Message 360 – 2 May 1992



Soon the two great Prophets, Enoch and Elijah, will Prophesy again – Woe to the world if it does not listen to the Divine Word from these two Prophets – Woe should you not listen to the words of My Prophet, the Little Rock, chosen to lead the Church on Earth – The Chastisements will soon increase until a day will not pass where you will not hear of one chastisement or another – All is very near; read the Messages again and you will understand the end is near.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Before the Tabernacle is a golden Host and there are six Great Angels kneeling before Our Lord in an aura of gold; behind the Tabernacle is a tower of Light – it is about the size of the area of brick wall between the statues of Our Lady to Saint Joseph; it’s like a whirlwind which is full of blue and white Light, reaching very deep into the sky. Behind the Light I can see the Holy Ghost in the Form of a Dove and very large and He has His Wings spread, as though flying.

The Host, which is gold, is suspended in mid-air and It now has a Cross in the front. It leaves the place before the Tabernacle and moves towards the Holy Ghost and then disappears within the Holy Ghost. From the Chest of the Holy Ghost – the Dove – I can see seven streams of Light pouring out over humanity – the Seven Sacraments, which is what they are – are coming through a tunnel of Light and I can see the two great Prophets, Henoch and Elijah, whom I have seen several times before. They also, travel through the Light. Now they leave the Light and move over towards the Tabernacle. Henoch stands to the right side of the Tabernacle and Elijah is on the left, both very old-looking men with long beards, wearing the same style of clothing as in the time of Our Lord on Earth.

Henoch carries a golden staff on which there is an inscription – but I do not know the language. It looks to me as though it may be Hebrew. Elijah carries a book, which he turns around, to show me the opened pages; on one side is the word ALPHA – and on the other page is OMEGA. Underneath, in gold letters: ‘THE END HAS COME’.

The Holy Ghost now comes closer – very much smaller now – and hovers over the Tabernacle. Out of It comes our Sweet Lord; He grows from very small to normal size, as a Man and the Holy Ghost Rests upon His Head. Our Lord has on a white gown and a very large red mantle is over His Shoulders – like we see in the Mercy Pictures; that is how Our Lords looks and I can see His Sacred Heart on His Chest, too.

The Two Prophets are about the same size as Our Lord. They kneel beside Him and kiss His cape. Our Lord places His Hands upon their heads and the Holy Ghost’s Light goes over Our Lord, through His Arms and on to the two Prophets. I hear a Voice coming from within Our Lord – not from His Mouth.

OUR LORD: “Soon will come the time when My Two Prophets will Prophesy once again.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord made me understand that the Light behind the Tabernacle – the tower or pipe, or whatever it is – is going to be seen at Garabandal, where the Two Prophets will be seen firstly, arriving through this Light. The two Prophets now stand up and there are many Angels around now.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My dear child, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, the ‘Rock’ of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear child: You see before you the two Great Prophets of old that I will bring soon upon the world, to proclaim My Word to mankind. These two Great Prophets – who have come from the island of Paradise this moment to be with you – will preach to mankind for the years that I have given them to turn man back to My Father in Heaven; to bring them away from evil; [to] bring them to My Father – for mankind has been lost in his sinfulness. It is therefore My Will that I send to you the Prophets of old.”

“Yes, My dear child, this will astound mankind, for these great men have power beyond the human capacity of understanding. I am telling you this, dear child, for you too, will have much to do with these Two Prophets, for the salvation of Holy Mother Church, that all mankind [will be] brought in to the Bosom of My Father’s House upon Earth.”

“I tell the world today: Woe be to you should you not listen to the Divine Word that comes out of the mouths of these Two Prophets that I will send to you; woe be to you if you do not listen to the Words of My Prophet, the ‘Little Rock’, chosen to lead My House upon Earth, for all of mankind have been warned! The time will soon come when I will send My Two Prophets for mankind.”

“To all My children of the world: Wake-up from your slumber – especially those in high places – for time is very short for mankind. My Father in Heaven has placed all the Angels of Justice ready to execute His Word upon mankind. My Holy Mother and I can do no more to warn our children of the impending dangers, that you are walking into. The world goes deep into darkness, dear children, not caring where it is going; not seeking the Truth of Divine Light from My Spirit – nor seeking to amend their lives – but rather, going headlong into the abyss, with open eyes yet blind in their hearts.”

“I Love you, My sweet children; it is for this reason I am sending you the two Great Prophets and the many Prophets who now walk the Earth. Listen well to their words for their words are My Words of Spirit and Truth. No one can hide from Me – know this well, dear children. Do not shirk your responsibilities, but stand up boldly for the Faith, that your fathers and forefathers gave you and defend the Divine Truths handed down to you by the Apostles, the Prophets of Old, and the Fathers of Holy Mother Church.”

