Message 343 – 12 February 1992



There are nearly 700 Seers in the world – Messages are sometimes mixed: Words from Heaven, the Underworld and even from self – Lucifer was released from Hell this century and began his spiritual reign in 1971 – He will reign upon Earth with 6 demons and all of Hell, for a short time – There is confusion about Lucifer return to Earth after the cleansing; this cannot be – The Evil One is determined to destroy unity among Seers and Communities throughout the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is very much Light in the office here – the whole place is saturated with bright Light from Heaven. There are three Crosses – a White Cross in the centre and two brown Crosses. From the centre of the White Cross comes a very large and beautiful rose – red coloured – and it takes-up a great portion of the sky. As the rose opens Our Holy Mother emerges, dressed in a very brilliant white robe. Our Lady seems to be very tall today. Now I can see a path being laid – a path made of roses which reaches right into the office. The two Crosses of brown wood also have a path coming from each that lead down here, formed from roses and thorns.

Our Lady comes along the path – just gliding – and there are many Angels accompanying Her. Saint Alegantus and Saint Hegalarious are here too; they are the office Angels. The great Angel, Sephanial, is also here. Now I can see my other Angels, the seven great Angels and the two other Angels that Heaven has provided me with over these past weeks.

The Blessed Mother now stands close to the wall of the office, next to the Crucifix. I wish you were permitted to see Her as I do; She is truly like a Mother and She is in the Flesh here – Flesh and Spirit. It is not like looking at a ghost; She is like a living person. With Her are a great many Angels. Our Lady has many roses cradled in Her right Arm, gathered there under Her mantle. I can see the heads of the roses popping out; they are all of different colours. The Angels too, hold roses and they are ready to give to souls on Earth. Now Our Lady lets all the roses fall – but they don’t fall onto the floor of the office, remaining just about a metre from the Feet of Our Lady, forming a carpet. On the carpet are the instruments used to torture Our Lord during His Crucifixion and Passion and the roses seem to form those instruments – it is very interesting to see! The carpet is laid-out in the office here.

In the left Hand of Our Blessed Mother is held a beautiful Rosary. The stones in this Rosary are pinkish-coloured and clear; I can see through them. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – the guiding light for the ‘end times’ and all My sweet children gathered here before Me and all the children who belong to My Immaculate Heart. I greet you from My Immaculate Heart and I have come to speak with you to give you counsel, so you will understand clearly, in your hearts, the ways of God and His Prophetic Word. I have come in particular, My dear child, to assist you to discern those things that need to be discerned.”

“There are many Seers in the world, dear child and dear children – near seven hundred of them. By the time the great Signs are seen in Heaven, many of these Seers will be united with you and this work that I have given to you, as you are the shepherd of My children on Earth, in the spiritual realm and this is in preparation for your role in the future, as the Vicar of My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. The Triune God has sent the Spirit – the Holy Ghost – upon you, dear child, to understand many of the Mysteries of God, especially in relationship to these times of the ‘Latter Days’. However, concerning many of the Seers, dear child, there is much discernment needed because many of Our good Seers do not know how to discern what comes from Heaven or from other places, for sometimes the Messages that come through Our Seers can be mixed with Words from Heaven, from the Underworld and even from self. For this reason it is good for Our children to study the Teachings of Holy Mother Church through the Holy Doctors and Fathers of the Church, for many of them have written about this subject, because discernment of the spirits is not of a worldly nature, dear children, but, rather, this gift comes from the Eternal Father. You, My dear child, have already been endowed with this gift for many years. However, there are sometimes situations that need much prayer before the discernment is given to your intellect by the Holy Ghost.”

“Concerning now the situation in question: That which you have been praying about, dear child. I wish to make it clear to the entire world, that they may understand the Plan and Will of the Eternal Father for mankind. Through Holy Writ it has been said that there will be a time when Lucifer will be released to the world once again, to come and tempt mankind and bring forth the Antichrist into the world; that he will have the opportunity to trample upon the city of the Saints and upon the Saints themselves – even tempting the ‘elect’ of God. Then will come the end. This is correct, My sweet children. However, these Words have been misunderstood by many of the Hierarchy and many of Our children of the Light – especially Our Seers.”

“Previously I told you through My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, that Satan is now upon Earth and that these Words concerning him and his role for the ‘Latter Times’ is now here; where Lucifer shall triumph throughout the whole world and, also, within Holy Mother Church – for a short time. However, be assured [that] My Divine Son never will abandon the ‘elect’, even though for a temporary time the Church will seem abandoned by God, [but] only to the appointed time where its members will be tested and purified and sifted, for the greater Glory of God; where those with the Sign of the Cross will remain and those with the Sign of the Beast shall be removed for all time.”

“It was, My sweet children, in this century that Lucifer was once again released out of Hell and he shall remain on this Earth until the Second Coming of My Divine Son, because Saint Michael will cast Lucifer down after the Resurrection of the two great Prophets – Enoch and Elijah. This is for the very end – the ‘End of Time’. From the time that Christ, My Divine Son, was Crucified upon the Cross – from that moment until this century – Lucifer himself, was chained in the pits of Hell while Christianity flourished throughout the world. However, during these two thousand years, My sweet children, the lesser demons were released out of Hell; more so, the six strong ones – the names [of whom] I will not pronounce at this time. These were sent to prepare the way for Lucifer prior to his release and to prepare for the Reign of the Antichrist, who began his spiritual reign in 1971. The physical presence of the Antichrist will soon come to the world, dear children and then Lucifer will reign upon Earth with his six demons and all of Hell for a short period of time. It is during this time [that] the greatest persecution will be given to the whole Church and this Church will be the Remnant Church under yourself, dear child, for you shall then be the Vicar of Christ upon Earth.”

