Message 323 – 1 November 1991



Dear Friends of Jesus:

This year has been one of many trials and suffering for many souls. The year has turned many good souls against each other due to one’s understandings and misunderstandings – yet time progresses and much of God’s Holy Will has been fulfilled and also, some not as expected. However, one thing we do know is that whatever God has said will come to pass, as promised. But I must say to all: “Take courage and trust in God’s Love and Mercy, for He knows what is good for His children. And those who are having difficulties: Accept things as they stand. Pray and pray again and leave time to bring forth the Light of understanding.

You are all dear children of Jesus and Mary. Remember, you are brothers and sisters; judge no one, but pray and love and forgive one another.

We are now approaching the second half of the seven years of Tribulation. You must hold firm to Our Lady’s Hand, with your Rosary and love. Let these years to come be a shout of joy and Victory for the two Most Beloved Hearts: Jesus and Mary. Let us help one another to fulfill God’s Plan. With time, God will reveal all that we need to know as to why He allowed this or that.

So, dear people, I wish once again to encourage you and thank you for your loyal support and prayers, especially in these most difficult times. Pray especially for Pope John Paul II, for his time is now coming to a close; for the Antichrist must come to uproot our Holy Vicar so all will be fulfilled.

I wish you all a Holy Christmas, 1991 and a Blessed 1992. If all things go well, I plan to make a World Mission journey to every nation before and during this coming year’s Chastisements.

Please remember me in your prayers.

God Bless you,


P.S. I need to bring to your attention an anomaly that has taken place with our numbering system: Message 312 has been allotted to two messages – July 1991 and November 3rd, 1991. Please adjust those numbers of July, 1991 to 312A and November 3rd, 1991 to 312B. We apologize for this error.

We also wish to advise that the Messages of Our Lady of the Ark can now be obtained in booklet form in the German language by writing to: [Name and Address Withheld]

A donation to cover costs and mailing would be appreciated. The booklets come under the name of Der Heisse Draht.

It is also to be noted that Australia now has a second public Seer named Maria (Rose of Croatia) who is united with the ‘Little Pebble’ and receives the Message in Croatian while on the Holy Grounds of Our Lady, during the time the ‘Little Pebble’ receives his Message in English. Due to the delay in translations of the Croatian Message into English you will find that the Message given to Maria will be printed later on our Message sheets. They will be printed in Croatian and English and will be sent with the ‘Little Pebble’s’ Messages, on ‘Our Lady of the Ark’ letterhead. I ask that all peoples of the world pray for Maria and for the people of her nation.

P.S. 2: Within a few months you will be receiving the Messages that were given to the ‘Little Pebble’ in 1987. The delay in printing these was due to several factors:

1. they had gone astray

1. they had been given to people to type, but sicknesses and problems presented more delays. However, you may have noted that some of the 1987 Messages have been printed over the years, but there were many missing. The numbers will range from 326 to 332 and past 333.

Thank you, and God Bless you all.