Message 318 – 7 September 1991



My Church upon Earth is now destroying itself and following path of the Evil One; very few of the Hierarchy are listening to My Voice – You have little time left to repent and turn to the Path of Truth – Hearts have become stones, for the dew of love rests no more in the hearts of My children – Soon you will enter the second half of the time of Tribulation – They have trodden upon My Sacred Body and Blood; upon My Divinity; upon My Most Holy Mother – A heavy trial has been sent to the world through the ‘rock of light’ to test the children of the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord is already standing on the Altar. He has been there since the last decade. Our Lord is clothed in royal red – a very deep coloured red velvet cloak and a beautiful silky white tunic. Jesus is wearing a Crown as a King and on top of the Crown is a Cross. He was showing me something privately just before, but Jesus came out of the Tabernacle in a beautiful star-like diamond light and there are five great Angels kneeling around the Tabernacle. Jesus is holding out his two arms as if in Benediction and He has the Wounds. I can see them very clearly, but they are not bleeding.

Saint Michael is standing behind Our Lord and is very much taller than Jesus – about nineteen feet tall. Saint Michael is like a soldier and is dressed also with a cloak – a red velvety cloak – and upon his chest is the Imprint of the Face of Our Lord, which is like a brass plate upon his chest. Jesus is just smiling and He is looking around. He looks at everyone with His beautiful blue eyes, very deep eyes, as though He can read the hearts of every man. He seems to be very happy and content.

The three Angels to my right are totally prostrate before Jesus. They have beautiful blue wings and are the Angels of the Altar.

OUR LORD: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our son of My Divine Light, the Rock that will guide the Church in its most darkest hour – I greet you dear child, from My Sacred Heart and all Our sweet children here present and throughout the world. In a short while, My dear child, My Blessed Mother will come and speak with you; but before She comes, I wish to give a short counsel to My House upon earth, which is now destroying itself and following the path of the Evil One.”

“As I look upon the world in these many months that I have come to visit Our children in every land, I see that very few of the Hierarchy and My Priest Sons are listening to My Voice. It is with sad heart that I see this, for I have given every opportunity for mankind to follow the leadership of My Most Holy Mother, Mary the Immaculate Conception. If they do not listen to the voice of My Most Holy Mother, who will they then listen to?”

“I have sent the Church many Prophets, many Seers – many Holy people – to bring forth My Word, especially to the Church Hierarchy who watch over My Word and bring forth My Word to the multitude, but all has been placed aside, believing that these times are no different than before.”

“Soon the anger of My Father in Heaven will be felt upon the Church, My House upon earth and upon the whole world. It is time for My Priest Sons to open up their hearts and follow the directives of My Most Sacred Heart and that of My Most Holy Mother. If I say to you that time is short, believe it. You have but a little time, sweet children, to repent of your ways and turn to the path of Truth. My Most Beloved Mother and Queen of all Hearts has gone throughout the world delivering the Words from My Heart.”

“It is time for Our children to act upon Our Words and live My Word. In essence, My sweet children, what is this Word that I speak of? It is that all those who proclaim that they are Christians, inheritors of My Father’s Kingdom, should live the Gospel to its fullness. As My Apostle, Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Paul spoke of so frequently: Love one another as I have loved you. This, My sweet children, must be lived, not merely by words.”

“The world has become cold. The hearts have become stones for the dew of love rests no more in the hearts of My children. The warnings that We send are not listened to. Only a few children obey Our Words with faith and trust. And very many of Our children who should know better, question the Will of the Eternal Father in His Divine Plans, wishing to understand all that My Father wishes to do for the world and for My Church upon Earth. It is not for My children to question the Will of the Eternal Father – it is for My children to have faith and to trust and have confidence in Our Hearts. We will not lead you astray, dear children. We have come to the Earth to bring salvation, hope, comfort and love, to guide Our children so they will walk through the path of the Cross to Paradise.”

“And, I say again that time is short. Soon Our children will enter the second half of the time of Tribulation where there will be gnashing of teeth and much weeping and very much sorrow. The end is not so far away as you can see, My sweet children, for Apostasy is with you. Calumny is with you. Persecution is with you and all types of atrocities and sacrilege in My House upon Earth. They have trodden upon My Sacredness – upon My Sacred Body and Blood – upon My Divinity – upon My Most Holy Mother – for many have cast us out of their hearts.”

