Message 327 – 9 December 1991



To the people of France and all French-speaking countries: The Peace of the Christ Child be with you all in this Holy Season.

It has come to my attention that my previous letter to you has not been clearly understood, so once again I wish to write on the subject matter of Promoters and Translators. As always, we leave to all souls the freedom to promote and distribute the Messages of Our Lady of the Ark and Our Lady of Light. However, there are a few points you need to keep in mind.

Although the Messages of Our Lady of the Ark are now being translated into French by a Priest who has the support of his Bishop, this does not mean the current translator of the Messages, [Name Withheld], has been replaced or placed aside. On the contrary, we ask with gratitude that the Messages continue to be translated by [Name Withheld] who has now, for many years, worked very hard to prepare the Messages in French.

Also, it must be made clear that there are currently two main Promoters and some smaller Promoters in France. The Messages in French can be obtained from all these Promoters.

The main Promoters of Our Lady of the Ark and Our Lady of Light Messages – the ‘Little Dove’, are:

[Names and Addresses Withheld]

Both these Promoters have permission to register the Houses of Prayer of Saint Charbel; have a separate mailing list and separate translators of the Messages. However, both work independently of each other, yet they both have my support in their effort to make Our Lady of the Ark and Our Lady of Light Messages known throughout France and the world.

I wish to make it clear that, although the missions of the Little Dove and the Little Pebble come from the same Mother of God under different Titles, the unity of both Seers remain. It is essential that people work strongly together for the cause of Light.

I thank [Name Withheld] and [Name Withheld] and all who were involved in the promotion and translation of the Messages of the Queen of Light and Our Lady of the Ark. I wish to encourage them – the Little Dove and Promoters, [Name Withheld] and [Name Withheld] – in their good work of promoting the Messages and the Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer.

Lastly, I wish to exhort the Promoters of the Heavenly Messages, [Name Withheld] and [Name Withheld], to continue their good work.

Let us all pray and unite in God’s work.

With many Blessings to all for Christmas.