Message 337 – 1 February 1992



There are many Mysteries yet to be revealed before My Divine Son returns for the edification of the faithful – Those who have gone astray: I am the Mother of Mercy and beg you to come to Me for I am the Refuge of sinners – Take courage and continue on the road of light and love; your reward shall be great for those who persevere; your tears will be wiped away; your sorrows will be made into joy – Prepare for Judgement, for Mercy will soon be at an end; the Victory of the Two Immaculate Hearts is near.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Upon the Altar is the Ark of the Covenant – the one which has been lost over these centuries; it takes up the whole Altar and is laden with gold. Two Angels – one each side – hold the Ark in place. Underneath it there is a river; I believe it is the River Jordan, because the surroundings look very much like the Middle East. Light comes from the Ark and goes into the waters. Surrounding this Chapel are many Angels, each holding a flag of one of the countries of the world; they are the Guardian Angels of each country.

Out of the Ark appears a beautiful White Cross; it reaches right into the sky. It goes backwards – it is hard to explain – coming out of the Ark on an angle, going away from us, giving a three dimensional aspect; it is really beautiful. Inside the Cross itself water is flowing; it comes from above and glitters with many different colours and flows through the Ark into the water below. There are many Angels surrounding us at the moment.

Saint Peter, the Apostle and Saint Paul are one each side of the Ark and behind them is a line of Saints and Prophets. Behind Peter are the old Prophets; behind Paul are the new ones of these past two thousand years. I recognize the Founders of Religious Orders and some Seers, too.

Now I can see Our Lord, nailed upon the White Cross. Streams of Light are coming from His Wounds and beautiful Lights come towards us, bathing us with a warmth of yellow, red and white streams. They are also going within the Cross, towards the Ark.

The Blessed Virgin Mary comes from a distance and floats before Our Lord, then stands upon the Ark. Our Blessed Mother holds the Church of Saint Peter and Blood drips from Our Lord’s left Hand, towards the dome of Saint Peter’s. Our Holy Mother holds-out the Church in Her left Hand so that it is beneath Our Lord, although Our Lord is very far away. The Blood covers the dome of Saint Peter’s – which splits open, and blood flows out. Written in the sky over the top of the Dome is:


Our Blessed Mother is dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’; in Her right Hand She holds the small Ark. It is no more a wooden boat but looks to be shaped from dull-looking gold – maybe it is a reference to purification. Our Lady smiles. Our Lord is not doing anything, but Light is coming from His Holy Wounds.

The Angels surrounding us with the flags of each nation are praying before Our Blessed Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Above Our Lord is God the Father, once again, with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost becomes a very large Dove, in a tremendous Light and He places His Wings right around the Heavenly cohorts. It is really beautiful. The words: “I AM WHO AM” resound through the Heavens:


The Angels here now leave us and go towards God the Father, place all the flags of each nation around Him and then prostrate themselves – bowing very low. They are praying:


The Eternal Father stands-up from His Throne and makes the Sign of the Cross: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Tremendous silence has entered the Realm in Heaven. Blood flows really heavily from Our Lord and the Angels surround Him, taking the Blood in Chalices. It is very interesting, for there are hundreds and hundreds of Angels gathering the Blood of Our Lord in Chalices, which are really small – like liqueur glasses. There seems to be only a few drops of Blood in each cup.

Jesus moans, from the Cross, and says: “GIVE THIS TO THE VICTIM-SOULS” – ordering the Angels to distribute the Precious Blood of Our Lord to such people and the Angels travel throughout the world to do that. Now, that scene disappears. Our Lord goes; the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit and also many of the Angels have gone. The Church has gone. Our Blessed Mother is still present, but the Ark – the little boat which Our Blessed Mother held – has gone too.

The Guardian Angels and other Angels of our Community and ourselves are present still, all kneeling before the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Blessed Mother looks very majestic as She stands to the right of the Tabernacle and Crucifix. Our Lady is about six inches from the Altar. Our Blessed Mother is just looking, very slowly, to Her left and to Her right – as though She is counting the souls, reaching out to all of us in some way. Our Lady now reaches for Her Rosary; She has It tucked-away under Her mantle. It is a beautiful Rosary: blue beads, and golden pearls for the ‘Our Father’ beads. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our ‘rock’ of light and love for Holy Mother Church in these times of trial and tribulation: I greet you, dear child and all My children here present and throughout the world. The vision that you have seen, My child, has much to do with the coming years of tribulation upon the world, and how God will act with His children through His Mercy and Compassion.”
“The water that flowed under the Ark was Blessed by the Water of My Divine Son that came from His Side, My dear children. This Water is Blessed Water for the Human Race. In time, more will be spoken about this. There are many Mysteries that are yet to be revealed to Our children of the Earth and they will be revealed before My Divine Son returns, for the edification of the faithful; for the glorification of Holy Mother Church and the salvation of many souls.”

“It gives Me joy to be with you, My sweet children, this evening, to see My children who have come from afar to give Me homage; I thank you. Your Heavenly Mother is always with Her children, especially those who heed Her Words. I Love all children of every nation and every creed; of every colour and every race, because I am the Mother of all – the good and also the bad!”

