Message 355 – 7 March 1992



Japan is a favoured nation of My Immaculate Heart; I will raise more Seers for this nation – There is much materialism and wealth, great knowledge of the world but very little knowledge of the True God – The Eternal Father will soon chastise this nation with natural disasters and through invasion – My Divine Son will raise one of the 12 Apostles from this nation – The Little Pebble of Love is an Apostle for the conversion of Japan.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The roof above us is now blue and has been that way for the duration of the Rosary. There are many Lights – coloured blue and white – which are about the size of tennis balls; they cover the entire ceiling and also go very deep into the atmosphere. A lot of Light comes from Heaven, causing a rift in the stratosphere above the Earth. Coming from a great distance there is a White Cross that comes, not from the Earth as I normally see but, rather, from very deep in the Heavens – from Heaven Itself. There are two great Angels standing one each side of the Cross; they seem to be bringing the White Cross towards us. There are also two other crosses – they are brown, and made of wood – one each side of the White Cross and two more smaller crosses, making five in all.

On the cross-beam of the White Cross I can see Our Holy Mother, coming down gradually on a sliver of Light, towards this building – however, She remains some metres outside. Accompanying Her is one of the Apostles – Saint Jude – who wears a breast-plate with the form of Jesus impressed upon it; on his head is a little flame. I don’t recall ever having seen Saint Jude; it might be the first time – he is much taller than Our Holy Mother. His robe is green in colour. Our Blessed Mother is dressed in a beautiful satin tunic and She has on a beautiful velvet cloak, which reaches to Her Feet and is spread-out very far. Our Lady has on a Crown which has five crosses on It: the cross at the top is white; the other four are gold. However, there is a different coloured stone embedded within each of them.

To the right-hand side of Our Blessed Mother is a little boat, like an Ark – even though She is not here as ‘Our Lady of the Ark’. The Title given underneath Our Lady, written in gold, is: ‘Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners.’ The Ark obviously represents the Ark of Salvation, which is the Mother of God. Our Blessed Mother smiles; She hands Saint Jude the Ark, to hold. Our Lady has brought a red Rosary with Her this time – red beads – with a dark wooden Crucifix, with Our Lord on it, of course.

Our Blessed Mother smiles and there are many Angels gathering around Her, protecting – like a shield. Saint Michael is behind Our Holy Mother, also protecting Her. Our Blessed Mother takes the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
“My Blessed child, My Little Pebble of Love and My beloved son, the ‘Trumpeter’ of My Immaculate Heart, My beloved children here present and the nation of Japan: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart. I thank you for the love that you have shown Me, not only today, but over these many years. The love, dear children, touches My Heart for this love is genuine. Through the great faith of the few in this nation, many souls have been brought to My Divine Son. This is the example that I seek from Our children – those who claim to be the followers of My Divine Son and I.”

“The people of this nation do have faith, most not in the true God. However, with the dedication of Our faithful little ones even these children will come to know the Truth of My Divine Son. It is by the example of your lives, dear children, that others will come to worship the true God, following not only the Mother of all Christians. But I am the Mother of all children of all Faiths – even those who do not believe in the existence of God!”

“I have come this evening, sweet children, to encourage the children of this nation to follow the standards of My Divine Son – to take up the cross and follow Him. For you must be the ‘light’ of this nation, as the followers of My Divine Son were the ‘light’ to the Gentiles. I will raise an army of dedicated souls in this nation – marked with My Name – to bear witness to My Divine Son for the salvation of this nation.”

“I send to you, My sweet children, several Seers; listen to their words that come from the Mouth of God. I will raise more Seers for this nation, Japan, until the Church that is asleep will awaken and hear the Word of God. Japan, My dear children, is also a favoured nation of My Immaculate Heart. To win the crown of Christianity many of Our children must suffer in time to come. The Eternal Father plans to Chastise this nation because He Loves His children and wishes all to be saved. It will be through these Chastisements that many souls will be wakened to understand the truths of My Divine Son – the only True God.”

“Time is short, My sweet children, not only for this nation but for all nations of the world, for the Eternal Father will Chastise the whole world, because My children have turned their backs upon their God.”