Do you truly believe, My sweet children, that the Eternal Father will allow this abomination to continue? My Father has been patient with this generation. It should have been destroyed many decades ago, but through the intercession of My Most Holy Mother and through a few souls that are scattered throughout the world, this generation has been given more time.”

“Seek not the pleasures of the Earth, My sweet children, thinking that time is long; but rather seek the pleasures of Heaven, for soon Heaven will meet Earth in a great cataclysm and most of Our children throughout the world are not prepared for this.”

“I call on all of Our Children of the Light who bear My Sign of Victory in their hearts; go forward in the light. Pray unceasingly for all children, that all may be saved and receive My Divine Infusion of Light into their hearts; that they may know that the Son of Man, their God, has spoken. I love you all, sweet children. You are the children of My Most Sacred Heart. I have placed you within My Heart and there you shall remain with Me.”

“Pray for your brothers and sisters. Pray for the Order of Saint Charbel, which I have founded through My little son. Pray for all the Voice-boxes throughout the world, that they may receive light and be strengthened during this great time of trial. Pray for My Beloved Vicar, Pope John Paul II, for his full Martyrdom is near. All that you now see is not real, My sweet children, throughout the world, for there is much done in a silent way to undermine the Church and the world.”

“Soon you will see and your eyes will be opened at all that is done in secret by the enemy of My Heart, which is your enemy also. Be not fooled, My sweet children, as to what you hear in the media, for this is not so in reality. So, pray for your Leaders; pray for the Hierarchy, especially the Cardinals and Bishops, that they may truly awaken from their slumber before it is too late.”

“I Love you all, My sweet children and I Bless you from My Most Sacred Heart. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I Bless you too, My dear child and your Mystical wife, from My Most Sacred Heart. Continue to carry the Cross for Holy Mother Church, for My Father in Heaven has a Plan of Beauty for the greater Glory of My Most Holy Mother and for the Church of My Sacred Heart. Follow all that you have been instructed by My Most Holy Mother, dear child, and fear not, for I walk with you to help you with your Cross and all those that are with you in this time of tribulation. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus is now turning to His right and He is looking up towards Heaven and I can see a beautiful brilliant blue light. Around the blue light is a white glow and it is moving at a rapid speed. It is a very large light; it is like a planet because it is so far away, but now it is coming forward. There are many other lights and I can now recognize there are many, many, Angels and our beautiful, Blessed Mother. She is in this ball of blue light and is nearly here. There are hundreds and hundreds of Angels fluttering around Her and there are flowers all over the place. It is really beautiful. Our Lord is smiling and He is opening up His arms as He is reaching out towards Our Holy Mother and Our Lady, too, is opening up Her Arms to meet Her Divine Son.

The light now is behind the Crucifix and Our Lady steps out of this ball of blue and shining white light. It is hard to explain, but Our Lady is dressed in beautiful white with a royal blue cape, which has a hood on it. Our Lady has on a Crown of roses and it is really beautiful. Our Lady is being guided by the Angels – like a guide bringing Our Lady to Our Lord. Jesus takes Our Holy Mother in His Arms now and kisses Her Head and Our Lady kisses Jesus’ beautiful heart. It is the first time that I have seen that.

Now, Jesus steps a little bit to the side and I can see all of Our Lady’s hair. It is very long. It is sort of goldish colour and Our Lady smiles and looks around at the people. It seems as though Our Lady looks beyond this place. It is really unusual. It is like being in another world. I cannot explain it, but it is as though I can see everything Our Lady sees.

Our Lady now looks towards Father Broussard and there is a beautiful little Angel here. It is only the size of an eighteen month old baby. It is a little Cherubim and the Cherubim holds a rose – a beautiful red rose. It is a large one and inside the rose I can see there is a golden Cross. The Angel comes towards Father Broussard and hands him the rose, but Father cannot see that. The rose goes straight into the soul. It is very unusual, but it is very beautiful. The little Angel nods his head and goes back to Our Lady. Our Lady just smiles. Our Lady is holding a beautiful Rosary. It is a pearl Rosary this time, with a golden Crucifix.

Jesus is standing to the left of Our Lady and Our Lady is standing here between the statue of Our Lady and the Crucifix. I wish you had the grace to see the things God shows me, then you would truly be strengthened and you would be able to carry any Cross that God sends you. Our Lady nods Her Head and smiles. She reaches out to Our Lord and takes His right Hand and kisses It. Now, She takes the Crucifix and kisses the Crucifix on the Rosary.

OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you My dear child of My Immaculate Heart and My sweet children here present and throughout the world. I Bless you all from the Heart of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart. I thank you, My sweet children, for the many prayers that you have offered for the many intentions so vital for the security of this Mission here in Australia. Fear not, My sweet children. The Mission will continue as always, as this was prophesied and promised by My Immaculate Heart for all time. “

“These times for Our children of the Light are very difficult, as the Eternal Father has decreed a great trial for the whole world, especially for the children of Light. You must all go with fortitude, My sweet children, with faith and trust and obedience of love. Trust in My Immaculate Heart, that I will watch over you – those that seek the Divine light of My Divine Son.”

“There is nothing for you to fear, My sweet children. Even in the darkest hour the light of My Immaculate Heart will shine – shine, that you may see and follow the path of righteousness. It will become even darker yet in the next few months, My sweet children; through the trial that we have sent upon the world, especially through My Little Son, Our Rock of Light, because it is Our Wish to test Our children, to purify them and to make them holy. For all of you are being tested now to prepare you now for the final days of the Antichrist that soon will come to the world.”

“My Divine Son told you a short while ago that time is short. Yes, My sweet children, time is very short. The Eternal Father has placed upon the Church and upon mankind, a specific trial. It is through this trial that all of you will be tested and those who are found wanting will fall away, but not necessarily be lost. Those who go forward in the light of My Divine Son with faith, trust and obedience of love will carry the Cross through to the time f Paradise. It is for this reason, My sweet children, that all of you are now going through trial, because you must be strengthened for the coming attack that will be heavy upon the Church. This attack will come from the Antichrist himself. So therefore, My sweet children, be prepared, for heavy trials will soon come upon Holy Mother Church and also upon Our Vicar in Rome.”

“The days are numbered now in the few. It is for this reason that you must hold on to your Holy Rosaries. You must frequent Holy Communion and Penance. In this way you will be strengthened to overcome the onslaught against your souls and intellect.”

“This is the Battle of the Spirits, My sweet children. It is not a matter of understanding the Will of the Eternal Father, but rather it is by obeying the Will of the Eternal Father with total trust that you will follow Our path – the path of the Crucifixion. It is only through the Crucifixion, My sweet children, through the road of the Passion of My Divine Son and that of Calvary, that you will be saved and that you will enter into the Reign of Peace within a few short years. So, have courage. Take up your Cross and follow My Divine Son, for these are sad days. But the Victory of My Immaculate Heart is near. The Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart is near. The total Victory of the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart will soon astound the world, for all eyes will be opened by the Light of My Divine Son through the Signs and Wonders that will be seen in the Heavens and the Earth. These are the times spoken of through the Prophets of Old and the Apostles and through Saint John the Evangelist.”

“These are the times of the Apocalypse in its final hours for the world. So, strengthen yourselves with much prayer, My sweet children and have faith and trust in My Immaculate Heart. My visits to the Earth will soon be lessened as the Chastising Hand of My Divine Son will fall upon the world. Mankind does not listen to Our Voices, not thinking seriously of their lives eternally. It is with sad heart that I speak these Words because My Divine Son’s Heart and Mine are truly hurt. Our children, even those of the light, still do not see what God wishes for mankind in this hour. So, pray much, My sweet children and take courage for I am with you. So is My Divine Son, all the Saints in Heaven, and the Angels who are now constantly on Earth helping Our children to follow the path of righteousness during this dark hour.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart, to give you the strength and courage that you need to follow the path of My Divine Son to the end. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My Holy child, the Rock of Light, who will soon be asked to carry the full load of the Church with full responsibility as the Vicar of Christ, go forward in My Immaculate Heart, dear child. Be not afraid. Continue to carry the Cross that My Divine Son has given to you. It is because you freely have given yourself to Me and My Divine Son that many Graces will flow; not only upon you, but upon your wife, upon your family and loved ones, and upon the whole world. It is Our Wish that you continue to go forward in following the directions that We give you. It will not be long, dear child, before you will see the Vicar of Christ and a Great Victory will storm this Mission. Soon this will come. Continue to follow with your heart, with your faith and with your trust and obedience. We love you, dear child. Continue now with your prayers, My sweet children. I Bless you now: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”