carried or worn

Other medals are optional only. They are:

Miraculous (also known as the Immaculate Conception)
Holy Spirit St. Joseph
Infant of Prague (Child Jesus) Rosa Mystica
St. Anthony Our Lady of The Arc
Patron Saint


Our Lady of the Ark Scapular, which is a penitential scapular:
St. Charbel Scapular, which has powers of exorcism.

These and many more medals and scapulars are available.

“Remember, the Rosary and the medals are your weapons and a soldier who voluntarily drops his weapons, or stores them away, will be a loser in all his battles. He who reaches for his weapons only when the enemy is invading may not be able to reach them and he who only then decides to reconcile himself with God may not be able to do so. Always take care to have a clean soul, a loving heart, and be ready to make every sacrifice and do God’s Will.”

“Thus, when things become serious, the Graces you have gained will sustain you and keep you from much harm. No-one will escape without any harm; you must all go through this time. Prepare now while there is still a little time left. The more [spiritual] weapons you possess the less harm you will have to suffer!”

“Later, I shall give a private instruction to you (the Priest). This Message is meant for all.. Thus, I Bless you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Your Mother, Mary.


OUR LADY: “Even if some people doubt, it is coming and the cry will be loud. Through My Messages I have given many warnings and little by little I have prepared you. The Signs which have been Prophesied are gradually coming to pass, but there are still people who maintain: “Ah, yes, we’ve heard that all before”. But I sense a fear in their hearts, which stems from a lack of faith – a fear with which they cannot cope because true faith is lacking, a belief which can only be based on faith. So they simply reject the warnings – or play them down. In doing so they deceive themselves and cause others to disbelieve and, inevitably, be deceived.”

“I wish to mention two of the Signs – the earthquakes and the plague. The earthquakes are not occurring one at a time, as in the past, but always in threes, because that is the Holy Number, and should be a clear warning to you that it is a special Intervention from God. Furthermore, they are occurring with various intensities. In areas where especially sinful and faithless people live, the earthquakes are more devastating than in areas where Apparitions have occurred, or where people of faith live.”

“There is much evidence of this. For example, some say only the tables shake – others, the whole house. When the stronger earthquakes come it will happen like this: The houses of the unbelievers will collapse, because they have not been protected with Holy Oil, or small crosses placed everywhere with faith and belief. The homes of the believers will only have their walls shaken. At the Apparition sites there will be no shaking at all! The more sinful a place is, the more diseased the souls, the stronger God will place His Mark upon the place and its people.”

“The plague – which has already broken-out in three countries – will also come to Europe. The Holy places there, will be spared – especially those people who are in a state of Grace – unless they are to suffer and die in atonement! However, they will learn of this beforehand. The plague had been suppressed and no-one thought it would ever appear again!!”

“Here also the number ‘three’ shows itself clearly. In three countries it appeared anew, with severity. The bacilli germs are in the air, in the food and in the water. In no earthly way can one be protected from it, [except] only the true believers, who have recognized it as the Scourge and Punishment of God. They can protect themselves by praying and fulfilling the commands of the Mother of God. She alone will be able to heal and to protect.”

“The Punishment that is coming is, in the main, for blasphemies committed against God – such as standing for Holy Communion and Communion in the hand, loss of belief and the taking of innocent lives.”

“Spread this Message to those who won’t misuse the Messages of God.”

To prevent/treat the plague which is coming to Europe, the Mother of God has given the following advice:

“As a preventative measure, one is to drink St. John’s Wort tea. It must have been taken from the leaves of a plant without fruit and blossoms. One small swallow of the tea during the day is sufficient to prevent the plague! If nausea and headache have already appeared, you must drink ivy, or violet, tea – which also helps chest pain and in the evening, yarrow tea. At the same time you should pray ‘Father of Mercy……..’”

“I’ll now describe how the disease appears, so that you can recognize it early enough. A person who rarely gets a fever suddenly has a high fever without having a cold. Thereafter follows pain inside the head, the gut and chest. The headaches are not the normal ones which you get when you have a cold, or from the weather. They are also different from headaches caused by sicknesses such as tumours, or kidney disease, or by high or low blood pressure, or diabetes – sicknesses by which headache appears as a sign and warning-signal of the body.”

“The pain is neither the ‘pulling’ nor the ‘drilling’ type, but violent and no headache medication can relieve it or help it! This phase continues for about two weeks. If nothing is done about it, it develops further. Diarrhoea develops, as with other infections [such as stomach and intestinal ‘flu]. All of this is also accompanied by high fever and attacks of fatigue. Then the first signs appear on the body – at first with intense itching, as with other skin diseases and pus-filled pimples appear and everything spreads very quickly. After about three weeks, the entire body is covered with these sore spots and the fever subsides; the body has been so weakened that it can no longer fight back with fever, which is usually a defence mechanism of the body against disease. At times, loss of consciousness alternates with hallucinations and spells of dizziness, so that the person can no longer leave his bed. It takes only three or four more weeks before the person is dead.”

