Message 321 – 13 October 1991



World is heading towards a Great Cataclysm, greater than mankind has experiences since the foundation of the world – Take up the beads of love to atone for your sins and of your Forefathers, which have caused all the difficulties that now exists in the Church – Many will find themselves on their knees begging for mercy; the world will receive its just chastisement – The world will soon receive a sign that the time for the chastisements has come – “I will not serve; I will not obey”; it was this cry that brought Lucifer down into the very pits; many have followed him.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Lord is standing before a huge White Cross that is in the sky and Jesus is coming towards the Chapel. Saint Michael is standing behind Jesus and underneath Him is the map of the world, but is laid out flat. I can see branches of extreme light coming from the Cross behind Jesus and it is hitting certain areas of the globe. Now Jesus comes swiftly towards the Chapel and is standing about two metres outside. He is just looking to all of us. He seems to be looking at the whole world and I can see right through his eyes. In His Wounds there is a red light mingled with white. It is shooting towards us. Now an Angel comes to Our Lord’s right side and from the right hand of Our Lord comes blood. The Angel has a Chalice in His hand and catches the blood. Jesus nods to the Angel. The Angel now tips the Chalice upside down and as he tips it the blood flows towards the earth.

I can see part of the Ukraine and part of the northern countries above the Ukraine – the Estonian States. The Blood is coming down and is flowing. It seems to be covering these lands. I can see now part of Poland, Czechoslovakia, part of Yugoslavia, Croatia, and part of Serbia and also the northern sectors of Italy. The Blood seems to be flowing also in the eastern sector of Germany – in East Germany and up north, near Sweden. A touch is going over to Ireland and also England. This is where the Blood seems to be going right now. I can see a small sector in France and Spain.

Jesus is nodding His Head to the Angel, once more and he takes the Chalice away. Jesus now hands the Angel what seems to be a ball, but it is full of fire. The ball is now given to the Angel who throws it towards the earth, and the ball splits up into several sectors. One is heading over to South Africa; the others to Australia the Middle East and also, the United States.

The Angel now turns around to Our Lord and bows and he moves away from the side of Our Lord. Jesus looks very closely at us. He raises His Hand.

OUR LORD: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, Our sweet Rock of Love, Light for My Church upon earth and for the world; to My Little Rose, Daughter of Croatia and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world. What I have shown My dear son is as a warning to the world that the time for the Cleansing is near – for I, as the Son of the Living God the Most High, Command all My children to prayer; to take up the ‘beads of Love’ that the Queen of Heaven has given to you to atone for your sins and the sins of the Forefathers, which have caused all the difficulties that now exist in the Church.”

“The world is heading for a great cataclysm – far greater than mankind have ever experienced since the foundation of the world. I have sent to you the Queen of the Apostles, the Queen of the Prophets, My Most Holy Mother, to enlighten this generation for the times that you now live in. My warnings go unheeded. Therefore it is now time; time for the Wrath of My Father in Heaven to be given to mankind, that all may come to know that God is God – that he is the Alpha and the Omega from all time.”

“There is no excuse for any man, woman or child, to reject Our Words. All of Our children have equal Graces to ascend to the Throne of the Eternal Father, for I am a God of Mercy – a God of patience and endurance. I have been waiting for Our children to return to Our Bosom. However, only a few heed My Words. Now it is time for Our children to take notice of what We say and this will come to pass, as many will find themselves on their knees begging for mercy and forgiveness. But then, My sweet children, even though We will forgive you, it will be too late for you to amend your lives and to change the course of this world as it now stands. The world will receive its just chastisements as foretold from all time.”

“I Love you My sweet children. It is for this reason I Died for you. It is for this reason I offered you My Immaculate Mother, the many Saints and the Prophets, to help you to reach the Kingdom of My Father. You have been warned enough now. It is now time to turn away from your sinful ways.”

“Be children of the Light and follow My Light. Be witnesses throughout the world that all may learn of My compassionate Heart and of the Eternal Love of My Father in Heaven for you.”

“The world will soon receive a Sign that the time for the chastisements has come. So, pray dear children, unceasingly through the world – in your homes – in your work – in your play – and in My Houses upon earth. Let there be prayers constantly ringing throughout the world, that the Eternal Father be Merciful to you and give you the time to repent, for as of this moment, this time is extremely short, where there is no return for mankind.”

“Also My House upon Earth has gone so far away from Me that I cannot recognize My children. It will be asked of you, dear children “Who are you?” and you will say to Me “But Lord, I prophesied in your name – I healed the sick in your name – I spoke in Your name.” And I will say to you: “Go away from Me for I do not know you”. This is now the situation in the world and in My House upon Earth. You have listened to Lucifer and followed his path and you cry with him: “I will not serve. I will not obey for I know all that there is to know”. Yes, dear children, it was this cry that brought Lucifer down into the very pits that he is now in. Many have followed him and will follow him. But I say unto you as your God – you have all been warned. You have all received sufficient Graces to return to Me. No man goes to Hell unless he himself desires to go there. I will not force My children into Heaven, for this must come from your own hearts. He who seeks Eternal Life will have Eternal Life. He who follows Me will come with Me to the Eternal Father for all time. For eternity is now, sweet children. Not tomorrow or the next week, but this moment in time.”

