Message 311 – 31 December 1991



I have given you a world with beauty and you have destroyed it through hunger of power; I have given you the Word for your Eternal Life, yet you have cast aside the Word – Leaders of the world have become spoilt; their hearts have become like stone, caring not for My Divine Son – Sin is the cause of all that you now see and experience – Each child born is a new Creatioin of the Holy Trinity therefore, protect that child. Do not murder this new Creation for this is a great crime before Me.

LITTLE PEBBLE: At the present moment there are many Angels around the Tabernacle, including six of the great Angels – three on each side; their wings touch the ceiling of this building. Also another four Angels are prostate before Our Lord, on the Altar. The Tabernacle now opens up, and a tremendous Light emerges from It; a golden Host shines inside, suspended under a Chalice. Angels are above and around the back of the Tabernacle – forming a semi-circle. There are so many Angels! Those behind the Tabernacle are each holding a Staff – like a Bishop’s Staff.

The Host is now turning from gold into a pure white and brilliant red and blue Lights – which are like little darts – are shooting out from It. The Host begins to grow – the Tabernacle is no longer there – and moves back about two or three metres. Now the wall has disappeared – it is like being in a really big Church or even a Cathedral. The Host has become very large – about twenty feet or so in diameter. The beautiful Lights are still coming out of the Host and they form a heart thereon. It is really beautiful to see! It is like someone is drawing the heart-shape upon the Host. It is a much larger size than a normal heart, of course.

Suddenly, stepping out of the Heart is Our Divine Lord; all the Angels sing: “HOSANNA TO THE HIGHEST”! It is a beautiful sound which comes from the Angels. There is no choir on Earth that is like the Choir of the Angels. There are many more Angels gathered now to give Honour and Adoration to Our Lord, Who is dressed in pure white garments, with the burgundy-coloured cape over His Shoulders and over one Arm. I can see Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart. There is a little Chalice under the Heart. The Chalice which was here before disappeared when the Eucharist grew. Our Lord steps forward, once again, smiling and looking about Him. He goes from left to right and back again to the left. Our Lord has beautiful big blue eyes – They are really beautiful! You become drowned in them when you look at Him. He is really beautiful! I can see the Wound Marks in His Hands and also, in His Feet. He now makes the Sign of the Cross towards the Priests.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: As He made the Sign, there was a beautiful, brilliant, Light coming out of His Wounds. He now takes-out His Most Sacred Heart and holds it forward, towards us all. All the Angels bow down – right to the ground. Circles of Light now form around the Most Beautiful Heart of Our Lord. It is not as though I am looking at flesh, but like looking at Love Itself and you can feel the warmth of His Heart. It is hard to explain, but I feel as though I am ‘on fire’ due to the Love of Our Lord. It is like a fire burning within me. It is really beautiful; a peaceful Love! I can now see the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove, settling over the Heart. It is truly beautiful!

Now I can see the Eternal Father, Who is a little bit higher above Our Lord, sitting on a Throne. Brilliant Light comes from the Holy Trinity and falls upon us, like a cloud – or like dewy mist. It is really spectacular! The Eternal Father raises His right Hand.

ETERNAL FATHER: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved Son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, Prophet of the ‘end times’ and My beloved children here present and throughout the world: I AM WHO AM! I Created each and every one of you in Our Likeness – out of Love, for Love. I have offered you, My sweet children, My Beloved Son, the Begotten One and Our Spirit has gone throughout the world to bring you Love; to make the world follow the Teachings of My Divine Son, Whom I sent to the world to Teach the Wisdom of My Heart. I handed My Son over to the sinners [then], as I hand My Son now to the sinners, to be re-Crucified for the salvation of souls. I have offered you My Holy Daughter, Mary the Immaculate, also for the ransom of sinners and She too, is Crucified with My Divine Son to bring souls to Me, by the Power of Our Spirit. I have offered mankind many great Saints: Holy Men and Women. I have offered their lives for the sinners of the world, but mankind have cast away all that I, in My Love for you, have given to you. What will become of Our children who cast away that which is good? What will become of My sweet children?”