Japan is a nation of much materialism and wealth. They have great knowledge of the world, but very little knowledge of the True God. It is for this reason I come to this nation: to bring Our children to learn of My Divine Son. It is time for the people of this nation to convert to the Truth. It is time for the hierarchy to awaken from their slumber; it is through the weakness of their faith that not many have been converted. It is only through the faith of the little ones that souls have come to learn of My Divine Son.”

“Pray, My sweet children of the Light; take up your Rosary of Love that I have given to you; offer your lives for salvation of your brothers and sisters. I desire that all My children come to know of the Mercy of My Divine Son and His Sacrifice and, again, on Calvary [for] their souls and salvation.”

“Both the leaders and the people of this nation know that I have come to warn this nation to turn away from themselves; from materialism; seeking power; abomination – because the Eternal Father will soon Chastise this nation – not only with natural disasters, but through the invasion that I have spoken of for some years. This invasion, dear children, will come from your old rival for many centuries. This can be averted, My sweet children, if the people of Japan accept My Divine Son as their Saviour. Let all the people of this nation hear My Words; that the leaders – the Emperor and all those in authority – hear My Words and take up the Faith of Christianity, under Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II. Let the flag be raised with the sign of salvation – a living Cross; let this be the symbol of this nation. This nation will be saved and protected from many catastrophes and butchery, that will come from the invaders. The authorities know that these Words that I have spoken, several times, are true, because the Intelligence Forces understand well that this threat is very near to this land.”

“The Eternal Father is Merciful and offers this nation a way to avert this great disaster and suffering. So, My dear children, it is left in your hands to pray. I am sending Saint Jude, the Apostle, as the Apostle for your nation. He will pray for you that all may accept My Words and follow the directions the Eternal God desires for your people.”

“We will raise more Seers to bring the message to your nation [so] that all will listen and obey the Will of the Eternal Father. I Love you, My sweet children; I place My mantle over you. There is no need to fear – because for those who believe and follow My Words, they will always be protected under this mantle of My Immaculate Heart. You are all My children, and I Love you. Listen to the Words I gave you at Nikita; that I am giving you through Teresa Magdalena and others who soon will raise their voices in My Name. Pray, My sweet children, for your Bishops, your Priests, the Religious and all those who carry the Name of My Divine Son – they will walk in the Light and defend the Truth of My Divine Son. I Bless the people of this nation; I Bless the Seers and those who will come after. I Bless all of you to strengthen you – to give you courage to follow the path of My Divine Son. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

“To you, My beloved son, the ‘Trumpeter’ of My Immaculate Heart: Take courage, dear child; My Immaculate Heart will triumph for the cause that I have concerning your mission. All will go forward as planned, regardless of those souls that wish to veer away from My plan. I am with you, dear child – be not afraid. The world will soon understand why I have raised My sons – the ‘Trumpeter’ and Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love for Holy Mother Church, for with these dear souls the Eternal Father has the plan to bring unity amongst the children of God and to bring forth the plan of redemption for the world. I am raising many soldiers throughout the world to defend the Truth of My Divine Son. All those that deny the Truth will weaken and fall away and all those who defend the Truth will become stronger, to walk in the path of My Divine Son.”

“To My beloved Voice-boxes of this nation: I wish to encourage you to follow My Words and be not afraid of those who persecute you, but trust in My Words and follow them.”

“As a gift to this nation, in time to come, My Divine Son will raise one of the Apostles – one of the twelve. This one will come from this nation to help My beloved child, the ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, in the latter times, during the great persecution for Holy Mother Church.”

“I Bless you, dear children, and thank you for your love. I Bless all that you have on you – your Sacramentals; I Bless the roses. These roses will be for the souls that need faith. These are special gifts from My Immaculate Heart to you. I Bless My beloved Priest-son here present. I wish to encourage him to continue on the path that My Divine Son, has given him.”

“I Bless all My children who work for the Kingdom of God here present and throughout this nation: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now looks over to the `Trumpeter’ – straight into his soul – and I am sure that Our Lady will speak to him.

THE TRUMPETER: Our Lady is smiling very pleasantly and She was speaking to me a few moments ago, clearly, at the same time as She was speaking to the ‘Little Pebble’. It made me curious about something from a long time ago.

