Message 324 – 2 November 1991




Feast of All Souls

Souls in Purgatory can no longer gain merit on their own, they need prayers, offerings and sacrifices of the Militant Church – It is through the Brown Scapular that countless souls have been saved – Pray for Our Holy Vicar who is undergoing much trial; soon he will be taken into Paradise – Once again My Divine Son is being crucified by His very own; many have abandoned Him and left him alone on the Cross – Soon a great trial will come upon you once again.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a lot of Light coming from the Tabernacle and for the past five minutes there has been Light throughout the Chapel – tiny mothball-like Lights of different colours. There is a stream of Light which forms a V-shape on the Tabernacle then shoots backwards – forming a much larger V of crystalline slivers of light; it is very beautiful. Before that, a Light come out of the Tabernacle and hit Our Lord on the Crucifix behind it, Our Lady, Saint Joseph and then me. There is also a little red Light which forms a diamond-shape.

Saint Michael has been standing, for quite some time, behind the Tabernacle and now I see Our Lord, truly, on the Cross. He moans a little and moves His Head from side to side, very slowly; there are many Angels around Jesus, Who is very large in size even though He is very deep into the sky. At this stage Our Lord does not have the Wound on His right Hand, which is held near His Breast.

Jesus looks very sharply over at me with His beautiful blue eyes and one of the Angels ministering to Our Lord carries what looks to me to be a short sword. A hand has reached out to the Angel – it is only an arm, really – and takes the sword and plunges it into Our Lord whilst Jesus is still alive, but Jesus makes no outcry. The Angel turns around, looks at me and says:

ANGEL: “This is the lance for the Wound that is yet to come; that partially, has already been given, as the final thrust is yet to come to finalize the purification for this Mission”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angel names himself as Almadrotious; he says that he is the Angel of Pure Spirits and Defender of the Faithful; the Defender of the Purity of Man. He is a beautiful Angel who is not standing on the ground but in the sky, where the big Crucifix is. He doesn’t seem to be standing on anything solid there – just above it, by inches. There is a golden Light beneath his feet. He is not dressed in mourning clothes but, rather, in beautiful white linen.

Jesus is still not dead and He looks-over towards me. He has Tears running down His Cheek; not ordinary tears only, but also Tears of Blood. Jesus says to me:

OUR LORD: “My son: you shall drink the Chalice of My Father for the salvation of Holy Mother Church, united with My Most Pure Mother – Mary the Immaculate. When this is over, dear child – which will be soon – joy will flood your soul and [the souls of] all those who have remained faithful to My Word.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angel now makes the sign of the Cross:

ANGEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Head of Jesus now falls down upon His Chest and He has died. He disappears and so too, do the Angels.

Emerging from a Light very deep in the sky I can see something that is like a star, coming swiftly towards us. Sometimes it is very much like the movie ‘Star Wars’ when I see all these Lights. Our Lady is in this Light and I can see Her Figure and It is transparent! The Light that She travels in this time gives off a tremendous heat. Our Lady now comes very, very, near to the Tabernacle – hovering a little to the right of it – then comes out of the Light and steps onto some sort of cloud, dressed as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. There is a big Scapular over Her Chest – a very large one – beautifully embroidered; with Our Lady is the Little Infant.

Jesus is about two years old; He sits upon the left Arm of Our Lady and is also dressed in the colours of Mount Carmel and wears a Crown – a beautiful Crown – although It a is of a plain design. It has many stones on it and glitters as He turns His Little Head, just looking around at everyone. In His right Hand He holds a Scapular.

Many Angels surround Our Lady and I can see fire underneath Her; this depicts the Souls in Purgatory. The fires reach right up to Our Lady, but they do not burn Her; they also reach very deep down, below the Tabernacle and Altar. I can see souls coming through the fire, praying, looking at Our Lady and Jesus. It is really beautiful. Our Lady looks down at the souls, smiling. Jesus holds-out His little Hand towards them – and touches one of them – a young man who has come out of the fire to kneel before Jesus. He is dressed all in white and seems to be very, very, joyful. Our Lady continues to smile.