“The Chastisements are falling upon the world, but soon they will increase until a day will not pass where you will not hear of one Chastisement or another. You live in the final hours of your history, My sweet children – understand this well. Live them to perfection; do not live for the world. Live for your eternal salvation, for your spirit and help Me and My Most Holy Mother to ransom sinners, to save souls and bring them to My Father in the Kingdom of Paradise.”

“I Love you, sweet children. I give you My Most Holy Mother, My Most Sacred Heart and all the precious gifts of Mercy that I and My Most Holy Mother have handed down to you, especially in this century – the century of Blood – the century of Grace – the century of Mercy. The patience of My Father is coming to an end; the Justice of My Father will soon come and woe to mankind if they have not listened to Our Words!”

“The first Chastisement of the spiritual nature will come upon the Church and many of Our children will be scattered throughout the world. Just as they were scattered at the time of My Crucifixion, so shall it be so to My Mystical Body, the Church. The Shepherd shall be struck! Listen well, My sweet children.”

“There is but hope in the knowledge that you have that victory in the end will be with Heaven; though the evil one will momentarily triumph throughout the world – within souls, within governments, within powers, and within My Church upon Earth. However, he and his cohorts will be struck by the Eternal Father’s Justice in one strike and all those who are on the path of perdition shall be awakened from their slumber and sinfulness. The Justice and Mercy of God will shine throughout the world and then will come the time of the great Persecution for My House upon Earth – My Mystical Body.”

“All is very near, My sweet children. Take count of all that I have told you this evening and all that My Most Holy Mother and I have told you over many years now. Read the Messages again, My sweet children and then you will understand that the end is near.”

“Many Signs will be seen in the Heavens and on Earth, so mankind will know that the end has come. Even in the places where My Most Holy Mother once Appeared many years ago My Beloved Mother will Appear again, to show mankind that She is the Mother of the whole human race. So be warned, My children, prepare yourselves; be not slack; increase your prayer lives; spend more time in doing things that are Holy. Do not be idle, My sweet children; do not waste time, but count each moment as moments of Grace earned and merit gained, for the sanctification of your souls, the Glorification of My Father and the salvation of many souls who are seeking your aid.”

“Pray fervently for your Vicar in Rome, for he is now undergoing the spiritual Martyrdom of his soul and shortly, it will be his physical martyrdom, where his life will be offered up for the Church and for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother.”

”Pray for Our future Vicar, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, that he be given strength, for soon the burden of the Church will be placed upon his shoulders until the time [when] I Return, with great Power and Glory, to claim My Own.”

“Pray for the Cardinals, the Bishops, the Priests, the Religious and all the leaders throughout the world, that they be given light to follow My Divine Word, for soon these will be My final Words for mankind – then will come the Just Hand of My Father.”

“I Bless you, My ‘Rock’ of Love and all My children here present and throughout the world from My Holy Wounds and My Sacred Heart – the ‘Font of Grace’ for mankind: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Wait awhile, dear child, for My Mother will soon come. Pray the next two decades, dear children and We will await My sweet Mother for She is travelling the world bringing forth the Word for the salvation of mankind.”

(The Rosary is now continued).

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord is still there. The Two Prophets have moved to the left side of Our Lord, towards where Saint Joseph is. Jesus turns and looks towards the right side, where Our Lady usually comes. He is behind the Crucifix and for those who have seen the movie “The Ten Commandments”, when they depicted the ‘Tower of Fire’ – that’s how it looks behind the Crucifix and it is as wide as the wall behind the Tabernacle. It is very deep and high, into the sky; is blue and white – resembles a whirlwind.

I can see Our Lady floating down along this Light with myriads of Angels of all colours and sizes. It is really beautiful how Our Lady is accompanied by the Angels, coming down to the right side of Our Lord, Who opens-up His Arms and welcomes the Mother of God. It is really beautiful. Our Lady has brought with Her a golden rose which She hands to Our Lord. Our Blessed Mother kisses Jesus on the Chest, where His Heart is and Our Lord embraces Our Holy Mother, kissing Her on the Forehead. The Two Prophets kneel and walk to Our Lady on their knees, showing great humility.

Our Lady is dressed in a beautiful silky-white tunic and a blue mantle, which goes from Her Head right down to Her Feet. Our Lady walks upon the Altar. It is really extraordinary and very hard to picture, because of the smallness of everything that you see here, but there are no `dimensions’ in the Spiritual world. Our Lady looks really radiant this evening.

