Message 362 – 6 June 1992



The Great Warning for Mankind, is near – The world will soon be gripped with fear; the Great War will soon begin and many lives lost – Pray for Our Holy Vicar, for his days are numbered; soon the announcement will come and many will be in shock – These are the final hours of human history – The hour has struck for the world; a miniature judgement shall fall upon mankind, with swiftness – Let not one day go past without one Rosary.

LITTLE PEBBLE: A huge Cross is in the Chapel this evening – the upright beam is about three metres square – over the Tabernacle blazing white, with the extreme Light which comes out of the cross-beam. It is very tall – at least a thousand or so metres into the sky. Jesus is nailed on the Cross and red and white Lights come out of the Wounds of Our Lord. The Lights form into a single strand, which shoots towards the world, bringing certain areas of the Earth into Light. Our Lord allows me to see the Earth as the Light revolves around it.

Our Lord now moves off the Cross. He wears a white tunic, with a red cloak, which is over His Shoulders and comes down to stand before us, right over the Tabernacle. I can see His Most Sacred Heart, which is aflame and Blood comes from the very big cut in It; I can see It pooling on the Altar. There are many Angels here, adoring Our Lord. At my right side, next to me, prostrate, are two Angels, worshipping Our Lord. They have four wings instead of the two which I normally see – beautiful blue wings. I am told that they are Throne Angels.

Right behind Our Lord there are many Angels – almost like an army – forming a V-shaped road which goes towards Heaven – different sizes of Angels, wearing clothing of many and varied colours. I can see Our Lord’s Wounds, especially His Hand Wounds, Which are very raw-looking, but they do not Bleed now as they did when He was on the Cross; only His Heart is still dripping Blood.

I can see Saint John the Apostle – the Evangelist. He is to the right of Our Lord, standing with a very large book in His Hands – black-covered with a gold perimeter around it. Saint John turns the book around – it’s the Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse. Saint John takes some of the drops of Blood from the Heart of Our Lord and places them on the Holy Writings of the Apocalypse. The book now is on fire.

Saint Peter has arrived and he is to the left of Our Lord. Saint Peter holds a Staff, like a shepherd’s staff. He is not dressed as the Vicar of Christ but rather, as a very humble shepherd – just as he was in the early times. In his left hand he also, holds a book and he shows me an inside page; on it I see the words: “The Final Epistle of the End Days”. Saint Peter also takes some of the Blood from Our Lord’s Heart, placing it on the pages and it too, catches fire! However, the flames in this case are white, with a tinge of gold.
Jesus raises His right Hand now to Bless us;

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Each time Our Lord makes the Sign of the Cross beautiful Light shoots-out from His right Hand and from His other Wounds, bathing us with His Grace.

OUR LORD: “My Beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I, your Lord and Saviour – your God – have come this evening to counsel all My beloved children throughout the world – to give fair preparation for all My beloved children – as the days are numbered in the few, before all My Words that I and My Most Blessed Mother have given to the world will come to pass.”

“The world has gone further into darkness. Each time I come to the Earth to beg Our children for prayers the world goes further into darkness, because so few children do as I ask. However, it will be through the very few that I will restore My Church upon Earth. The Remnant Church will be victorious over all obstacles, especially in the coming days of Tribulation and the time when My adversary, Lucifer and his Prophet and the Antichrist, will come into the world with full power. Know this, My children: We, of Heaven, will allow this only for but a short time, to separate the sheep from the goats and all will be marked either with My Sign of Redemption, or the ‘sign of the beast’ upon their body and their souls.”

“It is now time for My children to be well prepared for, if you are not ready now, My sweet children, soon it will be too late, for the Eternal Father seeks justice upon an unrepentant generation. You have had much time, My sweet children, to take care of your lives and correct them. The Chastisements are falling upon the world and still mankind believes that it is nothing – that it is natural and that it always has been so, My sweet children. What you see now has never been in the history of the existence of mankind. The world will soon be gripped with fear as the Eternal Father Chastises mankind! The great war will soon begin and many lives will be lost – not only in the physical, my sweet children, but also for eternity [spiritually].”