“I have given you a world with beauty and you have destroyed it, through the hunger of power; through unlawful pursuits and desires! I have given you life, that you may come back to Me in Love. I have given you the Word for your Eternal Life and yet you have cast aside ‘the Word’ and placed it in the rubble of your sins! I too, Cry Tears of anguish, as I see how you tread upon My Sacred Son’s Holy Body and Blood and Divinity, as you commit sacrilege upon sacrilege by receiving My Divine Son unworthily! My Priest-sons do not care to protect My Divine Son from such sacrilege and abomination!! The brides of My Divine Son do not pray enough to protect the Sacredness of My Divine Son!”

“My children have become blind; most of the leaders of Holy Mother Church and the leaders of the world have become worldly; spoilt!! Their hearts have become like stone, caring not for My Divine Son and, even in this ‘last hour’ for mankind, in My Love for mankind I sent you My Daughter, the ‘Purest of the Pure’ and She too, you have trampled upon! You have calumniated against Her; blasphemed and torn-down Her Dignity and replaced it with yourselves!”

“I AM WHO I AM! Woe to the world – the world that I Created. You must stop this abomination in the House of My Divine Son. Bring back the Traditions that have been given to Holy Mother Church, through the Apostles and through the Saints and Fathers of the Church and I will give you more time to do penance. Bring back the Honour and Dignity that should be given to My Divine Son and His Beloved Mother.”

“As I have told you, My sweet children throughout the world – through the Word and through My Daughter, Mary the Immaculate – time is short for mankind! My Anger will no longer be appeased if Our children continue on the road that they are on now, which is the wide road that leads to perdition!! And at this time, My sweet children, most of the children of the world are on this road; therefore, unless Our children pray and do penance and do acts of mercy and charity, you leave Me no alternative but to destroy what I have Created!”

“If it were not for the Intercession of My Daughter, Mary the Immaculate, the world would have been destroyed a long time ago!! It is through Her Intercession and those faithful to the Words given to you – through Her Immaculate Heart – that My Anger has been appeased for but a time.”

“Let this New Year bring life to the world, for I am a God of Mercy and Compassion. I seek not the destruction of mankind but, rather, the salvation of all souls! For those who follow My Commandments with their hearts; for you there is nothing to be afraid of, for I am your Father; the Father of Love; the Father of Understanding.”

“The Cross of My Divine Son, will be given to all of those who will follow the path laid down by My Beloved Daughter for mankind. Let this New Year, My sweet children, be a renewal your hearts; a determination to follow the Plan that I have laid before you for the salvation of your souls. Do not seek worldly pleasures, My dear children, but seek the Will of My Heart! Follow the path of My Divine Son and carry your cross.”

“This coming year, My sweet children, will be a tremendous year of great Graces for mankind; and yet if My children do not pray and do penance these Graces will be earned through heavy crosses and Chastisements that I will send to the world!!”

“This Community too – dedicated to My Beloved Daughter – will be purified and tried, for I, your Creator, wish to make you holy. If you are to reach sanctity, My sweet children, the only path is the cross. Therefore, you will be tested and tried; but be not afraid, for you have My Divine Son in your midst and My Beloved Daughter constantly by your side. What is there to fear? You must learn to love one another – earnestly – and work for the salvation of each other. And this goes for all the world; for all My children of the Light. This is not a game, My sweet children – but you must work hard for your salvation.”

“The world will soon be plunged into deep war and much bloodshed, unless mankind pray and take-up the beads of Love, that My Daughter has offered to mankind as a `weapon’ against Lucifer! Lucifer brings forth all calamities, My sweet children, because of your sins! Sins, My sweet children, are the causes of all that you now see and experience. If you but earnestly pray, many of these Chastisements will be mitigated and some would be removed. Therefore, obey the Commands that I give to you, through My Divine Son; through the Queen of Heaven and Earth and through the Angels and the Saints.”