Upon Her Head is a full Crown of roses of all different colours. The Angels too, are now all gathering around the Tabernacle; about a mile deep there are Angels, each carrying a rose of a different colours; each rose has a name on it – I can see this quite distinctly – written in different colours. All the Angels are smiling. Jesus too, is smiling as He turns towards us now with Our Holy Mother, and He places His Right Arm around the Shoulders of Our Lady, as though hugging Her. It is very sweet to see and it is not often that I have seen Our Lord do that. Our Lady also shows that She is very happy. Our Lord has in His left Hand the rose which Our Lady gave Him and Jesus kisses it, then hands it to His Blessed Mother and She also kisses it.

OUR LORD: “This rose is for My Priest-Son who has been very faithful to Our Calling. Take courage, My Son, though all of Hell may wish to annihilate you to bring destruction to My Mission of Salvation of the little ones – but the enemy will not succeed. Have I not given you My Most Holy Mother, My son and your sweet sister, Therese of My Heart? Evil believes that it can triumph over all; however, it is only because I permit it for the purification and sanctification of souls. It is in this way I test all My children upon Earth to extract from them Faith, Hope and Charity to the highest degree. You will soon rejoice, My son, as all My children will rejoice, for a Victory for My Beloved Mother will soon be given in this Mission. A joyful Grace will be given to you too, My dear child, My ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and many will be ashamed!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady is smiling. The Holy Spirit is still resting, as a Dove, above Our Lord and many Graces are coming from Him – going through Our Lord and through the Blessed Mother’s Heart, then coming over to us all and also going further from here. Our Lady now kisses Jesus on the Chest once again and makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My sweet son, My beloved ‘Corner-stone’ and all My sweet children, here present and throughout the world. I greet you with a Motherly Love and ask all My Beloved children to hearken to the Words of My Divine Son in this crucial hour for mankind. I can no longer hold back the Tears from My Divine Son – nor My Own – to see so many of Our children fall away from Grace – weakening in their Faith; losing Hope and Courage and committing abominable sins, to find themselves very far away from their God.”

“There are millions of souls on the Earth today that are like corpses – all dried up, burnt like charcoal, with no life in them, My sweet children – all because of their selfish ways, their sinfulness, life without God, without love. It is you, My sweet children, to whom I appeal. Take up your beads of Love and rescue these souls, for these many, many, souls are on the road to Hell and if no one rescues them, that is where they will go within a short time from now. There is still hope, My sweet children; there is still a spark of life through your powerful intercession; through your prayers; through your sacrifices; through your offerings to My Divine Son.”

“One day, when you reach the Kingdom of Heaven, My sweet children and you see how many souls you have saved through your efforts, what joy will flood your souls for all Eternity. For every act of love and mercy that you show upon the wretched, how much more Mercy and Love will My Divine Son show you in your hour of need? It is for this reason I come to the world to ransom sinners – to take them away from the clutches of Lucifer – but I need your help, for without your help, dear children, I cannot save these souls, for that is the condition the Eternal Father has placed upon Me and upon you. Now you can understand, sweet children, the awesome responsibility that each soul has before God.”

“This evening I have brought with Me many Angels, with a rose from My Immaculate Heart to [give to] each and every one of you – those who are My beloved children. From this rose that I give to you this evening [there is a special Blessing] that each petal be the salvation of a soul that you pray for.”

“I Bless the roses within this Chapel this evening for the conversion of Cardinals and Bishops; these will be the Sacramentals of Grace from My Immaculate Heart for these souls most in need of God’s Mercy. Pray and pray again, My sweet children, as if this were your last hour; for many it will be their last hour!!”

“I Love you, My sweet children. I Bless you with My Immaculate Heart – with the Pure Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now glides towards us, very close to us here – towards Father Broussard. Our Lady takes off Her mantle, places it over his shoulder, then places her Crown of roses upon his head and kisses Father Broussard on his forehead.

OUR LADY: “Child, I Love you; you are My sweet son – predilected of My Immaculate Heart. Take courage and follow Me, as together, we will follow and serve My Divine Son. This mantle is always around you child, for you are My son.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady retrieves the mantle and Crown and returns to Our Lord, kisses Jesus once again and makes the Sign of the Cross over us all.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now Our Lady moves back into the swirling Light, with Our Lord; it is very nice to see. The Angels go with Jesus and Mary. The Two Prophets have now disappeared and the Holy Ghost has also gone; only the Angels around the Altar remain. We will continue now with the prayers.