“This is the course which the illness takes if absolutely nothing is done about it! Since everyone goes to the doctor with even the slightest symptoms of illness the person will most likely receive an injection which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and there will seemingly be an improvement. This is a deception, because the illness cannot be healed by an antibiotic; only the body’s warning signals disappear and the person lives another three to six months; longer is not possible and no herb recommended by Heaven can help anymore.”

“That is why I advise you at the very first sign to drink the above-mentioned teas and to pray, because they help in a supernatural way only if you believe in the Revelations from Heaven. That means that it is not the plant from which the tea is made which has the power to heal you – which is often the case with other plants and other diseases. It is God who heals you and He does this on account of your belief, which you can prove by accepting My instructions and following them. If you follow them superficially the tea won’t help you. It can then become clear who the false and insincere believer is, and who is true and sincere.”

“I will spread My mantle over those who are faithful.”
Your Mother, Mary.


OUR LADY: “Can anyone at all be saved when God purifies mankind by Punishing it; mankind who has been warned for decades and who has not listened to God and who now, through God’s Punishment, will be ravaged worse than in the time of Noah?!”

“Yes, mankind can survive in the strength of belief. As with Moses, who pleaded for his people who had turned from God and defied him, God intervened with Punishment and brought poisonous snakes upon them, from which bites they all died. Then God made a condition: Only those who believed could be saved. In that way they were all saved; they who, with faith, looked-up to the bronze snake were saved; did not die then! So, too, everyone can be saved this time: Those who accept with faith and trust the help from Heaven; who take the precautions and by doing so show God their childlike faith.”

“The Ave Crux Medal can be a protection against the epidemics of plague, cholera, typhus and the prevention of the cramp-like pains of the diseases of the final days. After the 13th of July – the Feast of Rosa Mystica – you should purify your food with drops of Holy Water. Keep a small bottle on the table, along with the salt and other condiments. It will soon become a habit. Put a few drops of the water on the food; it will not fall prey to Satan, who tries to poison you in this way. You can also use a cloth dipped in Holy Water to wipe your fruit.”

“And the air? Is it not also contaminated? Yes it is – and therefore you need protection. The Saint Benedict medal and the other Sacramentals which you wear will protect you. God wants to see your child-like faith which says: “Yes, Father, as You wish”; your conscious living in the Faith, because belief is not just some wonderful feeling but an act of will and intelligence. It grows in the heart and people who have little intelligence, or even sick souls, can also believe, because God teaches them through their hearts and their human intelligence will not impede them.”

“All thinking people – even while they concern themselves with transitory things – should use their intelligence with faith. The doors and window-frames of your homes should be smeared with Holy Oil or Wax and a Saint Benedict medal, together with a small cross, be placed on each window. It need not be conspicuous.”

“Now, what is being done for the body should especially be done for the soul, because it is your eternal possession. Consecrate yourselves daily to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Holy Ghost and to Myself. Don’t forget a prayer to the Angels – the most blessed being the Saint Michael Chaplet. That is your only protection. Go equipped with these prayers, to work and on the way to wherever you go, no matter where it may be.”

“Don’t forget that every child of Mine should pray at least one Rosary each day. Pray and give thanks before and after meals; when taking food between meals, at least make a small Sign of the Cross at your mouth. Those who wish to atone for their sins and thereby shorten their time in Purgatory, must pray more. They should pray at least two Rosaries daily and, in between, small invocation Rosaries as short and fervent prayers in atonement for the many insults that are made to God by themselves – through their sins – and by others.”

“Bless your enemies; pray for them and you will disarm them. When you are feeling oppressed by the devil pray short and fervent prayers; call upon the Holy Names and the Archangel, Saint Michael. Try to go to Confession as often as possible; receive the Sacraments to gain indulgences for yourselves and your loved-ones; help save souls. Then you will be safe in God’s hands!!”

“In these days it is no longer sufficient to do only what the Church teaches. Not even your duties would be fulfilled, because your duty includes making atonement in imitation of the Lord. Care for your souls and nurture your faith – as much, as often and with the same interest as you look after your body. If you have favourite pastimes, think about just how much time and effort you spend on them and think about owing God just as much time since He gave you life and all that you possess.”

“Then, when Divine Justice descends upon the world, you will be prepared for the hard times and the Victory of My Immaculate Heart, which will lead you victoriously from imprisonment and set you free. And when the world has been purified – and when everyone prays to God again and everyone lives in peace and love with each other – there will be neither contamination, disease, poverty nor fear. Love and peace generate a pure atmosphere, so that you will no longer need to take precautions with food, drink, nor with breathing.”

“Believe Me, now, so that you don’t begin to open your eyes when it is too late and when nothing more can help you. Please give this summary of precautions to everyone who wishes to save themselves and their loved ones.”

Your Mother, Mary.

These directions from Heaven are to assist us to live according to God’s Holy Will; to protect us in the times which are here and those which are to come; to protect us from Spiritual and physical dangers.

Those who follow in faith are rewarded in faith.

God Bless,

The ‘Little Pebble’