“The world, My sweet children, will undergo many trials and tribulations this coming year. Even this nation, Australia, will undergo many more trials until the children of this nation recognize that the Mother of My Divine Son has come to this land – and when they give due Honour to My Daughter in this land then the Chastisements will be mitigated, and some removed; but until then, I will send forth many more heat-waves, great storms and rains, until My children recognize that I am a Serious God and am much offended at this time by your nation and every nation of the Earth!! This nation has not yet experienced great cold, but this will soon come and many people will perish and many will see that the Divine Hand is upon this nation, with great anger!!”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar – Pope John Paul II – this coming year and the few more years that he has left. They are going to be difficult for him, for he will be crucified, as My Divine Son was! Therefore pray for him, that he be strengthened to fulfill the Commands of My Heart, through My Beloved Daughter, as time is moving on and all that has been said must be fulfilled ‘to the letter’!”

“I Love you sweet children and I caress you as a father caresses his children. You are My Creation, beloved of My Heart. I have given all of you the Love of Our Spirit, that you may understand and feel the Love of the Trinity within you. Remember: We reside in your heart, if you will allow Us to. We will not force any child into the Kingdom of Heaven. Each child born to this world is a new Creation of the Holy Trinity! Therefore, protect that child! Do not murder this new Creation, for this is a great crime before Me and unless you repent of this great sin, you shall be condemned, immediately, into damnation, for no man is to interfere with My Creation. It is for this reason, My sweet children, [that] the world at large is being punished: because of the many abortions that are committed throughout the world!”

“Pray much now, My sweet children. Take-up the Holy Rosary! Prepare yourselves for the Coming of My Divine Son into your midst! Prepare yourselves for the great ‘Golden Age’ that Our Holy Queen is preparing for you! You are privileged, My sweet children, to live in this age – the final age for mankind. So live each day well, praising God for all that has been given to you! Be faithful to My Commandments and be obedient to the ‘Word’ and the Queen of Heaven and Earth and listen to the good counsel of your Guardian Angels, whom I have sent you as gifts to you! Pray often to the Angels, My sweet children, for there are countless Angels around you each moment, to give you the aid that you need in these times – the ‘times of the Tribulations’!!”

“And, you My sweet Son – herald of the Word of God and Mary, the Immaculate: Take courage, and know that I, your Heavenly Father, My Divine Son and Our Spirit, will always reside in you and guide your heart to bring forth the Victory of Holy Mother Church over Lucifer and over the world!”

“You, My dear child, are to go forward in the Light and Wisdom of Our Hearts. Fear no one! Continue to walk on the path that My Beloved Daughter has placed you upon. All that She has told you – in openness and in secret – will be fulfilled to the letter. Have trust and have confidence dear child! Be not afraid, because We have great Plans for you – not only the Papacy, dear child – for you are the last Prophet of these times.”

“We have many Plans for you, for the benefit of the Church. It is not merely for yourself, dear child, but for the whole of mankind, for many Graces will be given to you as a reflection of Our Love for you and for the Church. So take courage! We Love you and send you the Triune Blessing, through the Queen of all Hearts, Mary the Immaculate One: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to all My Creations and to all My children of the Light in particular: I give you My Blessing in the Son and in the Spirit of Our Love, through the Queen of all Hearts: In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

“And to My Priest-sons here present and throughout the whole world: I Bless you, My sons. Take courage and be strong, for the Church will undergo many changes and many trials this coming year. Take hold of the Hand of My Beloved Daughter – your Heavenly Mother – then you will remain faithful to the Word and be not afraid. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Trinity now lights-up – really brightly. It is beautiful! And I can see, coming from a distance, another beautiful Light; a blue Light – and it is Our Holy Mother, on a beam of Light, as I have seen so many times; a shaft of Light upon which Our Lady travels. Our Lady is also dressed in white, but She also has on a beautiful blue mantle; on Her Head is a Star – a beautiful bright Star and Our Lady comes forward to kneel right before the Blessed Trinity.