“The Words that I say this evening I have repeated to you many times. It is because I Love you; I Died for you on the Cross; I have Sacrificed Myself in the Tabernacles of your Earth, where I have remained as a Victim for sinners. Look at My Sacred Heart Which is torn by ungrateful men; by sinners – even by good children who do not know what they do! All those who bear My Name in their hearts must learn to love; to give; to forget self; to offer – and become victims of pure love for my Most Sacred Heart.”

“There is still time, My sweet children, to gain merit; to save souls; to repent; to forgive. There is still time, My sweet children, though very little. Even My Father in Heaven is waiting for the prodigal child – even in this last hour – before His Hand Chastises the world.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord now places His Most Sacred Heart before Him. It is always suspended before His Chest, a few inches away. The Heart which is beating, just like one that is alive and, as It beats, you can feel warmth and Love which come from Jesus, blanketing us all; something very beautiful. It is hard to explain, but the Love of Jesus can be felt.

OUR LORD: “See, My sweet children, this Heart that Loves you – that Loves mankind so very much. Won’t you console My Most Sacred Heart, My sweet children? Come, My children, have no fear for I am your Father of Love. I seek the salvation of all My children, not their condemnation! I have used every means, through My Most Sacred Heart, to ransom you. Do not deny yourself, My sweet children, of the flowing water [of life] that comes from My Heart. There are many here and throughout the world that suffer with Me; that carry the Cross that the Eternal Father Himself has carved for you and, together, We can save souls before the curtain is closed for the world”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The two great Angels kneeling on my right side stand now, take Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart and walk along the centre aisle with It. In all directions rays emanate from the Heart and Our Lord smiles as they make this procession. The Angels have also gone along both side aisles and are over to my left now, where the Blessed Mother’s Statue is. They move to Father Broussard and hold the Heart over His Head. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels bring Our Lord’s Heart back to Him.

OUR LORD: “My dear child; My beloved ‘rock’: I wish to show you something now.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels have moved behind Our Lord and I can see the solar system; all the planets are lined-up, in a straight line. The sun is in the middle, spinning extremely fast, shooting out very large flames which create a tremendous light in the solar system. Behind the sun something is happening – what looks like a tiny rock leaves a trail as it shoots around the sun very, very, quickly. Compared to the sun it is very tiny – much smaller than the moon, too. Now this object goes away from the sun, towards the Earth, circling it at an enormous speed. Its tail is fiery. The Eternal Father is seated on a Throne behind all this, directing the Angels to go towards the Earth. Angels are also sent to all the planets in our solar system. There is some kind of disturbance in the whole system and tremendous light evident throughout it. This little ‘ball’ is directed by God the Father, Who turns it towards the Earth; it moves very close to it and an explosion occurs in the outer part of Earth’s atmosphere, one very similar in force to the explosions on the sun.

Our Lord now allows me to move a bit closer to the Earth and I can see the planets moving out of their normal orbit – in particular Saturn, the one which has rings. It seems to be moving all over the place. Something extraordinary is happening to the solar system.

Our Lord moves me as though I am a zoom lens in a camera; I find myself back in Earth’s atmosphere – now, on the Earth itself – and I can see what is happening there. The sky has become very white – just like snow. Looking at the people I see that they are very much in shock; as though they have had a heart attack or something like that; all stand there very much afraid. The little white ‘ball’ pops in and out of the atmosphere, causing shock waves throughout the world. Now it shoots out again – back into the solar system.

OUR LORD: “What you see, My dear child, is what We have shown to many of Our Voice-boxes throughout the world of the coming events to mankind. The Eternal Father will intervene in man’s affairs because mankind believes they can live without God. However, mankind will bring himself to destruction. It is only through the Mercy of the Eternal Father that mankind will be saved from total annihilation. This Great Warning that the Eternal Father will send to the world is not a light matter, My sweet children, for many shall perish and there will be much sorrow throughout the whole world. However, be consoled, I and My Most Holy Mother, and the Holy Angels, will be with you, especially those who are faithful to Our Immaculate Hearts.”

“This great Sign that the Eternal Father will send to the world, is mostly for those souls who are in darkness and also, for those souls who have fallen asleep, like Our shepherds and the leaders of the nations – for all must be corrected now. Truth and Justice must prevail so [that] Love and Peace will reign in all hearts.”

