Message 329 – 11 December 1991



You will travel the world to console the afflicted and strengthen those that need the Word that comes from Our Immaculate Hearts – The Mission in Nowra will be triumphant, regardless of the persecution that continues; This mission will bring great fruit for the Church – The Warriors of Saint Michael, the Great Archangel, will protect you on all your journeys – No man has the right or authority to work against the Vicar of Christ – Defend the Vicar of Christ, even with your lives – Time is shorter than mankind knows.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael is already standing beyond the Cross on the wall; our Holy Mother is next to the Cross, dressed in yellow, with a long, white mantilla, which reaches right down to Her Feet and a beautiful gold sash is around Her yellow dress; it is like the one She wore in Escorial. An imprint of my face is on the sash, near the bottom. In Our Lady’s right Hand there is a beautiful Rosary made of golden pearls; the ‘Our Father’ beads are like diamonds which have only three sides. Our Lady has over Her head – not resting on Her head, but just about an inch above it – a Crown upon which is written ‘Queen of the Heavenly Hosts’.

Saint Michael stands like a soldier; he holds the Papal Flag and on it is the imprint of Saint Michael. Behind him are one thousand Angels – I know the exact number because it has been infused in my mind. They also, are dressed as soldiers and are called the ‘Warriors of Saint Michael’. All hold a sword in their right hand, raised as though in salute, the sword placed right in front of their face, with the tip pointed upwards. There are many, many, Angels surrounding Our Blessed Mother, in a semi-circle, which reaches very deep into the sky. I can see the Nine Choirs of Angels among them, clad in the various colours of the individual Choirs.

Our Blessed Mother now kisses the Form of Jesus on the Crucifix and Blesses us:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, the shepherd to come for Holy Mother Church. I greet all My children here present and throughout the world. I come today, My sweet son and dear children, to continue the Message that I began so many days ago, as I told you that I would come with Saint Michael to speak to you of important matters, for this Mission of My Immaculate Heart and for the world.”

“In the coming year, My dear child, you shall travel the world to gather the souls that need to be gathered under My mantle, for great trials and tribulations will come upon Holy Mother Church and humanity. It is during these trials that I send you out to the world, dear child, to console the afflicted – to strengthen those who need the Word that comes from Our Immaculate Hearts – for the Church and the world need thy guiding hand during these times of tribulation and the times to come. It is for this reason I come today to speak to you of preparations that are to be made. The Evil One is furious, for he sees how this Mission progresses further and further – bringing more souls to the Divine Light of the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost, through My Immaculate Heart.”

“As I have told you, My dear child and dear children throughout the world, the Mission of My Immaculate Heart here in Australia, in Nowra, will be triumphant regardless of all those who wish to destroy it. It is for this reason that the persecution that continues against this Mission will also bring great fruit for Holy Mother Church. However, dear child, though you will be protected on your many journeys, you will need further protection on the human level, because Satan is furious, and for this reason We have set up a spiritual and physical protection for thyself and for the Mission from Heaven. As the Vicar of Christ has an army of soldiers dedicated to the cause and protection of his person, so shall you, dear child, as We had spoken about this matter, some years ago.”

“The Warriors of Saint Michael, the great Archangel, will protect you on all your journeys and in your life – and those close to you. No harm shall come to you – bodily or spiritually – My son. However, there is a need to formulate this ‘army of good souls’ to protect you in each land that you shall go to in the near future. This ‘special force’ of selected souls is called the ‘Warriors of Saint Michael’. All that is to be revealed regarding this matter has been revealed.”

“Our beloved child, James, is to prepare all that is necessary so that this will go into action as soon as possible, for in every land there shall be members of this work, to protect the person of Our future Vicar – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. Already, some of Our children here have been selected for the roles of ‘soldiers of Christ’ in the service of My Immaculate Heart, under the leadership of Saint Michael, the Archangel.”

“I will speak to you privately, dear child, of all that concerns this matter. However, I wish the world to know that Heaven, too, has a way and means of protecting Her children – not only in the spiritual kind, but also in the bodily. No man has the right and authority to work against the Vicar of Christ. Let mankind be aware of the great punishment that will be upon him [it] should he [it] attempt any harm upon the Vicar of Christ now, and the one to come – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love.”

“Yes, dear child and dear children, the times are now very serious, for the world goes further and further into darkness, not knowing where it is heading. The abyss awaits those who go away from My Divine Son. The times of the Chastisements are here; it is time for Our children of the world to truly fight for that which is right, and defend My Divine Son and His House upon Earth – Holy Mother Church.”