OUR LADY: “My child, My ‘Trumpeter’ of My Immaculate Heart, Apostle of these end times – My Apostle, Jude: As I have brought with Me this evening the Apostle of My Divine Son – your teacher – the Apostle, Jude. As I have said, moments ago, tell My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love that he I place as Apostle of Conversion of Japan; that he is your cohort; that I had revealed to you several years ago that for a while I would place you as Apostle for evangelizing Japan in preparation for the great conversion of this nation. He and your patron, Saint Theresa – the ‘Little Flower’ of the Child Jesus – will assist you to direct your heart in consoling, inspiring and encouraging My special children here in this nation – upon your returns – to share with them My Love for them and the Love of My Divine Son – the Love of the Eternal Father that I have placed into your heart when you had first met with the ‘Little Pebble’ many years ago – My Maternal Love for all souls. I Bless this Maternal Love for you, My child, that you have for My children here in Japan. As you speak to them as your children, you are confirming My Love for them as their Mother, for it is My Heart of Love that addresses each of them.”

“So be strong in heart, My child, and great joys will come to you as you see many Graces that will be bestowed them through the merits of their faith, for their faith is strong and pleasing to Heaven, My child. I will have you return many times, My child and you shall be successful in bringing together My children as brothers and sisters.”

THE TRUMPETER: Our Lady has opened Her Arms over Saint Jude and as he approaches Our Lady the flame that was on top of his head engulfs it, as the Flame of Love, the process with which Our Lady magnifies this Love for souls that is inside them. And Saint Theresa, the ‘Little Flower’, is beside Her and it seems the same Light – the flame that is around Saint Jude – seems to reflect also around her.

OUR LADY: “My children of Japan: Remember to imitate your Saviour; to be examples of the Light of Love for all to see in this world of darkness. Be the ‘beacon of light’, and do not hide this ‘light’, but display it in love and charity – in true humility. And you, My children, will be a reflection of ‘light’ that will help to awaken many of My chosen sons, who have fallen asleep. Merit this Grace for them, My children; they are the shepherds of My Son’s Church. Pray and sacrifice for them, My children, as it is they who are chosen to lead the people to the altar of salvation. Be patient and kind, My children; wear your Sacramentals often – always! – and pray your Rosary often – daily, recite My prayers.”

THE TRUMPETER: Now Our Lady is holding-out Her hands; She is smiling at everyone. I was going over the words because I was trying to respond to something – I was giving a sign – and She became impatient with me because I was not responding properly. It was my fault for being over-anxious with Her. Our Lady holds-up the Crucifix of the Rosary, kisses the Crucifix, and Blesses everyone: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

I am asking Our Lady if it is proper at this time if She would answer a few questions or prefer it be left for another time. I was hoping – as I had asked Her previous to the Rosary – that She would respond to these things. I am leaving it, in trust, to Her to give orders at this time.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has already given me instructions this evening. However, I wish to explain why Saint Jude is holding the Ark and also why Our Lady is wearing a Crown which has five crosses. Behind Our Lady still is the White Cross, with the four darker crosses. Our Blessed Mother, through the Angel, explained to me that these crosses are five Seers who will be raised in Japan, and become public like Theresa and Magdalena. Our Lady holds these five Seers in Her Hand. Four of the Seers will be heavily persecuted – and of course the fifth one too – but the fifth one has already been persecuted. The Ark is the one that will be used when Japan will be Chastised. There will come an Ark to bring the people to safety; take them away when the Chastisements – the very heavy ones – fall on Japan.

Our Blessed Mother now goes back further, towards the Cross and the Angels have received roses from Our Blessed Mother, through Her mantle; don’t ask me how – but they seem to just materialize out of the mantle. The Angels are picking them up then throwing them towards us and also over all the people of Japan. They represent Graces, I know.

THE TRUMPETER: I was wondering if Our Lady is pleased with the finished product of the medallion which was first carved by me and the people who are going to promote Her medallion as Mediatrix of All Grace.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is just smiling. She has already told me something about the medallion which I will explain later. The medal is a medal of faith. Our Lady has explained that those who have weak faith, and seek the Light of God and also discernment, will receive it through that medal. Our Lady still smiling and keeps going further and further into the sky, continuing to make the Sign of the Cross many times.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: We will continue the Rosary as Our Blessed Mother is still speaking to me.