Our Lord Jesus still holds out His Most Sacred Heart, with the Holy Spirit hovering above It. The Heart is now placed over the Head of Our Lady and the Holy Spirit hovers over all this. Our Lady now bows, very reverently; it is really beautiful to see. Both Jesus and the Eternal Father look very similar, with the Eternal Father looking a little bit older, with white Hair and Beard; Our Lord has golden light-brown hair, otherwise They look exactly the same. Their Eyes, too, are exactly the same – a beautiful blue – just like those of the Mother of God.

Our Lady lifts Her Head and Jesus takes the Heart away from the Head of Our Lady and gives It to Her; She holds It, as Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit hover right in front of what is now two Hearts, because I can see Our Lady’s Heart as well. Our Lord now looks at His Mother with much sweet Love.

OUR LORD: “My son and My children: This is My Beloved Mother and Queen: Queen of all Hearts, Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Purest of the Pure: Immaculate. It is through this gentle Mother the world will be saved and the tears will be dried and the hearts of My children will once again sing with joy, for the Victory over Lucifer, the world and the flesh, has been given to Her. Pray then, My sweet children, to the Queen of the world – the Queen and Immaculate Mother – that soon this Victory promised to Her and to all Our children of the Light, will come swiftly, to bring forth the age of great peace and prosperity for Our children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother stands up and turns towards us, still holding the two Hearts, which now merge into one. I do not know how to explain it clearly, but They simply join together, as if They are one Heart and the Holy Spirit goes inside the Hearts. It is so hard to explain! Now, a beautiful Cross – a beautiful, brilliant, White Cross – comes out of the Heart and goes right through us all. I wish I could find the words to explain this properly. Our Lord takes the Hearts and places Them back on His Chest, showing that Our Lord and Our Lady are now united, as one; that they cannot be separated in any way.

Our Lady produces a beautiful Rosary out of Her belt – a beautiful golden Rosary. She Kisses the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Beloved Son – Our little ‘rock’ and child of Love; Our sweet children here present and throughout the world: I greet you, My sweet children, in this New Year that is coming swiftly upon you. I – as your Heavenly Mother and Queen of the World – ask all Our sweet children to pray with Me in this New Year, to bring many souls to the Feet of My Divine Son.”

“It is a special year for My Priest-sons to be renewed; to be fortified; to be encouraged. Pray, My sweet children, for the Priesthood, for they must become ‘soldiers of Christ’. Let this New Year bring a Light to the world and to the Church of the great Mystery of the Priesthood.”

“Pray often, My sweet children, for Our Holy Vicar, for he must lead the Church in these dark hours to victory and the Consecration of Russia must be fulfilled, so the Victory of My Immaculate Heart will Triumph throughout all Christendom and the new Age of Joy and Peace may come to the world; for unless this Consecration is done, peace cannot come to the world. It is imperative, My sweet children, that you ‘storm’ Heaven [with prayers], for time is short for mankind and the Eternal Father is very angry with the world! Therefore, take up My beads of Love and petition My Divine Son to have Mercy and Forgiveness for mankind.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I place My Immaculate Heart before you to entreat you to pray with Me for sinners. I Bless you all and greet you in this New Year, from My Immaculate Heart, through the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And, finally, My dear child, you are to prepare yourself now for what I have told you, for time is running short and all must be prepared according to Our Plans. Trust in Me, dear child and have confidence, for all will be fulfilled according to what I have told you. There is no need to be afraid, for you are My son and I am always with you, even in the darkest moments. Many questions have been asked of you tonight, dear child. I will answer them later on, as you continue your prayers. I Bless you, dear child, in this New Year of Light and Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother now move swiftly back into the sky, towards a brilliant White Cross, which is there now. All the Angels are once again singing “Hosanna”. It is really beautiful to hear!

Our Lady says to continue with our prayers. (The Rosary is now recited.)