“It is time for the children of the Light to stand up and be counted for Justice and Truth, and to defend the Vicar of Christ – even with their lives if need be! Yes, My sweet children, pray unceasingly; pray My Most Holy Rosary to fight Satan and all those who are joined with him. Many have turned their backs on My Divine Son. It has saddened My Immaculate Heart to see that My Divine Son is being betrayed by many of those who should know better. There are many Judases in Holy Mother Church and even throughout the world – in every walk of life; even My little son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, has been betrayed by his own and by many of those who were of the Light. This has crushed My Immaculate Heart, for this should not be. There are many burdens placed upon his soul because of the weaknesses of many of Our children. Pray for him that he will carry the Cross with strength, for the Glory of My Divine Son and for the salvation of many of Our children who have now gone astray.”

“In the coming months, My sweet children, the world will feel the Wrath of God. Take up My ‘beads of Love’; go to My Divine Son in the Tabernacles of your Churches and make reparation to Him for the many sins committed by Our children – even those of the Light. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II, for his crucifixion is near. I have mentioned this to you over many years. You must pray for him that he receives the strength that is necessary for this time, to bring out the Dogmatic Statement of `MEDIATRIX/CO-REDEMPTRIX OF ALL GRACES OF MY IMMACULATE MATERNITY’ – as Mother of Holy Mother Church and Mother of all the children of the world.”

“The Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, will soon come and the world will be devastated by a great Chastisement following this Consecration. Know that it is near. It is for this reason I call upon the Warriors of Saint Michael to defend the Vicar of Christ; to come and defend the Mission of My Immaculate Heart. Yes, My sweet children, so beloved of My Immaculate Heart, come stand with Me and Saint Michael to defend the Church of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – the Holy Roman Apostolic Church of Faith.”

“Time is short, My sweet children, much shorter than you know. Mankind believes that you have many years – but I tell you most solemnly, My sweet children, the years that you have left are counted in the few and are counted on one hand, so therefore take up the ‘sword of Love’ – which is My Most Holy Rosary – and go forward in the Light that Christ gives you. Your reward shall be great, My sweet children, because you love My Divine Son and you defended Him. As of this moment I, too, raise several souls to become Warriors of Saint Michael. The names I will give to you, My dear child, privately – for this army of good souls will be spread throughout the world in every land, under the leadership and guidance of your heart, dear child and of those whom you appoint. The General for this army is My beloved son, James, as I have already told you before. I Bless this ‘spiritual army’ of My Immaculate Heart under the leadership of Saint Michael, to strengthen it that it may work according to God’s Will and for the Glory of His Name: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Soon, My dear child, it is [will be] most urgent to know and to deliver this Message to My children of the world concerning the Apparition of My Immaculate Heart at Bayside, New York. Soon the Eternal Father shall bring forth the Waters to cure many souls in this land and throughout the world. Let this be a Sign of My Words given today, for Holy Mother Church and for Our children of the Light.”

“I Bless all My Seers and Voice-boxes throughout the world – especially those who are united with you, dear child and those who are far away from you. Pray for them that they may receive the Light of the Holy Ghost before it is too late.”

“I send My Blessing to My beloved son, John Paul II; to the Cardinals and Bishops and Priests of My Immaculate Heart and to all souls of good will. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will speak to you now in your heart, dear child. I ask My children to pray My Most Holy Rosary for poor sinners who have great need of your prayers.”

(The first Glorious Mystery of the Rosary is recited.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael and Our Lady are still here. Saint Michael grasps his sword by the tip so that it looks like a Cross. He raises it once again – very, very, high.

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our holy child of Light: I greet you from the Eternal Throne of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I thank you, dear child, for following the Words of the Queen of Heaven and placing these Words keep in your soul and fulfilling all that Heaven has asked of you. Many more things will be asked of you, dear child, because you represent Christ upon Earth, in the work as shepherd for the children of the Light.”

“All those who believe in the Mission for the Warriors of Saint Michael – Defender of Truth – shall receive many Angels to protect thy person and themselves and this Mission, from the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth. This I grant to the Warriors, through the Intercession of the Queen of Heaven, by the Authority of the Triune God for the Glory of His Name.”
“I, Saint Michael, Defender of the Faith, Protector of the Faithful, bless the Warriors of Saint Michael, the Warriors of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Blessed be the Name of God, the Triune One: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, eternally, world without end. Blessed be the Queen, Mother of God, Mary the Immaculate Conception, for eternity, world without end.”

“On behalf of all the Holy Angels I Worship the Triune God from the depth of my being, Created by the Triune God as a Pure Spirit of Love. I Worship Him and Praise Him and His Name – forever and ever.”

“I Bless you all, dear children of the Light, sons and daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May you be strong when the storm comes; may you be faithful forever and ever. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael steps back and all the Holy Angels bow their heads to Holy Saint Michael. Our Blessed Mother now goes back, between the Angels and She blows many kisses towards us all. It is really sweet. These little kisses form hearts with a little rose on top and they all flow towards us. It is really sweet. The Angels are singing: ‘Hail Queen of Heaven’ and we will sing that too.

(The Hymn, ‘Hail Queen of Heaven’ is now sung.)