“Once My Divine Son Returns to the Earth, Lucifer and all of the demons shall be cast into Hell forever, never to be released again! The ‘period of peace’ spoken of at My Appearance at La Salette, was, My dear children, from the Second World War to now. Know then, that this period will soon be over and the Church shall succumb under the power of Lucifer for a short period of time. However, the Remnant Church will remain, as the foundation of Holy Mother Church is upon the Rock, My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. And not even Hell or Lucifer can prevail against My Divine Son. I wish this to be clear in the hearts of Our children.”

“The reason I bring this forth to you once again, dear children, is because confusion has come about through some of My Seers making believe that Lucifer, after the cleansing of the world, will return to the world to tempt mankind. This cannot be, My sweet children, for this is the time spoken of in Holy Writ where the Antichrist will have full power; where the Saints on Earth will be subdued, persecuted, and [there will be] many martyrs for the Faith.”

“Pray often, My sweet children, for the Grace of enlightenment from God the Holy Ghost, to discern the Word of God that comes through the mouths of Our Seers and Voice-boxes, so you will not be confused. Concerning the matter, My dear child, that you have been anxious over: Be not concerned. Write to My beloved daughter and open your heart to her and tell her of My Words. She will not go astray, dear child; she will remain firmly with you even until My Divine Son Returns in His Second Coming. It is to be understood, dear child, that the words that were delivered were not from Me or My Divine Son, but, rather, from a misconception of the Mysteries of the Triune God placed in the mind and, therefore, brought-out in word. It is by enthusiasm, My dear child, that this soul [spoke thus] – not understanding what she has said – that these words came forth. You are to explain to her the meanings of Holy Writ regarding this matter and to be at peace. For I, Myself, will come to speak to her about the same matter as I have done today.”

“The Evil One is determined, dear child, to destroy the unity amongst the Seers; to destroy the unity amongst My precious children also, here in My community and throughout the whole world. Lucifer is very cunning and astute, My sweet child and dear children. He is well aware of your weaknesses and how to apply himself to overcome you. For this reason I have cautioned all of you to be vigilant in your prayers. Be faithful to My Word; offer up your lives as victim souls for My Immaculate Heart. Pray to God the Holy Ghost, frequently, to give you the necessary Graces to withstand the attacks of the Evil One, who constantly roams the world and around your souls, to devour you and mislead you away from God’s Love and Truth. Hold on to your Holy Rosaries, dear children – never be without them. Wear your Sacramentals, faithfully and be faithful children of My Word. Practice the Virtues that I and My Divine Son, Jesus, have shown you as examples – even to this Community. I have placed My Mark on My little child – My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – as an example for you to follow. Follow what is good, dear children; let not the world, the Devil and the flesh, tempt you, but fight with all your strength; with all your will and your hearts – to overcome all that is evil and even to overcome all those things that are pleasurable to you, so that you give yourselves totally to the Triune God, through and in My Immaculate Heart.”

“This Message, dear child: Only part of it is for the world and the public, the rest is to remain here. I love you, My sweet child and My sweet children, for you are truly My children and I am your Heavenly Mother. I know all your intimate needs and desires. I well understand My dear children, the difficulties that you encounter in your lives, but trust in My Immaculate Heart. Fear not – am I not your Mother? Will I hand you a stone if you ask for bread? Will I deny you the assistance that you need when you pray for help? Have I ever been known to deny you anything that is good for your souls and your lives, dear children? Trust in My Immaculate Heart and I will bring you to My Divine Son Who is ever present before you, here, upon these Holy Grounds, in this Holy Order. In the Tabernacle He awaits you.”

“And you, dear child: You will receive the Light of the Holy Ghost, to discern even further with Our children, for they need guidance in this very confused world created at this time by Lucifer. Pray unceasingly, My dear child and dear children and be assured that I will never leave your side. I will speak to you now, dear child, in your heart, for this will be for My dear daughter in question. I Bless you all My dear children, from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, present in the Tabernacle here on these Grounds: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To My three daughters, beloved of My Immaculate Heart: The three ‘Mary’s of the Cross’. Soon, dear children, I will come to speak to your hearts. Be vigilant, My dear daughters, in prayer, for I have bound you to My Immaculate Heart and to the Cross. I have bound you to My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, the ‘rock of Light’ for these times. It is not by chance that the Eternal Father chose you to be the ‘Spiritual Mary’s’ of My Immaculate Heart. This Grace was predestined for you, as all Graces pertaining to Our children of the world were predestined. Accept these Graces well and be faithful to My Immaculate Heart. I send you the Angel of Strength to stand by your side, so you are fortified for the mission from My Immaculate Heart. I Bless you and your families and loved ones and all My children here present, who share in the gifts that I give with Pure Heart and Love. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, dear children, with your prayers, while I speak with My son, the beloved of My Immaculate Heart.”

NOTE BY LITTLE PEBBLE: At the end of the vision I saw ‘Hedgerose’ of Germany, accompanying Our Lady. This Message was confirmed by the Seers, ‘Little Brother in Christ’, of Poland, on the 12th February, in the evening and by ‘Hedgerose’ on 13th February, who also confirmed that she was present at the Apparition.