“Take-up your Holy Rosaries, My sweet children and pray often. Pray for My beloved Vicar in Rome – John Paul II – for his days are numbered. However, through him I will still correct the abuses that are rampant today in My House upon Earth, even though this will mean his martyrdom, for soon the announcement will come and many shall be in shock. Yes, My sweet children, all that I and My Most Holy Mother have spoken about for all these many years, will soon be fulfilled.”

“Take your Rosaries with you, My sweet children; keep them close to you – your Crucifixes and all your Sacramentals. Receive Me often, My sweet children, for I am the Living Bread come down from Heaven, to give you the strength that you will need in the coming days. Hold on to My Most Holy Mother, for She is your refuge and strength. He who is with My Mother is with Me and can never be lost.”

“Not all of My children who are faithful will remain on the Earth in the coming years, but will be removed gradually and the reason for this, My sweet children, is because not all children can carry the heavy crosses that will come upon My faithful children in the coming months and years. To protect many of Our children, many will be removed, as the day of Justice is now here upon the world. Many will be preserved to the very end – even through all the Chastisements – to give Glory to My Father in Heaven and to bring Victory for My Church upon Earth. So do not fear, My sweet children, even when all seems lost, for it is in these moments that all is won!”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I give you My Most Sacred Heart. I Bless you all with My Love and My Peace: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers and you, My dear child, you are to return home now and wait for My Most Holy Mother. I Love you, My dear child, for you soon will be My Vicar upon Earth, to lead Our children through the dark days to My Coming in great splendour. I Bless you, My Son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now goes into the sky with the two Apostles and the Angels; the White Cross remains.

(The ‘Little Pebble’ returns to his home to await Our Lady.)

LITTLE PEBBLE (At home): The White Cross has appeared near a picture of Our Lady – it is very large. I can see the Holy Family coming from a distance – Our Holy Mother being escorted by Saint Michael and Saint Joseph; the Baby Jesus held by His Mother. They come very close now, towards our home – finally going through the White Cross. There is a lot of Light around our property, flooding it and many Angels have also accompanied the Holy Family. Saint Joseph holds a Staff which has lilies growing out of it – I have seen this before – and Saint Michael has his wings right around Saint Joseph, Our Lady and the Infant Jesus, Who is about two years old. Our Lady is now right in this room, where the picture is, standing at the bottom part of the frame. I can see Her Feet, which are always bare. Our Lady never seems to come with any shoes on and They are in a lot of roses; many beautiful roses are around Her Feet. Our Lady smiles. The Infant Jesus has on a Crown which has three points and each point has a gemstone. He takes the Crown off His Head and holds it out.

OUR LADY: “Would you like this Crown?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: If it is Your Will, dear Mother of God.

OUR LADY: “It is My Will, dear child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Little Infant moves away from His Mother, comes over to me and places the Crown near my head. It is only a small Crown but I feel a lot of fiery warmth coming out of it. Our Lady says it is the Crown from the Holy Ghost and said that ‘Thornbush’ would explain. The Infant Jesus now moves around the room. This is really beautiful to see – extraordinary too, because I can see in this Vision They are always three-dimensional – at all angles and in all directions at the same time – it is hard to explain. I can see the Little Infant as He goes above everyone’s head, Blessing all. Now He returns to Our Lady, seemingly snuggling-up to her. It is really cute. The Infant Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross.

INFANT JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: He says, like a baby: “Isn’t My Mother wonderful?” and Kisses Our Lady on the Cheek. It is really beautiful and I have not seen that before. Our Lady smiles and I can see Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, which is really aglow. Our Lady returns the kiss of the Infant and also Makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
“My Beloved child, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – the ‘Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I come this evening into your home, My sweet child, because you have asked Me to. Many times when you ask, My sweet child, I come as a favour to you, because you are My son. I am the Mother of all children – especially those who have been faithful to My Immaculate Heart and even to those who at this time are far away from Me.”

“My Divine Son and I seek the salvation of all Our children – especially in these days where there is much to be saved – because many of Our children are far away from Us. These are the final hours of human history, My sweet children; the years that are left for mankind are in the few.”

