Message 328 – 7 December 1991



These are the days where mankind is tried and tested to purify him – I, as Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix of All Graces, come to help Our children along the path to holiness and perfection – This is still a time of Mercy; Justice is coming to the world gradually until the Great Sign in the sky – All have the Grace to be saved; the world would convert if the Children of Light would sacrifice all for their brothers and sisters – May wonderful signs shall soon be given throughout the many Apparition Places, before the Warning comes.

LITTLE PEBBLE: For a long time now, there have been seven beautiful Angels around the Tabernacle. Six of them are in front and one is behind, the latter holding the Chalice with Our Lord and also, the Blessed Eucharist. The six Angels here before the Tabernacle kneel – adoring Our Lord Jesus. Behind the Tabernacle, very far in the distance, is the White Cross that is always part of this Apparition.

There are many, many, streams of Light coming from Heaven, from really far away, shooting-out like gliding Lights which are very hard to describe, but it is like a ray – not only white, but silver and gold and even red and blue and some other colours. They all seem to be reaching-out towards the Tabernacle, in a fan-shape.

Far in the distance I can see Saint Michael; in his hand he holds a ball of Light. Saint Michael is very, very, tall and as he comes before the Tabernacle he is becomes even larger. The Light held in his hand is shaped like an egg; brilliant Light. An aperture just like a door opens up in this egg – it is very unusual – and there is Our Blessed Mother!

Our Holy Mother is dressed in a white robe and a beautiful royal blue mantle is around Her neck. There is a very stiff-looking collar to it, as well; I do not know what it is called, but it is like the Queens of the Sixteenth Century used to wear in England and is a very beautiful, silky, royal-blue colour. Our Lady also wears a beautiful type of belt, also a royal blue, which has a beautiful bow in the front. On the right side, the bow hangs-down. Our Lady holds a blue Rosary in Her Hands; the Crucifix is golden. Upon Our Lady’s Head is a very thin [diaphanous] white scarf; it is very, very, fine – I can see through it. I can also see Our Lady’s Hair – it flows as it comes down a little bit over Her shoulder. Our Lady now steps forward, coming very close, towards the Tabernacle. The Angel who was holding Our Lord has also moved away, although the other six are still here. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son – Our holy child of Love; the one whom Heaven calls the ‘Little Rock’ for this Age in this time. I greet all My children here present and throughout the world. I come today as Mother of Mercy. The ‘blueness’ of My gown is a sign to the world of My Mercy that I give to mankind; it is the warmth of My Maternal Heart towards My children – especially those who seek refuge in My Immaculate Heart.”

“These are the days, My sweet children, of the trials and tribulations of the Apocalypse, where mankind is tried and tested to purify him, so he can enter the Kingdom of My Divine Son. I, the Heavenly Queen, stand by the Cross of My Divine Son to plead for the cause of all Our children, especially those in need. There are not many children in the world who have no sin – even for a short time – because there are many temptations for Our children: snares laid-out by the Evil One to capture Our children and take them away from the Eternal God. It is for this reason that the Eternal Father has sent His Daughter, Mary the Immaculate, as Mother of Mercy to the world, to be Mediator between God’s Divine Son, Jesus Christ and mankind.”

I – as Mediatrix and co-Redemptrix of all Graces – come to the world to help Our children along the path towards holiness and perfection. However, My sweet children, it is not only I that must help you, but you – you must help yourselves to reach the sanctity that the Eternal Father demands of you. The Eternal Father created you out of His Love and He desires that every child returns to Him when the completion of his life has been given. However, only a few children reach the destiny that the Eternal Father had [planned] for them from all time.”

“The Eternal Father is Merciful to His children, many of whom are far from Him now. This time given to mankind is still a time of Mercy, though short, because Justice is also coming to the world gradually, until the great sign in the sky is given. It is through the many trials and Tribulations and Chastisements which the Eternal Father allows for His children that mankind will be separated: Those who are with Christ and those who are against Christ. There is a great margin between these two poles, My dear children, because there is insufficient love throughout the world generated by Our children. If there were more love, more souls would come to know and love My Divine Son.”

“You are all gifted with special talents and Graces from the Triune God. No-one can be lost, My sweet children, unless they themselves desire it! All have the Grace to be saved – even at this time, when the world is so deep in sin and debauchery. The world could convert if the children of the Light would sacrifice all for their brothers and sisters, and Holy Mother Church would take heed of the Words given through My Divine Son and I; through the many Saints and Angels – with the Messages of Redemption to the world through Our Prophets and Seers and Voice-boxes.”

“There still is a chance, My sweet children, though the clock has ‘struck twelve’; the hour-glass has run out; the Divine Justice of the Eternal Father is now striking the world. God is still Merciful and He waits, hidden beneath the appearance of Bread and Wine in the many Tabernacles of the Earth.”

I – as Mother of Mercy – plead with Our children of the Earth to ‘step-up’ your prayers. Be vigilant and obedient to the Words of My Divine Son. Take up your Cross daily, My sweet children. Be not afraid to follow the path laid out for you, which is the Path of My Divine Son on Calvary. I, Mother of Mercy, will accompany you towards Calvary; the same way I accompanied My Divine Son. Lift up your head high, My sweet children and know that redemption and salvation is near through the Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, Who shall soon come in Great Triumph upon the clouds – with the Angels and the Saints to accompany Him – to greet all Our Beloved children, who have fought the good fight and have triumphed through My Immaculate Heart. The Victory of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary will soon be seen throughout the world and a new time shall come for mankind when the world is cleansed and purified by the Divine Wrath of God: by fire and Spirit.”

“The reign of Satan and his followers will soon come to an end, My children. Take courage; take the ‘sword’ of My Most Holy Rosary – the ‘sword’ of Justice and Truth of Saint Michael – and go forward in the Light of My Divine Son, fearing no-one; the time of Victory is near. I Love you, My sweet children; it is for this reason I come so often to the world to gather My sweet children under My mantle, which is My Immaculate Heart. These are the times, though sorrowful, for rejoicing, for you know that time is short for the world as you see it and a new world will soon be born and all My children who have been faithful to My Words will have the privilege of living in this new world. Blessed are they who follow the Word of God and keep it, for their inheritance is the Promise of the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son and My Immaculate Heart.”

“The Blessings of My Divine Son I give to you all now, to give you the strength and courage you need to carry your crosses, side by side with My Divine Son and I, your Heavenly Mother. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Soon, My sweet children, many wonderful Signs will be given throughout many of the Apparition places throughout the world. These Signs are the forerunners to give the Church a time to understand the Will of the Eternal Father before the warning comes to the world. There will be more Chastisements given to many countries: natural disturbances of great magnitude; more war; hunger; pestilence and diseases shall break-out throughout the world. All of this must come, My sweet children, before the Sign in the sky is witnessed by all. Time is moving forward also for Holy Mother Church and the Vicar of Christ – John Paul II, My Beloved Son. You must pray for him in these coming months and pray for all the Hierarchy and My Priest-Sons throughout the world, for they too, shall soon be on trial. Take up your Rosaries, My sweet children, and pray unceasingly throughout the world – for these prayers are needed for the salvation of many souls who are now on the road to damnation.”

“I Bless you, My children, through My Immaculate Heart. This evening I will deliver special roses for souls. These roses are a kiss from My Heart to yours. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, dear child and dear children, with your prayers, for I shall take these prayers to the Throne of the Eternal God, that all of your needs will be granted. Peace be with you dear children.

(The Rosary is now recited.)