“Think well of what you do, how you do it and what you say, for salvation is in the balance with every action – with every word – with every thought, My sweet children. There is only one way to the Kingdom of My Father and that is through My Cross – through My Passion and through My Immaculate Mother. The Eternal Father has given to mankind no other redemptive way. So remember well what I say today and what My Holy Mother will say in a short while.”

“I Love, you My sweet children and give to you My Most Sacred Heart, for this Heart is your salvation and redemption. And you My sweet son, My Rock, the strength for My Church: I say unto you: go forward in My Light and take courage, for I, the Eternal Son – the Father and the Spirit of Light and Love – will guide you and watch over you. You must bring all the little lambs to safe harbour in a short time to come, for the Church will soon go into great turmoil. I send you My sweet Mother, Mary the Immaculate, purest of all, to be your strength and your guide for this time.”

“And you, My sweet daughter, My Little Rose: Take courage and bathe in My Light. There is nothing to fear, for My Most Holy Mother will strengthen you to bring My Words to the people of your nation and to the world.”

“I Bless you both, as I Bless this Mission of My Most Holy Mother and all the Missions of the entire world united with you dear child. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I can now see the Blessed Virgin Mary and She is coming very swiftly with tremendous speed. It is like a Ball of Light. She is coming to the right side of Our dear Lord, Jesus. She is dressed in pure, beautiful white and has on a dark blue Mantilla. It goes down to Her feet. She is smiling and holds the Rosary in Her right hand. She looks towards Her Divine Son and kisses Him on His Cheek. It is really beautiful. He now places His Arms around Our Holy Mother. Our Lady now steps aside. She is very beautiful.

OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our sweet Rock of Love: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart, and My ‘Little Rose’ and all My sweet children throughout the world. Today, I will speak to My Little Rose, dear child, for I have special words for My children, not only of Croatia and Yugoslavia, but also for the children of this nation Australia, and throughout the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother looks at Maria and She will speak to her. (Message given in Croatian.)

Our Holy Mother is just looking about Her. The world is still there. Our Lady is sending blue lights towards the Earth and it seems to brighten up certain countries. I assume that these are the places where Our Lady is appearing now. Our Lady says that this is correct. Jesus is still there and Saint Michael is behind the two of them. Saint Michael seems to be a bit restless. I do not know why but he seems to be holding his Sword very high, as though he wants to come to the Earth. I can see the Dragon. It is a seven-headed dragon. It seems to be coming from near Moscow. Saint Michael seems to be going over towards Russia and he is holding his Sword and is looking towards Jesus to see if he has the authority to proceed. Jesus gently shakes His head – No, not yet! Saint Michael obeys and he takes the Sword and holds it still. Jesus says to Saint Michael – “Very shortly”.

The Dragon is becoming larger and is placing its feet – I can see it has placed one foot on Germany and the other foot is on Italy. The tail seems to be swinging right around the Soviet Union and the end of the tail is on Asia (near China), a bit further down. It is breathing a lot of fire. It seems to be firing a lot of other things out of the mouth. Now it goes away. I can now see the ocean rising and several countries in the northern parts of Europe seem to be under water near Holland, Norway and Denmark. It has something to do with this coming winter.

I can see very large fires in Australia and also in South Africa and Central Africa. There seem to be very big fires there – and eruptions in the Pacific Islands.

Our Lord is showing me all these places, as there seem to be a lot of problems around different countries. In Central America there seems to be a lot of volcanic action taking place.

Saint Michael is writing in the sky – in red – “Soon”!

Jesus lifts up His arm once again:

OUR LORD: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“This is all now, My dear child. Already what We have shown you for the world is so the people will understand that the Wrath of the Eternal Father is near. We seek prayers from Our children. It is through prayers that the chastisements will be mitigated. Take courage, dear Children of the Light, for you have nothing to fear. It is only those who are in darkness. They have much to fear. First, the loss of their souls and second, the chastisements from the Eternal Father. However, My Father in Heaven is Merciful, and He waits for the return of Our children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother sends a big kiss. I do not think that I have ever seen Our Lady send a kiss before. It is really lovely. It is like a Light coming out of Her Mouth. It is warm and She is sending it all over us. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross once more:

OUR LORD: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now with your prayers, dear children, and pray for the countries in most need of God’s Mercy.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother makes the Sign of the Cross too, with Jesus:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus, Mary and Saint Michael go back deep into the sky and we will continue with prayers. In particular, we will pray for Croatia and for the countries in the world that are in great need.