The floor of the Chapel has gone and the whole building is full of these souls who have come from beneath us. A ‘sea’ of people are praying, seeking our help. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross:

BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady puts a Finger to Her Lips and then kisses Jesus on the Forehead.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you My dear child – Our Child of light and love for Holy Mother Church and for the world – and all Our children here present and throughout the world in the Mystical Body of My Divine Son. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

“My Blessed child: I have come this evening to ask Our children to pray for the dear souls who are still detained in Purgatory. These souls can no longer gain merit on their own. They need the prayers, offerings and sacrifices of the Church Militant. I have come to plead with all of you, My sweet children, to pray for these dear souls who are in the Communion of Saints, but yet are detained due to the sins that were committed in their lives and not atoned for at the time of their death.”

“You, My sweet children, have the power and the grace from the Eternal Father to release many souls during your lives. This is the greatest act of charity that Our children can do while on Earth. Forget not the brothers, sisters and relatives that are detained, sweet children, but pray for them. In return they pray for you and, especially when they enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they have great power before the Throne of God to assist you while you still live and travel this ‘Veil of Tears’ while on Earth.”

“Especially I come as ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ because, through the promises I have given through the Merits of My Divine Son, many souls can be saved. First while they live upon the Earth, and second, when they are detained in Purgatory they are released swiftly. It is through the Brown Scapular, My sweet children, that countless souls have already been saved. It is My Maternal mantle over My children, especially those who believe and have faith, in My Word.”

“In these times where there is much suffering in the Church and in the world, more of Our children should turn to My Maternal care rather than walk away in dismay and non-belief in the great Mercies of My Divine Son for the world. These are the times of the great Prodigies and many signs and Miracles that the Eternal Father has allowed the world to see and witness – and yet, with all these wonderful Graces, mankind continues to turn a deaf ear and close their hearts and their eyes.”

“See how these children suffer in the Flames of Purging, where most of the children go when they are saved? A soul must be spotless – whiter than snow, My sweet children – before it can enter the Kingdom of My Father, and yours. It is through the Merits of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart and the Holy Saints, that many Graces are offered to mankind to avoid this place of Purging.”

“The Eternal Father does not desire that His children go there but, rather, come direct to Him at the time of their death. However, most children have not atoned for their sins during their lives and it is for this reason that most must pass through this place.”

“Work diligently, My sweet children, for your salvation; pray, unceasingly, that you enter the Kingdom of Heaven without going to Purgatory; pray for your brothers and sisters, that all may be saved in this last ‘hour’ of Mercy from My Divine Son for mankind. The hour of trial is already upon the Church and the world, but soon this trial will be in earnest and many shall weep many tears, My sweet children – all because Our Words were not lived and obeyed.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar, who is now undergoing much trial, for soon his time will be and he shall be removed from the Earth and taken into Paradise. Pray, My sweet children, for Holy Mother Church – for soon she will turn and follow Her Master, My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. Many of Our children have abandoned My Divine Son, just as Judas and the Apostles did at the time of the Crucifixion.”

“Once again My Divine Son is being Crucified by His very own and many have abandoned Him; left Him alone on the Cross. Won’t you succour Him, My sweet children of the Light, or will you abandon Him too? It is in this time of trial that you must hold fast to your Faith; to the Traditions; to all that is good and holy. What is there to fear, My sweet children? You need not fear man, for the Eternal Father is Lord over all things created, spiritual and physical. The Eternal Father has control of all things, My sweet children; nothing goes unnoticed by Him, for even the very hairs on your head are counted by Him. So what is there to fear?”

“The Eternal Father has sent to you the Holy Angels, to guard and protect you – but how many of you rely upon them and pray to them? For every man, woman and child there is a Holy Saint in Heaven who prays for them, for their protection and their needs. There is no need to fear, dear children, for I, your Heavenly Mother, am always with you. I place My protective mantle over you, for you are My children of love.”

“The road is not so long now, My sweet children, before My Divine Son returns to the Earth and claims His Own and all those who do not have the Sign of the Living God upon their hearts shall perish with Satan, his cohorts, and all those who have accepted his way. Judgment will come swiftly upon the Earth, My sweet children, for this time is near. Already the Angels of Justice stand awaiting the Command of their King, the Eternal Father. So, My sweet children, take up My Most Holy Rosary in this hour of great conflict of spirits and know that Victory is very near. Victory can only be with Heaven, even though Lucifer believes that he will be victorious – but he is blinded, like those who follow him. In his arrogance and pride he believes that he is the king and ruler of mankind, but it is only by the Power of the Eternal Father that he is permitted his time. Soon, Justice will fall upon him as well and his reign will be finished for all time. What a great joy will resound throughout the Heavens and throughout the Universe when this time comes. And you, My sweet children, will share in the Joys of the Eternal Triune God in My Immaculate Heart, through the great Mystical Body of My Divine Son. So take up your crosses, hold onto your ‘beads of Love’ and carry your cross all the way to the Kingdom of My Father, and yours.”