“To those children who have gone astray: I am the Mother of Mercy and beg of you to come to Me for I am the refuge of sinners; the compassionate Mother. There are many of you who do not know Me nor My Divine Son. Yet it is through Me that you will gain eternal life, if you but seek the Truth in your hearts. I am the Mother of hope and the Mother of Love to all Our children who have been faithful to My Word over these many years. I am grateful to Our children who have fought the good fight and have struggled against many odds, to remain faithful to My Word. To these children I say take courage and continue on the road of light and love, for My Divine Son and I are awaiting you in the Kingdom of Our Father in Heaven. Your reward shall be great, My sweet children, for those who persevere. An eternal life of happiness and love will be yours, never to be taken away from you. Your tears will be wiped away; your sorrows will be made into joy. Yes, dear children, a great reward awaits those who are faithful to the Words of My Divine Son and I.”

“These are crucial times for the world and for Holy Mother Church in particular; as everything to do with the world is also significant in the Word of My Divine Son, because My Divine Son spoke of the world and all that will come so the Word, will be fulfilled in its fulfilment of God’s Promises. Many times We have spoken to you of the ‘end’, My sweet children. Many of you know that time is very short for mankind – but these are the moments where you can gather many Graces and Merits and with these Graces and Merits you can bring many to the feet of My Divine Son; for yourselves you reap a great reward.”

“So this evening, My sweet children, I come as a Mother of Love and Compassion to encourage you to take up your Crosses and follow My Divine Son with patience and endurance, for many of you have many burdens and are carrying heavy crosses. Some of these crosses will be removed, while others will receive them. However, all of the children of the Light will receive the Cross of My Divine Son – whether they be big ones or small ones – all for the salvation of yourselves and the human race and the glorification of Holy Mother Church. So, remember, My sweet children, that wherever you are, at any time, I am there with My Divine Son to help you on your path towards Calvary and Paradise. Pray My Most Holy Rosary, frequently; take up these beads of Love and offer the prayers as atonement and reparation for your sins and the sins of the world, for soon the world will be punished in a very heavy way by the Eternal Father. It is for this reason that I come to prepare you, [so] that you remain faithful to the end. I Love you, My sweet children and place My mantle over you, for I am your Loving Mother, Mary the Immaculate. Pray for My beloved Vicar, John Paul II, for he too, is heavy laden with much burden upon his shoulders. Pray for My Priest-sons throughout the world, that many of them will receive the Light from the Holy Ghost to inspire them to a life of penitential love, as lambs, with My Divine Son.”

“I Bless you all with the kiss of My Immaculate Heart, My sweet children of Love. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has drawn-out three beautiful roses from Her Immaculate Heart, which I now see on Her Chest. These three roses are of three separate colours; one is gold, one is red and the other is white. Within each rose I can see the name of the person to whom it will be given.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: I give these roses to My beloved daughters – the three ‘Mary’s of My Immaculate Heart – for their consolation. And to all My children: I Bless the roses here today, that they be given to the Souls in Purgatory. Once more, a singular Grace for My children of Love who pray often to Me for such benefits. So remember well the Graces that the Eternal God gives you. Thank Him for these Graces from His Most Pure Heart to you. I give My Blessing to all of you; to all My Voice-boxes throughout the world; to the children in Heaven; the children on Earth and the children in Purgatory and Limbo: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My children, with your prayers and I will take them to My Divine Son and place them in His Heart for His consideration and His Mercy for you. And to you, My dear child: I will speak to you now privately and this evening I will take you to other Seers, to give them the directions and counsel that they need. Peace be with you, dear children.”


LITTLE PEBBLE: I saw Jesus on the Cross, on Calvary. He looked over to me and said: “I thirst for Love and Souls”, then He said: “You are My beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. I then told Him: “You speak to me often with lovely words; I feel so unworthy to hear such utterings from You”. Then Jesus said: “Son, you give Me much love – and this pleases Me”.

Then, suddenly, I saw myself on a cross next to Jesus, on Calvary. Jesus’ right Hand was nailed with mine on the same nail (on my left hand) as I was to His right side. The Crosses overlapped each other where our right hand and left hand were. Jesus looked to me on the Cross and I looked to Him. I was stripped like Our Lord, and had the same wounds. Jesus said to me: “You will be like Me in the word, for soon you will be My Vicar”.

Then, under the Cross of Jesus, I saw Our Holy Mother and the two Mary’s and many of those mentioned in the New Testament; others are from more recent times. Under my Cross I saw the three Mary’s of a Mystical nature, whose names I cannot reveal now. Then I saw their families and the souls of today. Under Jesus’ Cross was Saint Peter’s Basilica of Rome as it is today; under my Cross was the new rebuilt, Church of Rome. Also, during the prayers said earlier in the evening, Our Lady told me that a Cardinal is receiving Messages now and a Bishop also. They will soon make themselves known to me. A Priest in Australia is receiving Messages.