Message 361 – 13 May 1992

13TH MAY, 1992


Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

The War that rages is the war of the spirits, waged by Lucifer and the demons and cohorts – A Great Warning stands waiting to engulf the whole world; the Great War that will end all wars shall come upon mankind and bring destruction, famine, pestilence, sorrow, misery, death and annihilation of nations – The Messages that Our Lady gave at La Salette, Fatima and Garabandal, will soon unfold throughout the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Light from Heaven has been upon the Shrine and the Holy Grounds – even beyond the Holy Grounds – for quite some time. Jesus has been visible also, on the Cross. Our Blessed Mother is underneath the Cross, dressed as ‘Our Lady of Fatima’, but without a Crown – however, only the white tunic and the mantle over Her Shoulders. Our Lady holds in Her right Hand a Rosary made from pearl. Jesus is not at Calvary but rather, over the Dome of Saint Peter’s in Rome; a lot of Blood falls from His Wounds, onto the Dome. Saint Peter’s – the Church – is trembling; it is as though an earthquake shakes the walls.

I can see that, within Saint Peter’s, the Holy Father is in his room, kneeling. While he is praying he too, sees the same Vision that I see right now. Now he lays prostrate on the floor before God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, pleading for Mercy for the Church and for the world. He asks Jesus and Mary for more time, but the Blessed Virgin Mary shakes Her Head and says: “No”! That part of the Vision disappears, but in Saint Peter’s Square I see more people, running all over the place and very frightened; I can see tanks rolling through the streets of Rome. Each has a red star on the side. The people are very shocked and the Earth is still trembling.

Jesus is still on the Cross and Our Blessed Mother looks at Our Lord; with Her Rosary in Hand She pleads with Our Lord, pointing to Her Immaculate Heart. Jesus looks at the Blessed Mother, and Both are crying – not only Tears, but Tears of Blood. The country of Italy is very disturbed, not only as far as nature is concerned, but rather, there seems to be civil unrest occurring throughout the country.

Now that Vision disappears and Our Blessed Mother stands alone, here before us, on a golden cloud; the sun is behind Her, dazzling in its intensity and spitting out fire and all types of lights. She takes-up the Crucifix from the Holy Rosary.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – ‘rock’ of My Immaculate Heart and My sweet child, My ‘Rose’ of Croatia and all My children, here present and throughout the world. I come today on the Anniversary of My Appearance at Fatima so many years ago, where I came to a world that was torn apart by war, misery and suffering; this war that was caused by the sins of mankind – for war is a punishment for man’s sins. Now I come, once again, with the same Message that I gave so long ago to an unprepared world. The war that rages now is the war of the Spirits; the intellectual war waged by Lucifer and the demons and cohorts of the underworld. This war is far greater in magnitude than all previous wars that the world had experienced until now.”

“My sweet children: I have come to tell you to prepare yourselves, for a great war stands waiting for you, to engulf the whole world. This war is for the punishment of mankind, because of its sinfulness. For over one hundred years now I have travelled the world to gather My children into One Fold, under the One Shepherd. Lucifer has attempted to drown My Voice by removing Our Voice-boxes; by persecuting them through the arm of the Church – through the shepherds who have gone asleep.”

“This Message for My children is urgent and serious: Wake up from your slumber, My sweet children, for time is short. I have repeated this, thousands of times. Unfortunately, not many children listen to Our Words and, because of this the great war that will end all wars, shall come upon mankind and bring destruction, famine, pestilence, sorrow, misery, death and annihilation of nations. The last two Prophesies that I gave through Sister Lucy of Fatima, will soon be fulfilled. So pray earnestly, My sweet children; take-up the Holy Rosary and pray for your brothers and sisters throughout the world.”

“My children of Australia have been lethargic in their manner, believing that nothing [unpleasant] will ever come to this nation. However, My sweet children, this time Australia will not escape, so be warned – prepare yourselves! Let the government of this nation be on guard and be alert to the enemy that stands outside the borders – not far from this nation! The eyes of the evil one watch this nation, [planning] to destroy it – not only from without, but also from within. Already now the enemy is well entrenched within your cities; within your government; within all manner of authority and high positions in your nation. It is only prayer, My sweet children, that can prevent the total capitulation of your nation, where the good souls will be persecuted and enslaved. This scenario that I give you is not only for this nation, but for all the free nations that have had the Grace of peace and freedom for many years – but all the nations that are free at this time have been infiltrated and soon will be controlled by the forces of evil, also within Holy Mother Church.”

“Pray often, My sweet children; pray for the conversion of Russia; the conversion of sinners; for the conversion of your enemy. Pray, My sweet children, for prayer is your only recourse now; the clock has struck twelve, My sweet children. The last grain [of sand] is through the hour glass – and the end of time, as you know it, is upon you!”

“Watch the planets, My sweet children; keep your eyes open to the Heavens; keep your ears open to all that is given through the Media and through Rome. Discern what you hear and be careful, for all is not of the Truth. Pray to God the Holy Ghost to Enlighten you and [to] Saint Michael, the Warrior and Prince of Heaven. Pray to your Angel Guardians who will enlighten you. Keep your Holy Rosary close to you and call on the Heavenly Spirits to help you; for it is only in this way that you will understand the Book of the Apocalypse – the days that you now live in.”

“The Messages that I gave at La Salette and Fatima and Garabandal will soon unfold throughout the world and, shortly, a great Victory will be given to this Holy Place for the edification of Rome and Holy Mother Church. And you, My dear child – Our child of Light, go forward in this Light, which is Christ, My Divine Son. Carry this torch for the world and for Holy Mother Church, that all may come to believe in My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. I Bless you, dear child and My sweet children throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now looks at Maria and I am sure She will speak to her now. (Maria receives Message in Croatian; the ‘Little Pebble’ continues, after this.) Our Blessed Mother is still standing on the golden cloud – the sun behind Her, twirling and spinning really fast in the atmosphere. It is very hard to explain adequately – I mean, the sun could not be as small as the Earth, because it really is much larger. However, when it is behind Our Blessed Mother, it is like a moon in size but is as bright as the sun. As it twirls back into the atmosphere it shoots out many flames and sparks and the planets of our solar system, as well as the sun, seem to fly past the flames, which causes most to become very irregular in their pattern.

OUR LADY: “My dear child: What you see is an event in the future, where the planets of your solar system will become irregular in their flight patterns and movements. The world will see many wonders in the Heavens very soon and these changes of the [astral] bodies in Heaven will cause much disturbance upon the face of the Earth. These are some of the Signs of the ‘Last Days’, to convert mankind to the belief of [in] My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. So pray, My sweet children, now and continue to pray throughout your lives for the salvation of all of mankind, if it were possible.”

“I send My kiss of Love and Greetings to those dear children who have greeted Me today with their hearts and to all My children I give you My Blessing from My Immaculate Heart and may this Blessing inflame your hearts to the love of your God and Mine – the Triune God – from everlasting to everlasting. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now goes back into Heaven, moving very swiftly and many Angels accompany Her. The beautiful Saint Michael covers Our Blessed Mother with his wings as She leaves to go to another Apparition Place somewhere in the world.

(The Rosary continues.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: The roses are Blessed by the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Precious Blood of Our Lord – they are for the dying. Our Lady also said that some to whom the petals are given will be cured – given another span of life. Others will have the Grace of peaceful death, through these roses.

Our Blessed Mother said another young, Croatian Seer will be joining us – to strengthen the Apparition Place – in the very near future. Our Lady intends to bring more and more here until the Church in Australia listens to God’s Will.