Message 354 – 13 March 1992



The world grows darker and darker – a darkness of spirit and soul – The Great War lies in waiting; many are asleep, believing it will not come – Australia and Croatia will undergo many trials; many removed through natural disturbances; there will be accidents that are not accidents – You will be chastised until you listen to Our Word – The situation is critical: a Great Cataclysm will hit the Earth; can be mitigated through prayer and penance.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There’s a lot of Light coming onto the Shrine – a large ball of fire. It’s larger than the Shrine itself and spreads Light from an explosion, which occurs within it. It goes right over the Shrine and over the whole property, towards the other side – over the creek. Within this Light now coming outside is Our Holy Mother, Who is dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark’. Our Blessed Mother has the Infant Jesus in Her left Arm; He wears a blue tunic. Our Holy Mother carries a brown Crucifix – a wooden Crucifix – with Our Lord hanging on it. The Form of Our Lord looks to be alive. He is, of course, in Our Lady’s left Arm – but every time Our Blessed Mother comes with a Crucifix the Figure on the Crucifix is fleshy. Our Lady gives Jesus the Crucifix and He holds It in both Hands; It’s about two feet long.

Our Holy Mother is standing on a blue Light and this is the first time I have seen that; She has always come upon a white cloud. Our Blessed Mother looks about Her, quite casually, smiling. With Her are many Angels and behind Our Blessed Mother I can see the White Cross materializing. Blue and yellow lights, with narrow beams, come from the ball which Our Blessed Mother was standing in – shafts of light – and they stream through the Shrine and also, through our bodies. I do not know what these Lights are. They go deep into the Earth, too. The Infant Jesus holds-up the Crucifix and from the cross-beam of the Crucifix there comes a sharp Light. It hits the Spring of Saint Joseph and I can see the Spring water gushing-out with tremendous force, much like an oil-well, because it shoots about twenty feet in the air. It is very large in diameter and very clear.

The Angels are in all different colours, both wings and clothing – in various pastel colours. It is very beautiful. They hold bunches of beautiful roses, which also are of many different colours and a very strong scent of roses is in this Chapel. Our Lady smiles and Jesus now makes the Sign of the Cross with the Crucifix.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother wishes to speak. Jesus – Who is about two years old – leaves Our Lady’s Arm and comes towards us, to stand about a metre or so from this Statue of Our Lady – just outside the Shrine. He is very handsome; very pretty. Our Lady now puts a Finger to Her Lips.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My dear child, Our blessed son of Light – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My beloved daughter, My sweet ‘Rose’ of Croatia and all My children here present and throughout the world. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My blessed child: I thank you for your sacrifice that you have given in coming upon the Holy Grounds today, considering that you have been [back] in Australia only but a few hours. I am grateful, dear child, for your time. I will not speak long to Our children today due to the burden and weariness that you have, dear child. However, it is necessary that I speak to Our children for the world grows darker and darker each day, following the temptations that Lucifer presents to mankind. I come to save Our children from his influence; but I can only do this, My sweet children, with your help, for you must take My Most Holy Rosary in your hands and pray the beads of Love, to assist you to receive the Divine Graces from the Eternal Father, through My Intercession.”

“The world is in great darkness, sweet children, because of man’s sin. It is not a darkness that you can see – like the night – but a darkness of spirit and soul. Many of Our children throughout the world have been enslaved and captured by Lucifer and his cohorts, bringing many to damnation in the fires of Hell. Life, My sweet children, is Eternal.”

“Think carefully of the road that you walk. Each action that you do is accountable before the Triune God, My sweet children; each thought, word and deed. Watch and be careful, for Lucifer prowls throughout the world seeking the destruction of Our children, even those dedicated to My Immaculate Heart – though he cannot harm them due to My protection. However, if these children of the Light put their guard down through lack of prayers, My power to protect them is minimized, My sweet children. It is therefore essential to all Our sweet children to pray My Most Holy Rosary and wear the Sacramentals that We of Heaven have given to you. These Sacramentals are your armour and protection.”

“I need to repeat these same Words to you so it will reach in your hearts, My sweet children, for many of you listen to the Messages for but a moment and then place them aside, thinking that all that We have said will still take many years. But this is not so, My sweet children, for there are only but a few short years before My Divine Son Returns to the Earth as King and Messiah over all mankind.”

“The great struggle between good and evil is very deep now, sweet children. I and My Divine Son Weep bitter Tears as We see so many of Our children fall away and going on the wide road that does not lead to Paradise but, rather, leads Our children away from God, mostly to eternal damnation and some to Purgatory, where our children must be cleansed before they enter the Kingdom of God. Throughout the world now, you see the Chastising Hand of the Eternal Father. The great War lies in wait and many of Our children have fallen asleep, believing this will not come. Pray for your leaders, My sweet children, for many of them are also in darkness and are being misled by the Evil One, to bring forth a great War upon the world that will destroy many of Our sweet children. War is a punishment for man’s sins – therefore, change your lives. Repent. Bring back all that is holy and good and lead holy lives, so many of Our children will be saved.”

“As time progresses, My sweet children, this nation, Australia and the nation of Croatia, will undergo many trials and many of Our children will be removed, through natural disturbances. Accidents that are not accidents, My sweet children. I am the Mother of Peace, the Mother of all nations of the Earth. I come to bring Peace to you and the Peace that I offer you is My Divine Son – Jesus Christ – the only Son of the Living God and it is only through Him that Peace will be given to mankind. I Appear to many of Our children throughout the world – in Croatia, in Australia and through many nations of the Earth – calling Our children to repentance. However, most of Our children do not want to listen to My Divine Son and My calling. Therefore you will be Chastised until you listen to Our Word.”

“I Love you, sweet children, and seek only your happiness and salvation. Read the Messages that My Divine Son and I, the Saints and the Angels, have given to you for many years now and you will understand how critical the situation is. The world now stands at a crevasse; a great cataclysm will hit the Earth in a short while and all of Our children will then be on their knees, begging the Eternal Father for Mercy and Forgiveness. However, should you pray and do penance, all can be mitigated and the sufferings will not be as great as the Eternal Father has planned for you. Therefore, My sweet children, please hear My Words and act upon them. I Love you, dear children, and offer you My Divine Son, Jesus, as your refuge and strength.”

“I Bless you, My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. Your Mission to Japan was very successful, dear child, for many heard My Voice and will follow the Word to bring My children to salvation. Take courage, dear child, for I have given you My beloved daughters – My Three ‘Marys’ – to console you and strengthen you. I have given you many Graces, so you can lead Our children to the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. I thank you, dear child and Bless you and My three Daughters and all the Mystics and Seers of the world, who are united with you to form an ‘army’ of My Immaculate Heart, for the Triumph of My Divine Son throughout the world. I Bless you now, dear child and dear children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now looks towards Maria and I know that She will speak to her in Croatian.