“Soon, My sweet children, a great trial will come upon you once again – but you are not to be afraid. Hold onto My Hand and We shall go through this trial together, for it is needed to save more children; to separate the sheep from the goats; to separate those who are lukewarm. Yes, My sweet children, for those that much is given – much is expected of them. However, with the help of My Immaculate Heart, all of you can pass through this trial with great fortitude, strength and hope.”

“In this coming year many shall see the Wonders of God and His Mercy for mankind. A sign shall be given so all can understand that God is God. Yes, My sweet children, these times are difficult, but have faith. With My Immaculate Heart all will triumph in Me, and through Me, to My Divine Son. I Love you, My sweet children and offer you My Immaculate Heart for your protection and your comfort. I Bless you all in the Name of My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Eternal Father and the Spirit of Light and Love. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Infant Jesus now brings the Scapular – the little Scapular that he has now in His hand – through the Chapel, gliding and placing this Scapular over someone. I am not permitted to see who this soul is, but it is a gift from Our Lady – as is also the Rosary which Our Lady has had in Her Hand. The Little Infant goes back to Our Blessed Mother, taking the golden Rosary from Her. He comes again and places the Rosary upon someone – another gift from the Mother of God. Now Jesus returns and sits again on the left Arm of Our Holy Mother; He really is cute. Our Lady smiles.

OUR LADY: “You, My sweet son, Our blessed child of love; you who have given all to Me – given your wife, your children, your ‘Mystical’ wife and your child; you who have given Me your families and your loved ones and your possessions: Because of this offering of your heart, I give you My Immaculate Heart, which will be with you for all time there, to remain within your heart now and forever. You are My son of Light and it is through your offering, dear child, to My Immaculate Heart, that the Church will be rescued and the trials that you will undergo shortly will pass swiftly. All those dear to you will be protected, dear son and you will have the strength and the courage to proceed with My Holy Will. You need not fear, My dear child, for no harm will come to either. However, the Words that I gave you so many months ago will be fulfilled, so the Glory of God can be seen in this work given to you and all those who work with you.”

“Soon, My dear child, you will meet with the Vicar of Christ and he will give you the strength and courage to go forward with the Mission entrusted to you and through him, this Mission shall receive the recognition that is needed for the Victory of My Immaculate Heart. I Bless you, dear child and all those who are with you – your loved ones, your families and all your beloved friends, brothers and sisters – in the Name of My Divine Son. I Bless all the Seers and the Voice-boxes; workers of My Immaculate Heart who work, steadfast and true, with My little child: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I send My Heart out to ‘Hedgerose’, My beloved daughter and also, to My little ‘Rose of Croatia’. This evening I will send you there to speak to My two daughters with the special Words I have for them. I Bless them and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue to pray, My sweet children, for My little sons and daughters who are detained in Purgatory. And a Special Gift to all My children throughout the world who have united in prayers this evening: many, many, souls will be released this evening because of your prayers – and it is through these prayers that the Houses of Saint Charbel will multiply and increase throughout the world so many more souls can be saved before the Chastisements fall upon the world. I give you My kiss of Divine Love to all of you who are within My Immaculate Heart.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady says to continue now with the prayers.

(The Rosary is now continued.)


This is to state that, on the 13th April, our son came to Nowra because our friends were visiting this place of worship.

Our son, [Name Withheld], who was born 12.1.82, has had an epileptic condition for 9 years. These seizures were mild ones, but nevertheless his seizures persisted.

Since he visited Nowra and was prayed-over, he has not had any more seizures. We believe he is being cured by prayers and the miraculous power of Mary.

We are here today to say “Thank You” and to pray for ongoing good health for us and our families and for peace in our homes.

(Signed) [Name Withheld]

[Names Withheld]

(Signed) The Little Pebble