“I travel to many nations in one hour to gather the souls – to bring them to My Divine Son. If you look at the world and see the world the way I see it, My sweet children, you would die of sheer sorrow, because so many of Our children are in darkness. Many children are of the world; of the flesh and many even follow Lucifer, My adversary, believing that they will have joy forever. And how many of My children are disillusioned? Yes, My sweet children, the world is in grave danger. Most of mankind, if they were Judged now, would be lost; only a few would be saved! This is how grave it is, My sweet children. Mankind readily follows evil [rather] than good, for the way of evil is easy – it is pleasurable. And yet it is only for a short duration, My sweet children, for evil begets sickness, rottenness, ugliness, hatred, jealousy, pride, envy – and all the abominations upon abominations.”

“Mankind is weak because he allows himself to be led by the temptations of the devil, the flesh and the world. Yet I, as your Heavenly Mother, stand before you, pleading with you to come to Me, for I do understand. Am I not your Mother? I will wipe your tears and heal your bodies and cure your souls, for I will bring you to My Divine Son Who is Living Water – for you will never thirst, My sweet children.”

“The hour has struck for the world! A miniature Judgement shall fall upon mankind, with swiftness. My children of the world are not prepared for the challenging Hand of the Eternal Father. You must lead your lives now as if it were your last day. Live one day at a time, My sweet children and prepare yourselves well, for My Divine Justice of My Divine Son will come upon the world with such swiftness that most of you will be caught unaware and not prepared.”

“Each hour I travel throughout the world to gather My children, because I know that time is short. I cannot repeat enough the Words of My Divine Son: “Repent! The Kingdom of God is at hand!” And to My faithful children I say: remain steadfast in your love; be faithful to My Word; persevere and pray. Let not a day go past without one Rosary, My sweet children, even if you are tired. Offer it up; do sacrifices; do penance, for it is these actions that will save you and bring you to eternal happiness.”

“In a short while many of your brothers and sisters – even those close to you – will pass away; there will be many deaths, My sweet children. For us in Heaven it is sad and We cry bitter Tears for Our children. However, these sorrows will pass and the time of joy will also come. So remember well the Words My Divine Son has given you this evening. The ‘Warning’ is near; you must prepare, My sweet children; do not be caught unaware! Be like the brides who lit their lamps and were prepared for the Saviour.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I give you My Immaculate Heart. Forget not My Spouse, Saint Joseph, for he is your Protector – Protector of Holy Mother Church; Protector of all the children who follow My Divine Son. He has great power before the Throne of God, My sweet children and he, like I, Loves you as Our own children that you are.”

“I Bless you, My sweet son and all My sweet children here present – here in this Community – and throughout the world. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To My three daughters – the three Mary’s of My Immaculate Heart – be faithful to My Word. Pray often and prepare yourselves, because soon I and My Divine Son will come to you, for We will use you for the Glory of God and His Church. Be attentive to the calling of My Immaculate Heart, for all who are called by My Immaculate Heart much is asked of. I Love you and I Bless you. Be not afraid, for My Immaculate Heart will always be your refuge and your strength.”

“And soon, my dear child, your little-ones will be returned. The time is moving swiftly where all My Words and the Words of My Divine Son, will be fulfilled to the Glory of the Triune God.”

“Send out your words dear child – those which have been inspired in your heart – that all My children will be prepared, for soon you will be My Vicar, to guard and protect My Church, which is the Church of My Divine Son upon Earth – for I too, am the Mother of the Church; Queen of the Apostles; Queen of Priests. I Bless you, dear child of Light and all My sweet children here present: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Joseph now picks four lilies from His Staff.

SAINT JOSEPH: “My dear child, these flowers are for four children in your Community who are ‘victims’ for Our Beloved Queen – Mary the Immaculate – and Her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I bless them, to strengthen them: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Little Infant has made many Signs of the Cross upon this house and upon all of us here. (I will reveal later to whom those flowers are to go.) Now Our Lady shows us Her Immaculate Heart; It is really aglow with a beautiful fragrance of roses and other flowers apparent.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph go back into the sky. The Infant Jesus waves just as a two-year-old might and they go further into the sky, with Saint Michael accompanying them.

(The Rosary is now continued)